Aug 16, 2022

Aunt Rose (2005)


Three murderous criminals seek shelter from the law by hiding out in a normal suburban family home.  But the home isn't so normal - with a demonic aunt living on the third floor converted attic.

Robin (Velocity Chyaldd) leads a victim named Ricky (Ken Sandberg) to his demise

Stewie (Kevin T. Collins) and Johnny (Joshua Nelson) have come to kill him.  Stewie is a nervous wimp (but still a murderer) led around by the psychopath Johnny.
Meanwhile in the suburbs, Debbie (Elizabeth Cooke) talks to her lover on the phone.

Debbie talks about how she hates it in this house and wants to leave.

Her father Peter (Frank Franconeri) listens in on the other line. He hears every word and is disgusted as usual.

Debbie's mother Anna (Christine D'Amato) is more easy going, but still lets Peter rule the roost.

Debbie comes in and Peter tells her to put some clothes on.

Debbie tells her parents that she's invited Toni over for dinner.

Debbie is told to bring Aunt Rose her pills - and she doesn't want to.

Debbie goes to the creepy third floor where her demonic Aunt Rose (Marty Gargle) is kept.

On the bad side of town, the three murderers are staying at a seedy motel.  Stewie has brought along a stripper named Tiffany (Caitlyn Darr).

The problem is that Tiffany won't stop talking.  Just blathering about nothing.

This proves more than Johnny can take and he kills Tiffany.

Stewie is horrified.

Stewie pulls back the pillow and finds that, sure enough, Tiffany is dead.

Back to the suburbs.  Debbie prepares for the arrival of Toni who will meet her parents for the first time.

First a quick chat with her demon aunt.

Toni (Raine Brown) turns out to be a girl.

Anna knows this will drive Peter to an early grave.

Dinner is awkward to say the least

Suddenly the three criminals burst in.  Johnny holds a knife to Debbie's throat.

Johnny checks the house to ensure there's no one else here.  He finds the decrepit aunt who seems to know all about his traumatic upbringing.

Toni is killed.

Peter gets a hold of Johnny's gun, but it's empty - and he's subsequently killed.

Stewie is horrified to see a face from his past.

 Julia (Dawn Dunning

Julia turns out to be a demon. Too bad.

Stewie and Johnny realize something's not quite right with this place.

And now the body of Peter has gone missing - and someone is approaching from the other room.

Aunt Rose has turned Peter into a zombie.  But he's easily dealt with.

Toni is also turned into a zombie.

And so Aunt Rose finishes them off. THE END 

Not good.  Not so terrible that it made me angry - and there were a few effective moments (including the topless scene from Harvey Weinstein accuser Dawn Dunning).  Overall, however, objectively a dud.


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