May 29, 2023

For Members Only (1960)


(AKA Pussycat Paradise (U.S.) and The Nudist Story) A prudish business woman inherits the 'Avonmore Sun Camp' from her eccentric grandfather. It's a well-acted, beautifully filmed, sophisticated drama.... but the actors are nude.  Called the "Citizen Kane of nudist films". [See the Nudist Flicks page for a list of nudism films covered on VZ1]

Beverly Hills Vamp (1989)


Three losers try to get their screenplay accepted in Hollywood, and end up victims of a vampire brothel.

Female Vampire (1973)


There are so many versions of this film - almost forty different titles listed in IMDb, and I'm sure many more out there.  I watched the West German Entfesselte Begierde as it supposedly is more uncut, but who knows and who cares.  Jesús Franco uses Romay as his star now that Soledad Miranda died, playing a mute vampire who murders people on the island of Madeira, off the coast of Portugal.

Night of the Beast (1993)


(AKA: Lukas' Child) A B-movie studio is a front for a satanic coven where the starlets are fed to a demon.

Olga's Dance Hall Girls (1969)


Well, I didn't know there were more Olga films.  We've seen White Slaves of Chinatown (1964), Olga's Girls (1964) and Olga's House of Shame (1964) - but now "Olga's back with new girls... new thrills!" Olga and Nick recruit women to be hostesses at parties - which soon turns into an escort service, and even satanic rituals!

May 27, 2023

Video Zeta List - Invisibility


Invisibility is actually a pretty exceptional power when you think about it.  It was the power imbued by the ring - but even innocent Hobbits could be corrupted by it. So, it has great potential for abuse and also psychological impact.  It also comes with ethical dilemmas (i.e. invading others' privacy or engage in malicious activities without consequences). And it's these nefarious actions that are the focus of exploitation cinema - sometimes as mundane as spying on a gym shower but other times it is a means for violence and sexual assault.  We'll rank the top sexploitation films with an invisibility component - rating not just on the entertainment value of the film, but also how well the invisibility power is utilized.  

Unnatural Act (1984)


A musician is killed in an auto accident and returns as a ghost, invisible to everyone except his girlfriend.  A similar story as School Spirit (1985).

See-Thru!: An Invisible Love Story (1992)


A chemist creates an invisibility formula, but a criminal bigshot wants it for himself.

Long Dark Shadow (1994)


Continuing our invisibility films marathon - a stripper is given the power of invisibility in order to stop the sale of a nuclear bomb.

Invisible Man Office Intrusion (2016)


Continuing our exploration of invisibility movies, this Japanese film (MIAD-949) takes place in an apparel company office space where a perverted invisible man terrorizes the female employees.

Invisible Girl (1989)


A biology student spills a chemical mixture on herself and becomes invisible.  However, she returns to being visible whenever she's aroused.

May 26, 2023

Flying Skirts (1984)


(Original Title: L'été les petites culottes s'envolent) This may be one of the trickiest movies to explain - as everybody is screwing everybody, with love triangles (really love dodecahedrons), adultery and bed swapping run amuck. 

Fast Youth (1975)


(Original Title: Hızlı Gençlik aka Çilgin Gençlik) A blue collar schlub inherits what he thinks is a fortune - but turns out to just be a set of chairs.  When he finds that the fortune is actually within the chairs, he and his girlfriend must track down and check each chair that they foolishly sold.

High School Bunnies (1977)


Barbie has moved from a small town in Kansas to the big city where she struggles to fit in.  Her dream is to become one of the popular crowd - the high school clique known as the Bali High Bunnies.

Education of the Baroness (1977)


(Original Title: Parties fines) While the baron is away playing sex games and having an affair, the baroness is held hostage and abused by her maid's brother and friend.   

Amber Aroused (1985)


Amber Lynn takes a job as live-in maid for a rich couple. But the real star of the show is Woody the Robot.

Pandemonium (1987)


This batshit insane Australian film is far too manic and scattered to provide a coherent synopsis; so we'll just skip through to get a taste of this wacked-out epic. 

Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest (1989)


Alex De Renzy brings us the third installment of the Pretty Peaches saga. I still love the fact that there is a through-line from Voltaire (Candida) to Terry Southern's novel to this amazing porno sequel.  In this episode, Peaches goes on a spiritual journey and finds that the purveyors of enlightenment aren't what they're cracked up to be.

Pretty Peaches 2 (1987)


Sequel to the 1978 film where Alex de Renzy carries on the campy oddball flavor of the first (and many of his other films) and has naive Peaches embark on a sex education journey.

Pretty Peaches (1978)


There is a dotted line from Voltaire's Candide to Terry Southern's 1958 novel and 1968 film adaptation,  and a decade later this film and Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978).

Apparitions (1971)


A girl in a mental hospital suffers from nightmarish hallucinations.  She escapes and joins a couple for some swingin' sex at the house - but the horrific apparitions continue. 

Lust Runner (1995)

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Hot Flashes (1984)

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The Little Schoolgirls (1980)

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May 18, 2023

The Sex Machine (1975)


(Original Title: Conviene far bene l'amore) In 2037 the world has used up all its sources of energy; not a single light bulb is on across the planet.  A professor seeks to harness the energy from.... sex.

Meatball (1972)


A mad scientist struggles to create a formula to shrink hamburgers and, in the process, creates an aphrodisiac.

Doctor Penetration (1986)


An absolutely insane film about newlyweds who are stranded at the house of a mad scientist who turns people into zombies by stealing their souls during their sexual fantasies.  Featuring a Troma style shitshow including a lobster woman and oiled-up Twister.

E3: The Extra Testicle (1985)


Written and directed by Ron Jeremy - a Martian named E3 transports some sexually active earthlings to his spaceship for observation.

Sex Crimes 2084 (1985)


A Chuck Vincent film about the future world where sex is mandatory - and thus "free love", while no longer condemned, becomes a burden when at to the other end of the spectrum it is not a freedom but an obligation. So, a trio of sex cops travel back in time to see what it was like when sex could still be hard to get.

The Uranus Experiment - Part 3 (1999)


[See Part 1 and Part 2] The nation is scandalized by TV transmissions of zero gravity sex aboard the US and Russian space shuttles. The crews land on Uranus.

The Uranus Experiment - Part 2 (1999)


The second part in an ambitious three episode - see Part 1 to get up to speed.  The Russians and Americans have sent their shuttles to Uranus.  The space shuttles connect and the astronauts all start screwing thanks to a powerful aphrodisiac constructed by the KGB.

The Uranus Experiment (1999)


A three-part epic notorious for its sex scene filmed in free-fall aboard NASA's "vomit comet" in order to simulate zero-gravity.  In part one, the US and Russia have both launched space shuttles to Uranus.  However, the KGB has infiltrated and are planning their own experiments on sex in space.

The Invisible Predator (1983)


(Original Title: Il Predatore invisibile aka Femmes pour Gourpanof) An office nerd is hit by a car.  A mad scientist takes his body to his lab and gives him the power of invisibility.

Lust Detector (1986)


A nerd creates a device which can detect the level of horniness.  Two wild and crazy leisure suit wearing guys from Eastern Europe take the device for themselves and use it to find prospects for getting laid.

May 14, 2023

Video Zeta List - 1990s Sci-Fi


The 1960s saw a good number of B-movie sci-fi, but only a handful of the sexploitation variety (ex. Nude on the Moon) - I mean mainstream sci-fi was difficult enough to pull off, let alone a nudie cutie.  Then, sci-fi waned during the seventies in favor of more gritty realism and satansploitation.... only to be gobsmacked by Star Wars in '77.  From the late seventies throughout the eighties, it was an embarrassment of riches for both mainstream sci-fi and (I'd argue especially) straight to VHS cheapo sci-fi.  This list concerns sexploitation sci-fi in the nineties, that period after the the Star Wars mania had petered out, but nonetheless kept the train running.  

Sex Trek 2: The Search for Sperm (1991)


The sequel to the 1990 film.  In this episode, the crew of the Starship Plunderer searches for Mr. Sperm's missing genitals which have been taken by an all-female planet.

Sex Trek (1990)


Originally titled Sex Trek: The Next Penetration, but that proved to be a bad decision as it obviously gave the impression it was a spoof of TNG when in fact it is an OG parody.  The crew lands on the planet Youranus intent on exploiting its non-union workforce, but end up hostages of the female humanoids.

Cockateer 2 (1992)


Picking up where the original Cockateer (1991) left off - the superhero has been captured by the diabolical Screwball and replaced with an evil twin.

Cockateer (1991)


In the spirit of the 1960s Batman TV show, The Cockateer battles two diabolical adversaries who threaten to take over Horndog City.

The Girls from Atlantis (1970)


(Original Title: Männer sind zum Lieben da) A group of alien females emerge from a Bavarian lake on a mission to shrink male humans to collect and bring back to their homeworld.  They shrink them by having sex.  If this sounds campy, think again.  This is a beautifully shot, art house film.

Sex Rays (1990)


An emissary from another planet visits earth to learn about sex.

Bimbo Cheerleaders From Outer Space (1988)


Cheerleaders travel across space on a mission to "bring friendship and joy to alien planets".  

Sensual Encounters of Every Kind (1978)


A magical pagan talisman renders its wearer irresistible. A collection of stories as we follow the owners of the arousal-inducing amulet.

Ecstasy (1991)


An adult film take on Misery. A writer is rescued after a car accident by his biggest fan - who turns out to be a psycho.

May 12, 2023

Keep It Up (1972)


A guy makes a bet with his friends that his friend Sean can bang all the women they've struck out with.  Sean has no problem getting each into bed, but doing them all by Sunday may be too much to handle.

Pornodelirio (1978)


(Original Title: Les grandes jouisseuses) A married man becomes sexually obsessed with his neighbor - having the same dreams night after night.  A psychiatrist tries to help and the lines between fantasy and reality become completely blurred.

Lipps & McCain (1978)


A Bob Chinn take on Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid featuring two outlaws on the run from the law and a gun-toting rancher.

The Orgy Cage (1977)


(Original Title: La cage aux partouzes) Two crooks are given the assignment of spying on an aristocrat.  They get jobs at the castle as servants and gather intel for the robbery.  However, they keep getting distracted by the legion of sexually insatiable women at the estate.

Tropic of Desire (1979)


The story surrounds a whorehouse in Hawaii at the end of WWII.  

Baby Face 2 (1986)


The sequel to Baby Face (1977) which doesn't continue from that story, but definitely has connections - mainly evident in the ending.  A group of girls gather for a bachelorette party - and their male stripper summons the goddess Aphrodite, causing them all to become maniacally horny.