Sep 24, 2023

Dorm Daze (2003)


A purse gets swapped and sends a dorm into chaos as it changes hands between students and criminals. 

Dorm Daze 2 (2006)


Well, I actually liked the first Dorm Daze, so let's check out the sequel which takes place on a cruise ship.  Instead of a bag full of money, this time it's a precious jewel that becomes the center of the comedic hijinx. 

Club Wild Side (1998)


We love Sage Kirkpatrick, don't we folks?  In this film we get see a quite a lot of her.  She plays a small town girl who goes to Hollywood to stay with a rich relative and get a taste of life in the big city.

Bar Hopping Hotties (2003)


Despite the hilariously silly title, this is kind of an eerie, surreal picture. A woman keeps going to a small cocktail lounge and can't seem to stop herself from visiting each night - as if compelled to do so.

Bad Girl Dracula (2019)


A woman enters Bad Girl Dracula's mansion to get her story - leading to a series of impossibly bad vignettes.

I Refuse to Wear Clothes (1997)


If you were twenty-seven like I was in 1997, chances are you were watching more than your fair share of Jerry Springer.  What started with Donahue (who veered toward exploitative stuff when it brought in higher ratings), then Morton Downey Jr., then Geraldo, and then it was off to the race - with Springer being the high water mark (or bottom of the barrel, depending on where you were standing).  I think Springer could get away with a higher level of trash because the former-mayor played this shtick where he was an intellectual and not a sleaze merchant.  His VHS tapes were pretty popular - often promising R-rated material that couldn't be shown on network television.  This tape in particular is a milestone in the annals of media history with complete nakedness from start to finish.

Diary of a Serial Killer (1995)


(Original title: 廣州殺人王之人皮日記 Gwong Chow sat yan wong: Yan pei yat gei) A disturbing-ass film inspired by the real-life murders of thirteen women committed by serial killer Li Wenxian.

College Sex Project (2008)


Three college students get together for their thesis on human sexuality.  As they tell stories, this turns into not much more than another clip show.

Sep 23, 2023

The Wrong Girl (2004)


A guy catches his girl cheating and his friend pledges to get even.  But the plan of revenge doesn't turn out the way they expected.

Les Bitches (2005)


We follow the interconnecting stories of three hateful self-obsessed bitches who eventually each get their comeuppance. 

Watchful Eye (2002)


(AKA Voyeur Beach) A beach house is home to three hot girls who may or may not be aware that each room is being surveyed by the owner to be used as a secret webcam business.

the Thrill Seekers (2002)


Four models are asked to perform various acts of public nudity.

Slaughterhouse Slumber Party (2019)


A new girl summons an evil force to a slumber party.  The girls must battle the demon for survival.

Shameless Co-eds (2006)


I was a little concerned this would just be an episode of Co-ed Confidential repackaged, since it stars Michelle Maylene, - as it turns out, I wish it had been.

A Wife's Secret (2014)


A wife keeps a secret from her husband that she works at a brothel during the day.  Things come to a head when she's recognized by one of her husband's coworkers. 

Sep 22, 2023

Sex School: Student Bodies (2018)


A bunch of students and teachers have sex, and not much else.  But it does star some heavy hitters (Nicole SheridanKeri WindsorJacy Andrews) and is produced by Charles Band's Full Moon Pictures.

Same Tale, Next Year (1997)


(AKA Passion and Romance: Same Tale, Next Year) Three couples tell random sex stories while aboard a rich dude's yacht.

Real Adventures 122 (2009)


We're going to keep this public nudity thing going with another round of Real Adventures. In this episode we follow a girl (probably a runaway) who exposes herself throughout town, then stop in at the usual hangouts - Mardis Gras and rednecks on a lake.

Real Adventures 116 (2009)


Remember "Girls Gone Wild"?  Those were extremely popular back in the day, and I guess that brand of sexploitation is still alive and well - and judging by the number of "Real Adventures" titles out there, it is a thriving "genre".  In this episode we follow three ladies as they travel to the beach and flash their boobs, and take stops at Mardi Gras and clubs where the cameramen are sure to find girls drunk enough to expose themselves on camera.

Inside Out (1991)


The first in the Playboy series which featured vignettes on miscellaneous subjects from comedy sketches to sci-fi and romance.

Naked Attraction (2019-22)


Naked Attraction is a British dating game show in which a person chooses from six naked people to go out on a date. 

Sep 21, 2023

Concept 1 (1991)


(AKA Le Cercle Vicieux) Mario Salieri doesn't focus too much on story here, but that's okay. His standard lush visuals and skillful cinematography (and beautiful women) are in full effect.  

Escape from Albania (1999)


(Original Title: Fuga dall'Albania) A woman escapes the tribulation in her own country.  But her new home has its own set of dangers and misery. A Mario Salieri film.

Video Zeta Spotlight: Barbara Mills


BIO: Barbara Mills (1951 - 2010) was born in Oxford, Massachusetts and left home and moved to the bohemian artistic community of Venice Beach shortly after turning seventeen. Mills started doing nude modeling on the side while attending college as an art major.  She met her husband Frank Mills in 1969 who got her an agent which led to  various softcore pictures often under the name "Barbara Caron". Mills was the mother of two children: son Nigel Mills and daughter Carly J. Mills. She died on December 15, 2010 at age 59 in Ko Samui, Thailand.

For me, there was always something that stood out about Mills.  Not only was she gorgeous, she seemed intelligent and had a unique onscreen charisma.  

Shivers (1975)


The David Cronenberg masterpiece about an apartment complex which becomes infected by a parasite who turns the hosts into mindless sex-crazed zombies.

Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice (1988)


Written and directed by husband and wife Beverly and Ferd Sebastian, and starring their daughter-in-law Jan Sebastian (and their son Ben Sebastian in a smaller part). So, does the Sebastian family make a worthy sequel to the 1973 film? No. Is it a little weird they have their daughter-in-law getting naked and raped on film?  Yes.  Let's have a look.

Herzblatt or How Do I Tell My Daughter? (1969)


(Original Title: Herzblatt oder Wie sag' ich's meiner Tochter?) A widower has raised his only child Herzblatt (an endearing term "Honeybun") to be a bit too free with her nudity.  Her exhibitionism leads to problems, as well as her idealistic view of love, based entirely on Hemingway novels.

Hitch Hikers in Heat (1979)


(Original Title Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur) A guy gets extremely lucky on road trip scoring with a couple of hitchhikers, a woman fleeing her husband, and a lady whose car has broken down. Then he brings the hitch hikers home to have a four-way with his wife.  Livin' the dream.

Faust (2002)


Mario Salieri loves to make his adult films look lovely and feel epic.  Unfortunately with this one it feels like a whitewash.  There was definitely a lot lost in translation, but even so, this was a lame story.  Let's have a look.

Married People, Single Sex II: For Better or Worse (1995)


Three upper middle class suburban couples have marital issues. Lots of overly dramatic scenes and weepy confessionals. 

Sep 17, 2023

Nudity MVPs 1995


The most prestigious award of them all.  This isn't looking at a single scene or a single film, but rather the body of work (in all senses of that phrase) that actress contributed this year.  The headliners from 1995 were definitely Elizabeth Berkley in SHOWGIRLS (1995) and Alyssa Milano in EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE (1995) - two child actresses we all knew really well getting butt naked; genuinely newsworthy. Natasha Henstridge in Species also was getting a lot of buzz.  But we're celebrating the actresses who delivered the goods regularly, whether on Cinemax or video store rentals. Let's rank the top five, shall we?

Curse of the Devil (1973)


(Original Title: El retorno de Walpurgis) A Paul Naschy film in the Walpurgis series.  A nobleman is cursed by gypsies to become a werewolf.

Hitch Hike to Hell (1977)


Loosely based on Ed Kemper "the Co-ed Killer", it's the story of a delivery guy for a dry cleaning business who has serious mommy issues which cause him to kill hitch hiking runaways.

Femmes de Sade (1976)


One of the filthiest films you're going to see, but it's Alex De Renzy so it's coated in a layer of artistic flair and marinated in joyous weirdness that it makes the deranged sleaze a bit more palatable. It's the story of a giant of a man released from prison who enjoys the spoils of San Francisco in the seventies.  Unfortunately, this includes abusing every person he comes in contact with.  Featuring some of the most amazing footage of the SF red light district I've ever seen.

Sorceress II: The Temptress (1997)


Sequel to The Sorceress (1995) - The witches have plans to rule the world by releasing a new skin creme.

Video Zeta Morgue 1995


1995 wasn't the best year for cinematic death; the slasher films had long since sunsetted - indeed, horror in general seemed to be a dying genre.  And those gritty exploitation films, always a rich source of problematic violence, were a long way off in the rear view mirror.  So, that leaves us with some erotic thrillers and an assortment of other B-movies to enter into our inventory.  

The Final Sin (1977)


After coming home from Vietnam a paraplegic, a father gets his rocks off by putting his wife through depraved sex games - which then spirals to include his own children.

Run Jackson Run (1972)


A guy gets sick of his boring job and sickly needy wife, so he steals a briefcase full of money and goes to Mexico. The lineup for this low rent porno is like the 1975 Cincinnati Reds, featuring  Andy BellamySandy CareySuzanne Fields, and Nancy Martin.

Sexotic Deals (1989)


A German adult film about a rich industrialist who is targeted by reporters and prosecutors but gets the upper hand as always.  At least that is the micro-thin plot that ties the sex scenes together.

Sep 15, 2023

Video Zeta List - Top Nude Scenes 1995

The year was 1995. We're still predating much of any porn on the internet, and nearly all softcore nudity was found via strategic Blockbuster rentals or staying up late and watching Cinemax. This was the year that saw both the "Who's the Boss?" and the "Saved by the Bell" girls get naked; easily the top headlines in the world of 1995 nudity.  Also talked about a lot was Natasha Henstridge in Species and to some extent Mimi Rogers in Full Body Massage. And let's not forget USA's Up All Night was still a good place to go for light and fluffy T&A,  So, let's get into this year's countdown...

Rush Week (1989)


A student investigates disappearing co-eds for the college newspaper. 

Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff (1979)


Man, the seventies were a different time.  This film is like your standard mainstream drama, featuring veteran actors and a traditional filmmaking style... but then over halfway through - boom - there is a rape with the main character providing gruelling, uncomfortable nudity.  Must have been incredibly shocking... or not.  As said, the seventies were different.

Julia (1974)


A boy returns home from school to stay with his eccentric family - which includes his playboy father, his sexually insatiable girlfriend, lesbian aunt, much abused maid, crazy uncle, senile grandmother and the neighbor girl he loves.

La Protégée de Lola (1991)


A businessman reminds a woman of the various sexual scandals she's been at the center of via newspaper headlines.  Each headline yields a risque vignette.  A Michel Ricaud jam.

Water Power (1976)


Loosely based on the real-life exploits of the Illinois "Enema bandit", Michael H. Kenyon, who administered forced enemas to female college students in the 1960s and 1970s.  

Sep 10, 2023

Video Zeta Spotlight: Elisabeth Volkmann


Elisabeth Volkmann (16 March 1936 – 27 July 2006) the German red-haired legend.  She is best known for her part in the German comedy series Klimbim (1973–1979), which was watched by millions of viewers in Germany. Later, she was the voice of Marge Simpson in the German dub of The Simpsons

Cronaca Nera 3: La Clinica della Vergogna (1994)


(AKA Crime Report 3: The Shame Clinic) Another edition of Salieri's crime report series loosely based on true events.  In this story, a couple cannot afford a necessary heart surgery, but the doctor makes an offer to have the guy's wife for the weekend in lieu of payment.

Cronaca Nera 2: Diritto d'autore (1994)


(AKA Crime Report 2: Copyright) Another edition of Salieri's crime report series loosely based on true events. In this story, a playboy causes a national scandal when his memoirs are published.  However, he reneged on the publishing deal and subsequently went mysteriously missing.