Feb 26, 2023

The Well Endowed, the Man from Itu (1978)


(Original Title: O Bem Dotado - O Homem de Itu) An identical premise as Homo Eroticus (1971) but great fun in its own right.  A redneck from the jungle with an enormous package is taken in by a gaggle of rich ladies. Featuring Brazilian greats such as Aldine Muller and Helena Ramos.

This and That (1983)


(Original Title: Questo e quello) Two stories (this and that) about writers who deal with sexual hangups.

Expose Me Lovely (1976)

A Sam Spade style detective story featuring the great Jennifer Welles.

Trouble in Paris (1980)


(Original Title: Gräsänkor på skandalsemester) Two insatiable sex maniacs from Sweden are drugged and robbed upon arrival in Paris.  For the rest of their vacation, the two ladies learn from the experience and drug and rob seemingly half the city before returning home to Sweden.

House of 1000 Pleasures (1974)


(Original Title: Club privé pour couples avertis) A cab driver meets the love of his life and is surprised to find she works at a high class brothel; however, things aren't quite what they seem.

Così, così... più forte (1970)


Two women fall in love, but the happiness is short-lived as one of the couple moves on to a relationship with a dude.  Things get violent and go downhill from there.

Wandering Free (2009)


Let's keep the nudist travelogue/documenter train going with another one from the Synetech Video Company - which has been putting out "naturist" videos for a number of years, led by Charles MacFarland. So far, we've covered more or less "vintage" nudist videos, so it's interesting to see that the genre was still going strong in 2009. In this video we follow a girl named Shannon tour the Greek islands, and then tag along as two girls get naked in a Greek club. [See the Nudist Flicks page for a list of nudism films covered on VZ1]

Naked Celebrations (1997)


Another nudist or "naturist" documentary in line with Educating Julie (1984), Cap d'Agde Naked City (2000) and Treasured Island (1993). This one comes to us from Australia. [See the Nudist Flicks page for a list of nudism films covered on VZ1]

Alice's Naked Summer (2004)


There were a good number of nudist travelogues and documentary/magazine series released on VHS in the eighties continuing through the next couple decades. Examples include Educating Julie (1984), Cap d'Agde Naked City (2000) and Treasured Island (1993). This film is the twelfth in the Charlie Simonds nudist film series. [See the Nudist Flicks page for a list of nudism films covered on VZ1]

Very Special Boarding School (1979)


(Original Title: Pensionnat très spécial AKA Marie salope) A girl is caught having sex with her boyfriend and sent off to boarding school where her sex life gets even more active.

The Perverse Servant (1978)


(Original Title: La Servante Perverse; other versions: Lèche-moi partout and Services Rendered) A French adult film that has been cut up and pasted together in a number of different versions.  The story involves two small time crooks who try to make a change and get legit jobs as servants in a rich household.  However, the three ladies that live there are sexually insatiable and it soon become overbearing. 

Feb 24, 2023

¡¡¡A Tope!!! (1984)


A Spanish film featuring lots of musical performances - the main gist of the film is to highlight some pretty cool "new wave" acts.  For the wraparound story, we follow the exploits of a teenage couple as the boy gets tempted by the school hottie.

The Girl from Pussycat (1969)


A girl gang plans a robbery, partakes in lesbian sex, does drugs, and sticks a guy's fingers in a toaster.

Belinda dos Orixás na Praia dos Desejos (1979)


A girl has an encounter with a voodoo type group (specifically Candomblé) and is thereby protected by their magic as she's abducted by a gangster after her inheritance.

Liliam, the Dirty (1981)


(Original Title: Liliam, a Suja)  Lia Furlin is sexually harassed at work each day, but lets off steam by murdering men in the evening.

Naked and Lustful (1976)


Don't let the lurid title and VHS box cover fool you.  This is actually a rather tasteful well-acted drama.  It's the story of a dude stuck in an awful marriage with a hot but unloving wife who can't have kids. He falls in love with the surrogate mother, but must stay in the miserable marriage in order to benefit from his wife's rich family.

Auditions (1978)


Linnea Quigley and Linda York make appearances as fake auditioners who are asked to take their clothes off for a fake movie.

These Girls, So Pu.... (1982)


(Original Title:Esas chicas tan pu...) Andrea Albani and others frolic around in this Spanish film about how happy and fun prostitution can be.  It's all about attitude.

Lorelei (1985)


Kay Parker is Lorelei, a successful fashion designer who deals with a case of industrial espionage.

Eddy Trust In Nothing (1989)


An odd German VTO flick about a dude who's released from prison, and subsequently is involved in a double (or rather triple) cross with help from the warden.

Naked Fairy Tales (2003)


A godawful clip show collection with basically none of the Seduction Cinema actresses.  

Ciné Amateur (1991)


Michel Ricaud flick about a madame who runs a brothel  at countryside chateau specializing in unique fantasies.

Feb 19, 2023

Pardon Me, Are You Normal? (1979)


(Original Title: Scusi, lei è normale?) Italian diva Anna Maria Rizzoli stars in this Italian comedy about a judge cracking down on indecency and moral degeneracy while his gay nephew is living just such a "sinful" lifestyle right under his nose. 

Ob Dirndl oder Lederhose (1974)


(Original Title: Ob Dirndl oder Lederhose - gejodelt wird ganz wild drauflos) A Berlin hotel which offers all kinds of amenities for traveling businessmen gets into trouble with local pimps and also must accommodate a traveling Bavarian band. Featuring the great Marianne Dupont.

The Skin Under the Claws (1975)


(Original Title: La pelle sotto gli artigli) A mad scientist is working on immortality using brain transplants. Meanwhile, there's a giallo style killer on the loose.  Could they be related?

A Taste of Flesh (1967)


A Doris Wishman film about two lesbians and a house guest who become hostages by two guys intent on assassinating a prime minister from their window.

Pleasure Cruise (1990)


(Original Title: À force de plaisirs) Another skin flick from our favorite Frenchman Michel Ricaud; as always providing rad eighties fashions and style. In this film, a rich guy seeks to prove his wife is unfaithful in order to divorce and not have to pay.  So, on a yacht trip he video tapes her many infidelities. 

In the Time of Vaseline (1979)


(Original Title: Nos Tempos da Vaselina) A hick from the jungle is invited to stay in Rio de Janeiro where his backwoods charm and horniness quickly earn him favor among the local girls. Featuring a few VZ1 allstars, Ana Maria KreislerAlvamar Taddei and Aldine Muller.

The Perfect Brat (1989)


One of the many Brat movies.  Julie wants to give up drinking and enrolls with her husband Morty in an experimental program which replaces booze with sex.   

Star Virgin (1979)


The last remaining human is reanimated from cryogenic sleep and given a history lesson by her robot mentor.

The Sex Substitute 2 (2003)


Sequel to The Sex Substitute from this same year. A sex retreat and a bed & breakfast have their addresses swapped in their advertisements leading to all manner of sexual mixups.

Top Model 2 (1990)


This softcore flick was considered lost until relatively recently. It was initially planned as a sequel to Joe D'Amato's Top Model (Eleven Days, Eleven Nights, Part 2) (1988), but Joe washed his hands of it after major conceptual issues. Subsequently, the film suffered multiple lawsuits and distribution troubles before finally being released.  There's not much to the film - just a threadbare story with tons of graphic (albeit softcore) sexual content.

The Gigolo (1995)


Part one of a five hour adult film opus (!) The French company Private released a number of big productions with unexpectedly grand settings and sweeping storylines. This film deals with a rich dude who wants a divorce so he can get with a young girl.  But his wife won't divorce due to her religion, and the young girl won't allow him to cheat due to her religion.  This puts the rich dude in a touch spot, and he decides to have his wife killed.

Tinto Brass Presents - Quattro (1999)


(Full Title: Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories: Part 2 - Quattro) Three short stories from Tinto Brass.

Hard Sensation (1980)


A Joe D'Amato film about three girls vacationing on a remote island who are held captive and raped by a trio of criminals.

Feb 17, 2023

Video Zeta List - Wardrobe Malfunctions


If you've seen Benny Hill then you're all too familiar with the accidental disrobe or wardrobe malfunction.  An often comedic way to get some gratuitous T&A via wardrobe malfunctions. [Note that we'll cover this trope's less humorous cousin "clothes being ripped off" in a separate list; although the distinction can be hazy.]

Wild Gypsies (1969)


A heavy-handed drama about a band of gypsies who have one of their own killed by a rogue named Anton.  The film plays like your standard overblown MGM theatrical release of the day - pompous flowery dialogue, attempts at epic grandeur, dramatic orchestral music,... but then throwing in lots of nudity.  Which is unexpected, but much appreciated.

Kiss Me Quick! (1964)


An alien visits a mad scientist's lab to collect females to bring back to his galaxy as servants.  The mad scientist is currently working on creating the perfect female specimen and offers to help out the alien in selecting one of his creations.

The Perfect Arrangement (1971)


Barbara Mills is easily in the top five of all early seventies sexploitation actresses. In this film she plays the wife of a movie producer who allows an open relationship. She meets a divorcee and things are going well until she's kidnapped for ransom.

Full Time Females (1972)


(Original Title: L'insatisfaite) There are about a hundred shady schemes and double-crossings in this French thriller.  It begins with the murder of an old man's nurse, then the plot to replace her with a twin, and then that twin replacement is wanted by her pimp.... it's a long story.  Let's begin.

Co-Ed Confidential Main Page


Quite possibly the best sexploitation TV series of all time.  All the episodes covered on VZ1 are listed below.  Update - 02/17/2023 Season Three added.

Sunset Strip (1993)


A dancer hones her skills by becoming a stripper.  Starring Jeff Conaway

She's So Fine! (1985)

A girl is marrying a punk rocker and the wedding party convenes at her mild mannered suburban home. So, naturally we wind up with the suburban yuppies and the eighties punks screwing their brains out.

The French Baker's Butt (1993)


Well, if there's one thing we've learned on VZ1 it's that French adult film director Michel Ricaud can do no wrong. When it comes to ultra-eights vibes, of the most gaudy European variety, no one has you covered like Ricaud.  This one takes place almost entirely at a French bakery.  A crying shame we didn't get to this in time for our Kitchen Exposures List.

3 Days of Love (1991)


(Original Title: 3 giorni d'amore) One of the many films following in the footsteps of 9 1/2 Weeks. A model is getting frustrated that everyone around her just drools and lusts, but where's true love?  She meets a young stud who gives her three hot encounters, but even that ends up a bitter fail.

Concept 2 (1991)


A corrupt and perverted clergyman forces his nuns to serve as his prostitutes in this Italian nunsploitation flick..

Rocket Video RCTD-130


[See the Rocket Video Main Page] More sicko depravity from Japan.  Office girls are photographed and then challenged to see how long they can keep from orgasm whilst a vibrator is doing its job.

Desire: An Erotic Fantasyplay (1996)


Basically just three ladies fooling around for an hour and a half. Featuring Debra K. Beatty and Monique Parent

Sweet Things (1987)


A nearly plotless porno - a girl band called the Sweet Things comes to perform at the Braxton Mansion, and everyone has sex.

Feb 12, 2023

Video Zeta List - Women In Prison Films: 1970s


I don't feel you can rank WIP films from different decades together as they really are different flavors altogether.  The seventies were often gritty and nihilistic, and they began to be self-aware and campy in the eighties. So, let's take them one decade at a time.