Jan 30, 2023

A Woman in the Night (1979)


(Original Title: Una donna di notte) Starring the Lorraine De Selle as the muse for a respectable writer having to churn out porn novels to pay alimony.

Gentle, But Sassy Like Oskar (1980)


(Original Title: Zärtlich, aber frech wie Oskar) A German sex comedy about a teenager who falls for a girl at the lake, but the summer love was soon forgotten when school resumed (a lot like Grease). However, a return trip to the lake rekindles the romance, but is hampered by his three new girlfriends, and the girl's overprotective cop father.

The Freaks Attack (1978)


(Original Title: As Taradas Atacam) The narrator of a radio show called "Barulho na Cidade" (Noise in the City) tells five erotic episodes.

Lola's Secret (1984)


(Original Title: Il peccato di Lola) A remake of the Sylvia Kristel film Private Lessons.  A rich teenager lusts over the housekeeper while his parents are away.

O Lago Maldito (1980)


Described as a "mummy film with no script", the film has no sound, and is really just a compilation of B&W clips involving a mad scientist, mummy and several female victims.  Sounds terrible, but it's done so artfully, that I couldn't take my eyes off it.

White Skin on the Black Market (1969)


(Original Title: Weiße Haut auf schwarzem Markt) A Erwin C. Dietrich film which could be considered a Schulmädchen-Report film as it takes a faux documentary style with rapid fire stories.  This one is a look at sex trafficking using documents from the UN Anti-Slavery Society (or so they say).

Husbands and Lovers (1991)


(Original Title:  La villa del venerdì) An extremely self-important melodrama of the most boring variety; impossible to watch were it not for the fact that Joanna Pacula keeps refusing to keep her clothes on.

Lethal Affairs (1996)


A rather ambitious porno involving Russian spies, stolen plutonium and whatnot.

Private Tuition (1986)


(Original Title: Cours privé) A French film about a teacher who is scandalized by a photograph of an orgy which circulates at the school.  There is a figure whose face is cut out, and everyone thinks it's her.

Pink Panorama (1989)


Even though the plot was simple and paper-thin, much was lost in translation in this German porno about a businessman who is going bankrupt and won't get help from his rich wife, and so resorts to devious means via his daughters.  But none of this obviously matters - it's all about the sex and trashy Euro eighties styles.

Little Richard Getting Big (1989)


Another German GTO porno oddity.  A loser finds himself in trouble when he recovers stolen money and the criminals want it back. 

Naked and Funny (Part 2)


(Original Title: Голые и смешные) This is a Russian comedy show much like the naughty Candid Camera series we covered on VZ1 (except for the fact that it's clearly all staged). See Part 1 for more information on the Naked & Funny series.  We'll cover five more gags here.

Naked and Funny (Part 1)


(Original Title: Голые и смешные) This is a Russian comedy show much like the naughty Candid Camera series we covered on VZ1. Starting in 2005, the show was wildly successful and actually ran for twelve years with over 325 episodes. It first spread to Ukraine and then to a number of foreign markets - which was quite easy due to the fact that the show contains no dialog. Dialog-free format, universal humor and sex appeal - a recipe for global success if there ever was one. Indeed, Naked & Funny was the top rated series on Comedy Central Netherlands and South Africa outperforming numerous famous US shows.

Jan 27, 2023

Quiet Days in Clichy (1970)


(Original title: Stille dage i Clichy) Based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Henry Miller; an artsy flick with music by Country Joe.

Last Foxtrot in Burbank (1973)


Fairly notorious film due to the involvement of both Charles Band and John Carpenter.  It's a remake of the Brando film Last Tango in Paris.

Gotta Get You Into My Wife (1989)


A struggling matchmaking agency does a promotional stunt where one of the owners will himself pimp himself out to a grand prize winner for promotional purposes.  And yes, I watched this because of the title (even though this is a German flick and the title has nothing to do with anything).

Lover's Trance (1990)


As a party trick a man is hypnotized to kill another guest - but the game gets out of hand when the it leads to actual murder.

Lust Incorporated (1988)


An uptight and straightlaced businessman arrives in Germany and is set up with a house to rent.  Unfortunately for him, the realtor also hands the keys to a couple of ne'er do wells who also stake a claim to the residence.

Pearl of Passion (1987)


[See the VZ1 Series Page for a list of all the Electric Blue flicks.]An insurance company sends out one of its agents to guard jewels supposedly recovered from the lost continent of Atlantis that exhibit strong aphrodisiac powers.

Erotic Zones the Movie (1985)


There were a series of Twilight Zone pornos; this is actually the third.  It contains three stories.

Hospitality Sweet (1988)


We've covered a lot of plotless movies, but at least there has been some kernel of a story, some small character or trope to hang your hat on.  This porno has absolutely nothing aside from the fact that it is set in a hospital.  So, I'd love to provide the usual walkthrough of the story, but alas there is none to be found.

Sexy Six Pack (1990)


A plotless German flick about... well not about much othen a bunch of Germans having sex.

Jan 21, 2023

A Super Fêmea (1973)

A company plucks a beautiful woman out of obscurity to be the model for a new drug - one that acts as a birth control pill for men. 

Wild Attraction (1992)


An impotent orchestra conductor gets off on seeing his wife with other men.  But their sex games get out of hand with a painter who falls in love with the wife.

The Hottest Bid (1995)


A successful lawyer bids on a dog at a charity bachelor auction as a statement.  Her friend reluctantly agrees to enter the auction - and both of them end up changed by the event.

Marital War (1974)


(Original Title: Guerra Conjugal) A highly acclaimed film based on a short story collection which revolve around three sets of characters: a bickering elderly couple, a lawyer who fashions himself a casanova until he meets a comically odd woman, and a young man struggling to find the right sexual fit for himself.

Sex Humor (1992)


The Argentinian equivalent of National Lampoon, or El Papus in Spain - Sex Humor was an adult humor magazine that found its way to a film adaptation.

Eve's Beach Fantasy (1999)


April Adams stars as a girl who gets to house sit for her uncle at a Saint Tropez beach.  Not much beyond that in terms of plot.

The Stepdaughter (1976)


(Original Title: La figliastra) Starring the great Sonja Jeannine - a Sicilian nobleman stands to lose his fortune unless he can produce an heir.

The Wildest Office Strip Party (1987)


 A supposed office party where ladies from accounting and the steno pool strip onstage.  The VHS box gives the impression this is an actual movie; however, it's really just a series of stripteases.... which isn't so bad.

The Smart Ass Enquirer (1990)


Rusty Bryant is a tabloid reporter with no ethics; she'll do anything to get the scoop.  

Mona: The Virgin Nymph (1970)


Often touted as the first American feature-length, non-documentary hardcore pornographic movie theatrically released. Blue Movie (1969) by Andy Warhol was released over one year earlier, running into censorship problems.

Mizzzzica... What Is Forbidden? (1983)


(Original Title: Mizzzzica... ma che è proibitissimo?)  A slapdash cut-and-paste disaster.  Footage from an incomplete 1977 film is used as the bones for this hopeless mess, which then contains random filler and other pasted-in nonsense.  I can't even really begin to tell you what it's about.  But it's the great Femi Bunussi's last film, so it has to be watched.

Bedside Brat (1988)


After a tonsillectomy Jenny is inspired to enter the medical profession and gets a job as a candy striper. One of many "brat" porno films.

The Girl is a Tramp (1972)


(Original Title: Les baiseuses) A girl runs away from home and winds up with the wrong crowd - in and out of prison, robbing and having premarital sex.

Smokescreen (1990)


A rock star manager has an affair with one of his clients which ends up nearly ending his marriage.

Between the Bars (1992)


I thought this was going to be a Women In Prison (WIP) flick - turns out, it's not.  Instead, it's this bizarre porno about a group of women trying to spring a weirdo named Zippy from jail.

Buns and Roses (1992)


A sexual therapist named Dr. Stiff improves the sex lives of various women.  And, yeah, I one hundred percent watched this because of the title.

Rocket Video RCTD-187


[See the Rocket Video Main Page] A computer virus is attacking women's smartphones and PCs, turning them into gyrating sex zombies. If you (like me) didn't know this weird shit existed - well now you do.  

Jan 18, 2023

Fortress of Amerikkka (1989)


This one has it all: an outsider wanting revenge against a small town sheriff's department a la Walking Tall/First Blood. But also a secret military operation gone rogue which is killing all the innocent townsfolk.  Add to that, a ton of gratuitous nudity and explosions, and you've got yourself pure exploitation dynamite.

Educating Julie (1984)


A British film which takes an instructional video approach to nudism.  Shy and socially awkward Julie is horrified to receive a school assignment on "Nudity in the Eighties".  She and her goofy boyfriend explore various nudist locales as research for her thesis - and along the way, Julie becomes less and less inhibited.

The Erotic Confessions of a Bed Too Welcoming (1973)


(Original Title: Les confidences érotiques d'un lit trop accueillant) Seven stories surrounding the sexual history of a circular bed.  

Cap d'Agde Naked City (2000)


From the back of the VHS box: "At the height of the holiday season the Naturist quarter of Cap d'Agde on the Mediterranean coast of France accommodates 40,000 naturists. It's a genuine Naked City where, apart from the swimming and sunbathing as nature intended, you can shop, visit the bank, eat at restaurants and visit the hairdressers, all without having to wear a stitch of clothing. In this film, Alison Brown and Wendy Cooper accompanied by the lovely Angie, investigate this naturist phenomenon.

The Prince and the Nature Girl (1964)


Blonde and brunette twins are both interested in the boss - Mr. Prince.  When they meet him at a nudist beach, things go to the next level.  A Doris Wishman jam. [See the Nudist Flicks page for a list of nudism films covered on VZ1]

Privè (2002)


A frigid wife dabbles in the pornography business.  Soon, she's full of insatiable lust - but this obviously takes a toll on her normal life.  A Bruno Mattie flick starring Dana Ceci in her only film credit, and is absolutely amazing.

Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975)


Darby Lloyd Rains stars in this lighthearted porno about a girl who is abducted for ransom, but soon drives her kidnappers insane with her insatiable sexual appetite.

Tutti Frutti - Part 7

Tutti Frutti was a German game show based on the Italian show Colpo Grosso.  Please see the Tutti Frutti main page for detailed information on the game show's background, how to play, the various host and hostesses, Cin Cin girls, and a list of episodes covered on VZ1.   It's such a fun and interesting show that it deserves a closer look. 

Psychotic Bimbo (1998)


Directed by Walter Webster, this film is super obscure, and I could find very little is out there about it.  And, well, that's probably just as well - as there's not much to this other than borrowed footage of models undressing which pretends to actually be a part of this movie. 



Man, you just can't find hardly any information on this obscure Italian film - not even the year it was released. The gist of the story is a conniving supermodel uses people to get ahead until her final comeuppance. 

Jan 14, 2023

Flodder 3 (1995)


Third and last in the Flodder trilogy [following Flodder (1986) and Flodder in Amerika (1992)] - some of the highest grossing films in Dutch history. In this episode, the Flodders are back to the suburb of Zonnedael where the uptight residents want them removed in time for the subdivision's twentieth anniversary.  To do so, they try to frame the Flodders on a number of counts which would violate the terms of their welfare agreement.