Dec 30, 2022

Greetings from Lederhose 6 - A Mother Named Waldemar (1982)


(Original Title - Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose 6 - Eine Mutter namens Waldemar) Follows Greetings from Lederhose 5 (1978) [or Three Lederhosen in St. Tropez (1980)] See the VZ1 series page for all the Lederhose films covered.  In this installment, an older conservative aunt agrees to help her niece's horse riding school and guesthouse get started. When a sexually liberated troupe of models arrive to help as house servants, things get complicated.

Perversions (1976)


(AKA Sex Shock) An exhibitionist is interviewed, with her narration serving as the wraparound for a series of vignettes about exhibitionism.

Sex in the Office (1971)


(Original Title: Erotik im Beruf - Was jeder Personalchef gern verschweigt - "what every HR manager likes to keep secret") Add this to the seemingly endless supply of Schulmädchen-Report films. From the promotional text: "This new report by the Schulmädchen-Report team shows what every HR manager likes to keep secret, what many do not believe is possible, but what still happens every day. The camera looks behind the facades and often secretly locked doors of office buildings, workshops and storage sheds. The sex revolution is also taking place here."

Lady Hyde (2022)


A scientist's wife goes on a murdering spree after his career is ruined due to developing an effective COVID vaccine which goes against moneyed interests.

Dec 27, 2022

Satan Was a Lady (1975)


Doris Wishman film which is sort of a porno soap opera, following the love triangles within a family.

Cashback (2006)


A guy struggles with a breakup, becomes an insomniac and imagines the customers at a grocery store are frozen in time.  It's probably too good of a movie to include on VZ1, but the time-stop scene does get a bit sleazy and earns at least a quick look.

Hypnorotica (1973)


"Warning do not see this film if you are easily hypnotized or suggestion prone, " says the introductory narration. A doctor uses hypnosis to get to the bottom of their sexual hangups.

UK Stripper of the Year (1997)


Twelve ladies strip down completely for a small crowd of awkward gentlemen in this UK stripper contest on "X Television".

Video Zeta Inventory - Time Stop Movies


Basically, the genre involves a device which freezes time so horny guys can molest frozen ladies without resistance or consequence.  

The Watch That Stops Time


"The Watch That Stops Time - Part 2" (2009)  The second in the Rocket Studios series consisting of four parts including a convenience store, eye doctor and bus. [See the Time Stop Movie Inventory for more]



[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page and the JAV Page A Japanese time-stop video by the studio M's Video Group.  This one features a sad sack who gets treated like shit from a pretty college girl.  When a mysterious geezer gives him the time stop device, he uses it to get his revenge.



[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page and JAV Main Page] In the twelfth edition of the Rocket Studio series, the schlep with the watch "Gamaru wrist timepiece" wreaks havoc on a spa/bathhouse.

Stop the Time! #2


[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page for more information and time stop flicks] The second in the V&R series. A hapless doofus get the time-stop watch and stops a bank robbery.  But will he continue to use the device for good?  Hell no. Once he's stopped the bank robbery, he proceeds to molest the entire female bank staff.  This is a Japanese time-stop movie after all.

Stop the Time! #7


[See the Time Stop Main Page] The seventh in the series. It includes four stories of the time-stop device each with their own brand of victims to be frozen and subsequently abused: (1) health club patrons (2) a supermodel, (3) an innocent girl home alone, and (4) three school bullies.

Stop the Time! #10


[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page] The tenth in the V&R Products series has three segments; (1) a robbery, (2) a beach scene, and (3) students on a rooftop.


[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page and JAV Main Page] Yes, it's another Japanese time-stop movie. Once you go down these weird Japanese sexploitation vortexes, it's hard to get out. This one involves two deviant students who utilize the Gamaru wrist timepiece to violate and humiliate a mother and daughter - along with whoever else happens to be nearby.

RCTD-152 -The Watch That Stops Time - Part 11 (2019)

Two "kids" are messing around and find the Gamaru time-stop watch. They discover its effects when a housewife scolds them and is frozen when the kid hits the stop button.

The kids go into the woman's house and find her at the table with her daughter.

Time is stopped and the pervs mess around with the daughter.

Later, mother and daughter take a subway

The kids get on teh bus and freeze them, along with another female businesswoman. 

They pull up the business woman's dress.

This is actually pretty good - the kids make it look like the male passengers are pulling up the dresses of the ladies.

Time is briefly unfrozen, then paused again.

I have no idea why they felt the need to blur the faces of the dudes. 

The guys "have fun" with the three ladies, posing them, and just molesting the hell out of them.

The guys leave and time is returned to normal.  The women wonder how it is that they're naked.

The business woman looks for an open stall

The "kids" freeze her and carry the woman to the men's restroom.

Once in the men's room, the business woman is subjected to all manner of humiliation.

Later, the dudes return to molesting the mother.

She's once again to subjected to a number of vile acts.

It ends with the mother looking quite pregnant. THE END

I mean, all these time-stop films are mean spirited when you get down to it, but this one seemed more so than most. It's not helped by the godawful blurred out (?) perpetrators.  Usually it's a poor unloved schlub who gets the timepiece.  This time it's two juvenile delinquents.  Not the most fun I've had watching a movie, but still happily enjoying my slide down the weirdo J-porn vortex.

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[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page and JAV Main Page] This one involves an office worker who gets hold of the Gamaru wrist timepiece and uses it on his cutesy coworker.  That's right.  Using time-stopping devices to solve mankind's problems or to become a superhero - that's  for suckers.  This office worker uses it to perform all manner of humiliating sexual acts on his colleague.  



[See the Time Stop Movie Main Page and the Rocket Video main page] An earlier Rocket Studios time-stop video with three segments: (1) a cell phone store, (2) a tennis court, and (3) a parent teacher conference. 



RCTD-313 The Watch That Stops Time - Part 16 (2020). In this episode a convenience store customer comes into possession of the Gamaru wrist timepiece and uses it to grope and molest the various female employees and customers. [See the Time Stop Movie Main Page and JAV Main Page

Dec 24, 2022

The Love Mad Baroness (1970)


(Original Title: Die liebestollen Baronessen) An early German sexploitation flick featuring all-stars Andrea Rau and Ingrid Steeger.  A sexologist is the guest of three baroness sisters.  The sexologist is ironically a prude who spazzes out when anyone utters anything that could be construed as sexual.  And the three baronesses are three hotties who become jealous of the sexologist's assistant who basically seduces every man on the estate.

Bockingen (1985)

A German film about the small listless town of Bockingen where all the women are unsatisfied.  Along comes a prostitute and a student.  Both liven up the sex lives of the villages before being back on their way.