Oct 29, 2022

Hide and Go Shriek (1988)


Four couples spend the night in a furniture store to celebrate graduation.  In standard slasher fashion, the couples are picked off one by one.

The Strange World of Coffin Joe (1968)


A horror trilogy from Coffin Joe (José Mojica Marins) featuring murderous dollmakers, a necrophiliac balloon salesman and Zé do Caixão himself in a role very similar to Sardu in Bloodsucking Freaks (1976).

Night of the Bloody Transplant (1970)


Filmed in Flint, MI, the movie promoted the fact that it contained footage of an "actual open heart surgery".

Nurse Sherri (1977)


One of Al Adamson's last films - a nurse becomes possessed by the spirit of a dead cult leader and starts killing random people. 

Uninvited (1987)


Passengers aboard a luxury yacht are terrorized by a mutant cat.  Sounds like a winner to me. 

The Creeps (1997)


A mad scientist is able to bring monsters from classic literature to life; however, he needs to sacrifice a virgin to do so.

The Jigsaw Murders (1989)


It's been a while since we've done a Jag Mundhra; so, let's check out this crime drama.  Don't let the lurid title fool you - this is like an episode of Hunter or Mike Hammer, but with a few boobies thrown in.

Kannibal (2001)


A completely over the top shitshow featuring Linnea Quigley as a Russian crime boss in a showdown against a Hannibal Lecter clone. 

Oct 23, 2022

Evil Town (1987)


I knew the plot and overall feel of this film felt familiar... and that is because it's basically the same film as Evils of the Night. There seems to be some debate on which actually came first because both films were shot years earlier then their delayed release dates. This film began production in 1984, then was idle or being revised for several years and finally released in '87 with a number of scenes pasted in from other Dean Jagger flicks. I actually remember renting this around '88 and recall the picture quality of the VHS was so poor, rendering everything dark and muddy, that it was impossible to enjoy.  Glad to have the opportunity to revisit the film with a restored version.

Devil Fish (1984)


(Original Title: Shark: Rosso nell'oceano) A secret military experiment has hybridized an octopus with the prehistoric Dunkleosteus creating a "devil fish" or "monster shark" or whatever - which terrorizes Floridian boaters.

Daughters of Darkness (1971)


(Original Title: Les lèvres rouges) A stylish Euro-horror film about a modern day Elizabeth Báthory.  It's much more stylized, but reminds me a lot of The Velvet Vampire from the same year.

Blood Relic (2005)


A voodoo trinket from Granada causes a pilot to go on a murdering spree.  Years later, the military base has been converted to an aviation museum supposedly "haunted" by its dark past.

Please Don't Eat My Mother! (1973)


A sleazy take on Little Shop of Horrors with a hungry man-sized venus fly trap.  Featuring Rene Bond.

Zeta One (1969)


We've finally come to the movie from which this site gets its name. Sexy aliens from Angvisa (an anagram for vagina) are abducting women to repopulate their planet. A James Bond style spy battle surrounds the alien invasion and features greats Yutte Stensgaard and Valerie Leon.  The "Austin Powers" comparison is too often used - generally applied to any Brit spy film of the era.  However, this film was most definitely was a source of inspiration.

Too Scared to Scream (1984)


A mystery-thriller with some mainstream actors including Mannix (Mike Connors) and Ian McShane - and an early role for Anne Archer.

Alien Escape (1997)


Aliens escaping capital punishment on their homeworld have crash landed their spaceship in the woods behind Cedar Mountain Inn.  Starring the great Gail Thackray as well as Raelyn Saalman and Monique Parent.  

Death Row Diner (1988)


A 1940s Hollywood mogul is wrongfully accused and sent to the electric chair without being given his last meal.  He returns from the dead in the 1980s and finds his daughter (Michelle Bauer) married to a lecherous filmmaker who is making a film which tarnishes the family name.  Zombie Otis will have his revenge.

Oct 16, 2022

Slipping Into Darkness (1978)


An extremely grim (yet non exploitative) look at mental illness.  A troubled woman moves away from the rural homestead to make it as a writer.  There she crosses paths with another "broken" individual.

Free Ride (1986)


A teen comedy about a cocky douchebag who steals a Ferrari full of mobster cash.  Zany hi-jinx ensue when the mob comes to Monroe Preparatory School in search of its stolen loot.

Killer Nun (1979)


(Original Title: Suor Omicidi) Anita Ekberg plays a nun who believes her brain cancer has returned causing her to murder the elderly under her care.

The Killer Is Still Among Us (1986)


(Original Title: L'assassino è ancora tra noi) Loosely based on the crimes of the Italian serial killer known as "the Monster of Florence".

Born (2007)


Alison Brie is impregnated by Asmodeus; trouble soon follows.  

Sex, Secrets & Betrayals (2000)


A woman makes a deal with a mobster to trade her body to forgiver her husband's debts. Really it's just about Nikki Fritz having sex with everyone.  And that's just fine with me.

Magic Glasses (1987)


An Electric Blue flick about a secret government project gone awry which creates a pair of specs that can see thru clothes  [For a list of all the Electric Blue flicks covered on VZ1 check out the series page.]

Oct 9, 2022

Enemy Gold (1993)


Technically not an Andy Sidaris film; but it's by his son and is indistinguishable from his work (except perhaps that it's a little hornier, if that's possible to conceive).  [We've covered all of Sidaris' Triple B flicks on VZ1 - see the list at the bottom of this review.]

Junior (1985)


Not exactly the slasher film promised by the VHS cover. However it does feature a rapist-murderer redneck with mommy issues who terrorizes two women recently released from prison.

Terminal Choice (1985)


Doctors are betting on the survival of patients.  When an alcoholic physician is blamed for a death, he follows the clues (with the help of a "computer wiz") to this dastardly hospital gambling operation.

Deviation (1970)


I've become a huge fan of José Ramón Larraz; the more of his work I can find, the more I appreciate his brilliance. This one involves a couple stranded at the home of a brother-sister psychopaths who embalm their victims.

Fraulein Leather (1970)


A Nick Millard film starring early sexploitation all stars Lynn Harris, Barbara Mills, Anna Travers and Jane Tsentas. It's the usual Millard bit - with free jazz score and 1st person narration throughout.  However this one features much more explicit material than we're used to - with all four actresses providing unusually graphic content including unsimulated masturbation and cunilingus... so, it's got that going for it. 

Female Mercenaries 2: Mad Doctor on Zombie Island (2008)


The sequel to Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island (1995), a Tina Krause film presumably made at the same time as Rana, Queen of the Amazon (1994) as it featured the same cast and same swampy location.  For whatever reason they decided to make a sequel thirteen years later to a movie no one saw. Even more unusual, they decided to make the sequel a two hour opus!

The Maid Seduces the Tourists (1980)


(Original Tite: La cameriera seduce i villeggianti) The title is absolutely misleading.  Yes, there's a maid but figures into the story very little.  The plot involves a couple who owe a shopkeeper a lot of money.  In order to not lose their hotel, the couple decides independently to seduce the shopkeeper and his wife in order to avoid collection.  Madcap silliness ensues.

Sorceress (1974)


Lynn Stevens is a fortune teller who determines her customers' kinks to enable their fantasies to come true.  Things are going swimmingly until a murderer-rapist comes along.