Mar 31, 2022

The Hour of Fear (1986)


(Original Title: A Hora do Medo) Coffin Joe (José Mojica Marins) put the finishing touches on this demented film from Brazil.  A guy is haunted by his past (having to kill his abusive father as a boy), and subsequently can't dissociate sex from death.  His disturbed mother brings home women she's "rescued" to satisfy her son's bloodlust.

Mind Twister (1993)


An early Erotic Thriller by the one and only Fred Olen Ray, featuring faces of the seventies, Telly Savalas and Richard Roundtree.

The Horror Convention Massacre (2007)


A Cleveland horror convention is plagued by a real life horror - a homicidal maniac is loose in the convention center.

Rolls-Royce Baby (1975)


This is a particularly interesting Lina Romay film for a couple reasons. First, there doesn't seem to be any involvement from Jesús Franco, a rarity. Franco later hinted that he assisted Erwin C. Dietrich, but this is unlikely.  Second, this is Romay in her prime, allowed to just let her uninhibited nature run wild.  This lady is just naked and out there from the first frame to the last. Romay has done more explicit work, but nothing that really showcased her exhibitionist qualities quite so well.

Curse of the Cat Woman (1991)


Written and directed by John Leslie; it's a follow up to Cat Woman (1988) which is supposed to be one of the greatest adult films, but I haven't seen it yet.  So, there's this underground world consisting of cat people and hyena people (and maybe other human-animals I'm not aware of).  They hang out at clubs and look sexy and screw like... well, animals.

Easter Casket (2013)


Dustin MillsSkinless (2013) was okay, but it was interesting enough to warrant looking into some more of his films - especially considering the praise he gets from genre fans. This film presents the easter bunny as a demon waging war on the catholic church due to a ban on the pagan easter traditions. 

Skinless (2013)


(AKA The Ballad of Skinless Pete) A mad scientist uses his unorthodox cancer cure on himself, which turns him into a human-parasite hybrid.  Kinda like Cronenberg's The Fly... well, actually almost exactly like that movie.

Mar 26, 2022

Let's Do It! (1982)


A teen sex comedy about a guy that can't maintain an erection because he was breastfed too long.  

The Coroner (1999)


A defense attorney is abducted by the esteemed medical examiner.  When law enforcement refuses to help her, she takes justice into her own hands.

Nightbeast (1982)


Follow-up to the Baltimore cult classic The Alien Factor notable for the fact that J. J. Abrams worked on the film as a 16-year-old. 

Vacation Temptations (1972)


(Original Title: Blutjunge Masseusen) An Erwin C. Dietrich film with a ton of familiar faces in German sexploitation including Christa Free, Britt Corvin, Rena Bergen, Claudia Fielers, Elke Boltenhagen, Karin Götz, and Karin Hofmann. Should be considered a Schulmädchen-Report film as it has all the hallmarks: separate vignettes revolving around a pseudo documentary - this one involving sex themed travel destinations around the world.

Rebecca and the Black Masses (1997)


A strange and obscure film from Italy.  We don't really even know who the director really is - doubtful Conrad Jones is his real name.  And the actresses - are they Italian or Eastern European. Doubtful these are their real names either.  The story itself is a bit of a mystery as well.  I don't expect every film to make perfect, clear sense.  Like any art, it's often better when there's much left to interpretation.  However, here, it's confused turtles all the way down.

Insecticidal (2005)


A college student develops a spray which causes her insect collection to grow in size. The giant bugs wreak havoc upon the sorority house.

Chloroformed And Cloned Co-Ed (1998)


Believe it or not, I actually saw this back around 1999.  At the time I didn't know what the hell I was watching.  My trash movie skills were not as honed as they are today; I had no idea who Tina Krause was.  I just saw this in a stack of VHS tapes at a flea market.  It didn't have the cover above; in fact, it had only a plain white sleeve. Given the title, I was expecting something like Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers or Sorority Babes in the Slime Bowl-o-Rama. Instead, I get something that looks like a home video... like someone rented a camcorder and just filmed around their own shitty house.  Weirder still, it felt like a fetish film because Krause keeps getting abused. Again, you can believe it or not, but I threw the damn thing in the garbage.  Clearly not the sleaze connoisseur I am today.  But as awful as it was, I still remember it because it was so damn weird - and, to be truthful, felt a little unsettling.  Back then, I couldn't just look up Tina Krause on IMDb; it was more of a mystery, adding to the unsettling vibe which ultimately made it bound for the trashcan. 

Mar 24, 2022

Undercover Sex (2003)


Beverly Lynne-o-thon continues with this cop-goes-undercover-as-a-stripper movie.  There were a ton of these movies (Stripped to Kill is probably the most well known, but there were seemingly millions of others in the nineties; ex. The Lady in Blue (1996)). It was a genre unto itself, with slight variations to the trope: Dance with Death (1992) had a reporter undercover as a stripper, Undercover Heat (1995) had a cop going undercover as a whore, Deviant Obsession (2002) had a lawyer undercover as a stripper... and so on.  

Super Ninja Doll (2007)


Beverly Lynne-o-thon continues with this Fred Olen Ray flick featuring his usual troupe for a take on yet another genre. In the early 2000s, FOR used Lynne, Nguyen, Sheridan, Parent and others in his Retromedia productions to make softcore erotica based on a variety of genres including spy films, vampire flicks, westerns, and now Japanese tokusatsu. I mean, pornos had been spoofing mainstream media for decades; FOR just use the same philosophy for softcore. 

Personals II: (2001)


As we continue Beverly Lynne-o-thon, we have one of her first films, and it features the great Mia Zottoli and April Flowers as well.

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful (2004)


Beverly Lynne-o-thon continues with another Fred Olen Ray flick where Nicole Sheridan inherits a ghost town which contains a hidden silver mine. 

Mar 22, 2022

Voodoo Dollz (2008)


Beverly Lynne-o-thon continues with this Fred Olen Ray flick about a reform school led by practitioners of voodoo.

Haunting Desires (2004)


Continuing the Beverly Lynne-o-thon with this Fred Olen Ray vampire flick.

Emmanuelle vs. Dracula (2003)


Emmanuelle holds a bachelorette party which gets crashed by a sex crazed vampire. Soon all the bridesmaids are vampires as well - and it's up to Emmanuelle to fight the undead.

Twilight Vamps (2010)


Another Fred Olen Ray jam with his usual troupe including Brandin Rackley, Christine Nguyen and Beverly Lynne.

Bikini Royale (2008)


Fred Olen Ray flick featuring Beverly Lynne as a B.I.K.I.N.I. agent.  Fans of Lynne will definitely want to check this one out as Lynne is basically completely naked and getting pounded (well, poundee or pounder) throughout. I know what you're thinking - Lynne always gets naked in her films.  What's the big deal?  Yeah, um. all I can say is this one's special. I don't know if Lynne was feeling particularly carefree and loose, or FOR put a little something extra in that paycheck. Whatever the reason - day-umm the results are top shelf. 

Polycarp (2007)


This was retitled "Kinky Killers" which is much funner, but doesn't at all fit this boring, convoluted film which takes itself very seriously.

Babes 2: Lost in Beaver Creek (2002)


A twin sister goes missing.  In order to find her, they have hire a psychic and have lots and lots of sex.

Demon's Kiss (2002)


A woman with tremendous boobs is bitten by a jungle vampire.  Returning home to the states, she starts acting strange.

Jesse's Secret Desires (2006)


This Natasja Vermeer Emmanuelle series drives me a little bit crazy.  I understand that there have been a million Emmanuelle movies (under all manner of spelling), often not even tangentially connected to the OG series.  However, these are particularly frustrating because they are decent movies in and of themselves (at least as late night cable standards go), and the Vermeer bits are more-or-less just pasted in to give it the faux Emmanuelle connection.  In other words, remove the Vermeer cut-and-paste portions, and you have a solid movie completely independent of the titular character.  I'm not even really sure which came first - in this case, was this originally a stand-alone Beverly Lynne erotic thriller which then got the Vermeer parts added in for later DVD release?  Or maybe it was a simultaneous thing, as Lynne shares scenes with Vermeer and it looks like it was shot around the same time.  Who know, and I guess who really cares?  Let's have a look.

Mar 20, 2022

Blood Voyage (1976)


 Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship. The mate was a psychically scarred Vietnam vet, and the captain killed right away. Five passengers set sail that day for a trip to Hawaii. The murderer started killing folks, and the tiny ship was fucked. With the psychiatrist, his trophy wife, his stepdaughter with huge boobs, an Asian drug addict. Here on the Blood Voyage!

Midnight Intruders (1973)


A dark Gary Graver film which takes its sweet time, but then hits to gas and doesn't let up.  A woman is caught cheating - her husband kills the backdoor man, but that's just the beginning of her troubles.

Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002)


H.G. Lewis follows up his landmark Blood Feast (1963) with maximum camp.  Featuring the same old gore, but with a generous dose of silliness. 

Hookers in a Haunted House (1999)


This is one of those times where, if you know the title, then you know the entire plot.  There are hookers in a haunted house - that's all that's really going on here, but let's dive in anyway...

Cadaver Bay (2003)


Low energy horror flick about a girl who brings her sister back from the dead.

Mar 17, 2022

Dolls for Sale (1972)


(Original Title: Les ebranlées) This is an interesting find, and I must be missing something.  It's a Jesús Franco movie featuring his main players of the day: Howard VernonAnne LibertMontserrat Prous, and Kali Hansa. Yet, all I could find was this poor quality tape with very little information about it.  Perhaps there's a good quality version out there with a different title? Whatever the case, beggars can't be choosers and I had to take a look.

Vampire Vixens from Venus (1995)


A pretty fun campy sci-fi flick which really feels like it belongs in the eighties.  Three aliens land on earth, transform into hot women, and proceed to "drain" the human populace.  The only catch is - they can only drain when the humans are aroused, otherwise they derive no nutrients. Hey, I don't make the rules.

Toe Tags (2003)


Directed by and starring Darla Enlow; I'm always interested when there is a female director for horror movies - just because they're so underrepresented that it can be a refreshing take on the genre. Not to generalize, but they're still plenty sexy and even gory, but with a different tone than films directed by males (usually).  So, let's have a look at this Oklahoma based production made for $30K. 

Branded (2006)


Toe Tags (2003) by female director Darla Enlow was such a pleasant surprise, I had to check out another Enlow flick. Toe Tags was refreshing because, although it was plenty sleazy and gory, it didn't fall for any of the trappings of the time (i.e. overly edgy, self-aware, with lots of shitty faux grindhouse filters and shaky cam). It was just a straight-ahead low budget horror thriller, straight outta Oklahoma. So, let's give another Enlow film a go.

Bloodbath in the House of Knives (2010)


A low budget film which mimics the giallo style of old.  Maybe not achieving the giallo mojo, but points for trying.

Hot Vampire Nights (2000)


A vampire calls in to a late night radio show and describes her various sexual encounters.  Yeah, it's basically just four vampire sex scenes with 0.0 plot. Like, the lowest a temperature can go is 0 Kelvin.  The lowest a plot can go is Hot Vampire Nights.  We should rate all movies on the HVN scale.

Flesh for Olivia (2002)


Another William Hellfire jam, featuring the usual Factory 2000/ Seduction Cinema actresses: Misty Mundae, A.J. Khan,Zoe Moonshine, Julian Wells, and Ruby Larocca.  It's the story of a prostitute who is forced to commit various acts against women for the amusement of her pimp. 

Green River Killer (2005)


There have been some really well made movies of late dealing with serial killers.  The Clovehitch Killer (2018), Zodiac (2007), My Friend Dahmer (2017)... this isn't one of them; Green River Killer falls squarely in the exploitation genre, along the lines of The Hillside Strangler (2004).

Mar 13, 2022

Evil Sister 2 (2001)


Well, I really enjoyed Evil Sister (1996), but didn't think it was well-known enough to warrant a sequel - especially five years later. In fact, I thought it was more-or-less a lost film without even an IMDb entry until recently.  Whatever the case, they decided to make a sequel.  In this one, again we have the evil sister (hence the title), but she's not possessed by a satanic succubus - rather, she's tormented by her past.

Evil Sister (1996)


The title is quite literal: a sister comes out of the mental hospital and starts performing black magic and is possessed by a succubus. 

The Gore Gore Girls (1972)


Back when I ran a much more popular and less self-indulgent blog, I reviewed The Gore Gore Girls in the voice of Henry James.  Why have the noted literary giant from the 1800s review  a piece of crap B-movie? No idea; just felt like it.  So, here's the author of The Bostonians and The Turn of the Screw. graciously lending his skills with the written word to review the B movie classic, The Gore Gore Girls. Take it away, Henry!

The Bikini Escort Company (2006)


A Fred Olen Ray jam about three failing college co-eds who must complete one final project in order to graduate: take a worthless business and make it successful. But no prostitution. The 3 co-eds have a brilliant idea of reviving an old ramshackle car wash. So, yeah like Bikini Carwash Company, The (1992), Bikini Drive-In (1995), Bikini Bistro (1995) and a million other films.

Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters (2000)


Rolfe Kanefsky film about a couple who have a machine that gives the paraplegic wife different degrees of mind and body control of other people, allowing her to feel the sexual pleasure that women sleeping with her husband feel. It really picks up where Emmanuelle 7 (1993) left off (via the virtual reality device), and should be considered the first in this series, although it's often not listed as such.

Rana, Queen of the Amazon (1994)


Ultra-cheap jungle girl film featuring Tina Krause. 

Tight Spot (1996)


Gary Graver film based on the Orson Welles film Mr. Arkadin (1955). 

Graveyard of the Dead (2007)


(Original Title: El Retorno de los Templarios) A Spanish film obviously inspired by Amando de Ossorio's Blind Dead series. Templars rise from the dead and attack partiers.

Mar 11, 2022

Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin (1997)


A vampire hunter and occultist do-gooder called "The Monk" must fight three women who each possess a piece of the Hellstone.

The Devil's Bloody Playthings (2005)


William Hellfire film- and an important one in his catalog.  He's said it is his favorite, and an homage to the exploitation films of the late sixties and seventies.  It's also his only film to receive at least a little critical praise.  After years and years of wallowing in the depths of zero budget flicks (often mail order fetish), this was a chance to finally do something solid - and with a massive $5,000 budget, he got it done.