Aug 10, 2022

Maniac (1980)


The well-known and highly regarded serial killer movie by William Lustig starring Joe Spinell.  

Geteven (1993)


(AKA Champagne and Bullets and Road to Revenge) Sometimes cited as one of the worst movies ever made.  I'd have to agree that you rarely see a film with so many layers of bad: terrible soundtrack, awful acting, insanely stupid dialog, even stupider plot, and on it goes.  But it does have heart (and boobs), so let's have a look.

The Naked Beast (1971)


Director/Writer Emilio Vieyra, who gave us The Curious Dr. Humpp (1967) and Blood of the Virgins, uses a lot of the same cast in his films.  So, Susana Beltrán and Gloria Prat make a return in this Phantom of the Opera mystery thriller.

Pornô! (1981)


Another Ody Fraga film with the dream team assembled: David CardosoPatrícia ScalviMatilde Mastrangi, and Zélia Diniz, It's a three-part anthology - and of course all three stories deal with sex.

Pleasure So Deep (1979)


(Original Title: Ekstasen, Madchen und Millionen, AKA L'ultima pornomoglie) A mobster who runs a counterfeiting operation in the back of his funeral parlor has the unfortunate luck of having a cheating nympho wife and a similarly sexually active daughter. 

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011).jpg


I hated the original Killer Eye movie [The Killer Eye (1999)] - it had so much potential with the giant rapey eyeball.  But aside from an amazing shower scene from Nanette Bianchi there was nothing to see there.  But let's give Charles Band another shot.

Nathalie Après L'amour (1970)


(AKA Love Under Age) An 18 year old dumps her boyfriend for an older artist playboy.  Things are going well until she gets venereal disease.

MILF (2010)


Not sure if they're still at it, but The Asylum briefly seemed to resurrect the glorious teen sex comedies of the eighties.  Unfortunately, most of them seemed to just be derivative of American Pie and felt factory farmed.  But bravo for trying.  

Schulmädchen-Report 13 (1980)


We've covered the Schulmädchen-Report series 1-12, not to mention the legions of imitators, so it wouldn't be right to not finish the series out with the last one.  This one featuring Sylvia Engelmann and Katja Bienert.

Dear Sweet Niece (1977)


(Original Title: Cara dolce nipote) An Italian sex comedy about a widower who has his niece stay with him.  The trouble is she's the spitting image of his wife - and she absolutely drips with sexual energy.  What's an uncle to do?

5 Bed Bunnies on the Loose (1972)


(Original Title: Frühreife Betthäschen) This German film actually went through some legal trouble shortly after release, confiscated for being pornography.  It's actually just another Schulmädchen-Report - i.e. a series of sexual themed vignettes collected in the guise of some kind of "socially relevant experience report". 

Naked Sexual Inclination (1982)


(Original Title: Inclinación sexual al desnudo) A Spanish film which definitely lives up to its title with a ridiculous amount of nudity. Featuring the always amazing Carmen Serret.  The story revolves around four ladies who run a homemade erotic video business. 

Erotic Obsessions (2002)


Your quintessential erotic thriller - complete with voyeurism, a woman killed, sensual jazz scored sex , a billion plot holes and red herrings, gratuitous nudity, a useless detective, and an unsatisfying ending. Starring Griffin Drew.

Summer Camp Girls (1983)


Summer camp movies were certainly big in the early eighties; not exactly sure why.  Meatballs (1979) was a big hit, but they weren't all riding its success - there was something in the air that made us crave more summer camp flicks.  

The Hospital 2 (2015)


This is a pretty sick and twisted flick that wants to be The Devil's Rejects; a fair amount of nudity, but mostly overweight tatted-up women... so yeah, spoiler alert, not so good.

Hardgore (1975)


A nightmarish and surreal porn movie about a girl admitted to a mental hospital to cure her nymphonia. Unfortunately, the hospital is run by satanists.

Nudie Cuties 01


[From Peepland USA vol 290] Something Weird preserved a ton of these old loops.  Since VZ1 is all about sexploitation flicks, it doesn't seem right to pass over the ladies of coin-operated "movie booths" and the like. Although these aren't proper movies, and we have precious little information on them, they are still worth a look.

Fetus (2008)


A self-described piece of "ultra gore" about a man obsessed with resurrecting his wife who died in childbirth.

Lethal Weapons (1994)


An Electric Blue special which amounts to just spotlighting five British girls with big boobs.  Nothing more to it, and there's precious little information about it - in fact, it's not real clear what year this was released.  I'm going with 1994 but could be wrong.

Bound Tears (2006)


Another fetish film with a surprisingly decent budget and competent execution. Tourist girls are arrested under false charges and put to work in an emerald mine then sold at a white slave auction.

When the Girls Go Wild (1974)


(Original Title: Quand les filles se déchaînent, AKA Hot and Naked) Filmed in 1972 and not released until 1974. Featuring VZ1 fave Jacqueline Laurent.

Aug 5, 2022

#1 Cheerleader Camp (2010)


A teen sex comedy featuring that well-worn story of the ragtag underdogs beating the rich popular assholes.  In this film, a bunch of strippers enter a cheerleading competition. 

Love Brides of the Blood Mummy (1973)


(Original Title: El Secreto de la Momia Egipcia)  My understanding is there was only a "clean" version of this film released on video for years and years, with a "dirty" version recently restored.  I honestly don't even see how that could be the case since this entire movie is nothing but women being stripped and raped by a mummy.  You remove those scenes, and there's almost nothing left.

Truth or Dare A Critical Madness (1986)


This film is notable in that it seemed to be in every video store in the eighties (perhaps it was just the stark and lurid cover that captured attention), and a shout-out from Elijah Wood on a talkshow where he said this film made him into a lifelong horror fan. 

Assault and Rape on 69th Street (1991)


(Original title: Asalto y violación en la calle 69) A rape-revenge movie about employees of an adult video business who are held hostage and assaulted by a trio of criminals.  By Pablo Bellini who directed Gay, Deaf and Crazy (1991) (which also featured Silvia Peyrou), so you know it's going to be odd.

Each Time I Kill (2007)


Doris Wishman's last film with cameos from Linnea Quigley and Fred Schneider of the B-52's. What more do you need to know?

The Midnight Graduate (1970)


Uschi Digard is a girl down on her luck who falls in with a group of druggie call-girls.

Flesh Evil - Evil in the Flesh (2002)


(Original Title: Flesh evil - Il male nella carne) From Roger A. Fratter the director of She the Vampire (1998), Anabolyzer (2000) and Abraxas: Black Magic from the Darkness (2001), a very similar film. Evil has come to the town of Badmarin and it's up to a trio of telepaths to ward off its presence. (2000)


A slasher movie about a webcam house where the camgirls get murdered one by one.  I agree that this sounds promising, but the writer/director fumbles this one badly.

Fury on the Island (1978)


(Original Title: Furia en la Isla) An Argentine film about a curvaceous tour boat worker (played by the curvaceous Libertad Leblanc) who gets taken advantage of by a group of crooks.

Intrusion (1975)


One of the most disturbing films of the seventies.  Not just because of the content (home invasion-rape) but because of the bleak and effective execution.  

Borderline (1995)


A couple, both cheating on their spouses, sneak out for a getaway.  Unfortunately, their car breaks down across the Mexican border.  They end up in a small village where all the townsfolk are obsessed with sex.

Tunnel of Love (1987)


[From Electric Blue 47, US] The late Horace T. Blue's palatial estate Blue Heaven has been bequeathed to a carnival stripper named Bumper, much to the chagrin of her snobby cousins. They scheme to disgrace Bumper and keep the inheritance for themselves.

Amsterdam Paris Connection (1996)


A throwaway porno, but of interest perhaps for the setting - Amsterdam and Paris in the mid-nineties.

Take Me By Force (1978)


(Original Title: Prends-moi... de force!) A masked gunman terrorizes a tiny French village, raping pretty much every peasant woman around.  

Ben Dover in London (1994)


There were a series of these quirky Ben Dover films in the nineties (and I believe they continued onward but got hardcore).  The whole gist is Dover convinces a girl on the street to gradually show more and more, from stockings to knickers and so on.  Very amateur, but it does a good job of keeping up the pretense of authenticity despite the clear ridiculous nature of it all.  No attractive girl is going to strip naked for the camera and play with herself, right.... but then, that is exactly what's going on.  It's a bit "meta" in that we can be assured all the actresses in this film were paid peanuts, and so any scoffing at the unbelievably of it all is instantly countered by the very fact that these films exist. But enough of this, let's have a look.

The Flying Doctors (1996)


(Original Title: Porcone Volanti) An odd premise - two hot female doctors are also pilots for some reason. An Italian adult film featuring Sarah Young and Rossana Doll.

Attack of the 50 Foot CamGirl (2022)


Jim Wynorski is still at it in 2022 with a remake of sorts of Corman's Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold (1995)

The Voyeur and the Exhibitionist (1986)


A Jesús Franco quickie - a super simple film about a woman (Lina Romay) who learns she's being watched and subsequently lets loose her exhibitionist tendencies, putting on a show each night from her bedroom window.

Sexy Urban Legends: Skeletons in the Closet (2002)


Season 2 Episode 3 of Sexy Urban Legends: The two tales are "Switch" and "Cold Love"

Lolita Forever (1991)


Petra Scharbach, who we saw in Paprika from this same year, plays the titular character who mesmerizes a local playboy photographer.  There is literally no story here: just a guy who obsesses about Lolita; he fantasizes about her, then has sex with her.  A 1980s hair metal music video has more plot than this film.  So, there's not much to say about it, but let's walk through it anyway.

Russian Lolita (2007)


(Original Title: Русская Лолита, AKA Russkaya Lolita) Another Lolita movie, this one at least is Russian; although I'm not sure how fondly Nabokov would look upon this adaptation. 

Erotic Adventures of Lolita (1982)


Absurdly sleazy and "wrong"; the story of two school girls having a sexual awakening.  Thankfully the film is crystal clear at the start and end that everyone's an adult. Aside from pigtails, no one looks particularly young but it's nice to have that assurance given the wildly inappropriate subject matter. Why even bother watching? If you're covering sexploitation films, you're going to have to hit the Lolita films of which there are legions. Rock bottom seems a good place to start.

Jul 29, 2022

In the Sign of the Taurus (1974)


(Original Title: I Tyrens tegn) It's with a heavy heart that we bring you the very last of the Astrology series.  The other films in the series: Under the Sign of the Virgin (1973) AKA Danish Pastries, In the Sign of the Gemini (1975), In the Sign of the Lion (1976), Agent 69 in the Sign of Scorpio (1977) and Agent 69 Jensen in the Sign of Sagittarius (1978).

Night Bird (1977)


Basically a Saturday Night Fever porno.  For those that were around, you'll recall that seemingly every film from '77 through the end of the decade was riding the Saturday Night Fever gravy train. But Night Bird isn't just a gimmicky cash grab - the film does try to be "its own thing" and really has heart. 

Spring Break Massacre (2008)


Your standard self-aware slasher.  Exceptional in that I don't think I have ever seen a movie start out fine and shit the bed so spectacularly. 

Secret Sex Club (2003)


A widower mourns the loss of his life, then is visited by her ghost and a series of ghosts who inhabit an other worldly sex club.

Timeless Obsession (1996)


A romance novelist who's trying to be faithful for once in his life becomes obsessed with an old painting of a woman.  It turns out, the painting holds the answer to his infidelity, with origins in another lifetime. Featuring Jennifer Behr, so you know it's worth a look.

Abraxas: Black Magic from the Darkness (2001)


(Original Title: Abraxas - Riti segreti dall'oltretomba) Women of Tuscany beware. A cult of Mephistopheles are using them for ritual sacrifices. It's up to a trio of paranormal investigators to eradicate this supernatural evil.

Very Close Encounters (1987)


[From Electric Blue #46] A beautiful coed turns out to be a visitor from another galaxy. She assists two hapless students in a collegiate science fair, but a conniving competitor has other plans.