Aug 31, 2021

Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (1990)


Flesh Gordon (1974) was such a banger, and generated such a cult following that it's crazy to me that it took sixteen years to make a sequel. This movie is trashed and shat upon far and wide.  Let's see if it deserves such scorn.

Raquel's Motel (1970)


Uschi runs a motel and engages in various acts of sexual tomfoolery.  Uschi's great as always, but I've become a big fan of Nora Wieternik as I've uncovered more of these early sexploitation flicks. 

I, Gilda (1989)


A mob guy obsessed with Rita Hayworth falls for one of the strippers at his nightclub.  His association with a certain snuff film business gets him and others in a bit of trouble.  Featuring the great Valentine Demy.

Tropic of Passion (1973)

An early Bob Chinn - John Holmes porno worth watching because it features the two great Sandys of early sexploitation: Sandy Dempsey and Sandy Carey.

Aug 29, 2021

Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968)


Russ Meyer film about a strip joint that gets taken over by two crooks.

Wicked Temptations (2002)


(AKA Sex Secrets and Lies 2) Your standard Skinamax erotic thriller - basically taking Raymond Chandler-film noir and removing any speck of originality and using it as a template to piece together random sex scenes.  Hey - it worked well for a number or years on late-night cable, so why fix what ain't broke?

Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979)


David Sullivan made this picture as a vehicle for his main squeeze, Mary Millington - RIP.  A disjointed affair, but stacked with nude British babes.

Aliens Gone Wild (2007)


Technically part of the Sex Files series, of which we've covered a few.  In this episode, the femaliens have come to earth to harness sexual energy which they beam back to their spaceships.

Aug 26, 2021

Wam Bam Thank You Spaceman (1975)


A campy and sleazy sci-fi flick about a couple aliens who arrive on planet earth for Operation Procreation - i.e. to screw a bunch of hot earth girls.

Our Neighbor's Lively Sex Games (1978)


(Original Title: Die Munteren Sexspiele Unserer Nachbarn) A German sex comedy with essentially no plot, but a whole lotta sexual shenanigans going on in one building.

In the Cold of the Night (1990)


An erotic thriller about a dude who keeps having nightmares about killing a mysterious woman - whom he soon meets and falls in love with.

Aug 21, 2021

Flesh Gordon (1974)


One of the most well-known x-rated films from the early seventies.  There were a bunch of other sci-fi themed adult films (many covered on VZ1), but this stands out thanks to future f/x gurus like Rick Baker making this look way beyond its $400K budget (which was still pretty substantial for the times). 

Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac (1973)


A Jesús Franco film about the mystery surrounding the death of a girl whose life had spun out of control.  Starring Montserrat Prous, in my mind, possibly the sexiest Spanish starlet of the day.

Fugitive Girls (1974)


(AKA Five Loose Women) An Ed Wood Jr. jam about four female fugitives (Margie Lanier, Rene Bond, Tallie Cochrane, Donna Young) on the run from the law.

Love Web (1988)


(Original Title: Intrigo d'Amore) An Italian film about three wives whose marriages have grown stale.  They decide to spice things up by having some saucy pictures taken, which turns out to be a bad idea.

Aug 20, 2021

Not Now Darling (1973)


A cheeky British sex comedy with the gorgeous Julie Ege.  It's adapted from a stage play, and feels like it (as basically all the action takes place in one room).  Just imagine an episode of Are You Being Served? but with boobs.

Dr. Sex (1964)


A nudie cutie penned by Wayne "Trapper John" Rogers?  This I have to see.  Especially after Rogers' other film, The Astro-Zombies (1968) - I mean, c'mon man. What are we waiting for?

A Good Time With A Bad Girl (1967)


Barry Mahon film about a rich businessman who has a wild night with a high school dropout on the Vegas strip.

Train Station Pickups (1979)


(Original Title: Die Schulmädchen vom Treffpunkt Zoo) A film depicting the bleak and degenerate lives of Berlin students in their last year of school. 

Pleasure House (1989)


Also released as a sequel to Dirty Love (1988), another Valentine Demy banger, but really no relation to that story.

Aug 15, 2021

The Mad Butcher (1971)


(Original Title: Lo strangolatore di Vienna) Re-released as Meat is Meat and The Mad Butcher. Victor Buono is a recently released patient from an asylum who returns to his old job as a butcher and starts substituting pork with another kind of meat for his sausages. 

The Scavengers (1969)


A Lee Frost film written by Bob Cresse, and featuring Uschi and Maria Lease - so, this has to be watched. It's a story about a Confederate troop who refuses to believe the Civil War is over, and they wreak havoc on a small town.

Private School Girls (1972)


(Original Title: Gefährlicher Sex frühreifer Mädchen, AKA Gipfelglück im Dirndlrock)  I love how, when these German films were marketed for US audiences, they were careful to remove any clue this was a European production. This is a fairly nonsensical story of a caretaker accused of molesting the students.  It begins with a courtroom trial, then meanders into all manner of irrelevant (but sexual) stories.

The Beautiful Prisoner (1983)


(Original title: La Belle Captive) A surrealist French film in the fullest sense of the word - finding its inspiration from René Magritte paintings. A man finds a woman badly injured in the middle of the road.  He rescues her and then is sent on a surrealistic mindfuck that either means the girl is a vampire or this was all a dream... or maybe both? Who knows.

Aug 14, 2021

The Young Seducers 2 (1972)


(Original Title: Blutjunge Verführerinnen 2) A sequel to the The Young Seducers (1971) really in name only - with the only overlap being a spastic dance in the nude courtesy Ingrid Steeger. It's another Schulmädchen-Report film, of which there seems to be no end to (thankfully).

Mother Knows Best (1971)


A cheap softcore flick featuring Candy Samples, Bambi Allen and Suzanne Fields.  A prostitute mother trains her daughter in the profession as they make a trip to Hollywood.

Tomboy (1985)


The eighties-ness is strong with this one. Featuring stone cold fox Betsy Russell, a healthy amount of gratuitous nudity, insane looking race cars, jaunty keyboard tunes, and much more. 

Teenage Tramp (1973)


Alisha Fontaine was amazing in French Quarter (1978) so wanted to check out more of her work. Here we have yet another movie where hippies take over an upper class suburban home.  Other examples include The Takers (1971). The Wild Riders (1971) and Teenage Jail Bait (1973). 

Dirty Love (1988)

 A Joe D'Amato film starring Valentine Demy about a girl who leaves her small town to become a dancer in the big city.  The title makes you think Dirty Dancing, but it's really more Fame and Flashdance.

Raw Weekend (1963)


A nudist film about a movie crew who happens upon two naked chicks.  The rest of the movie is basically just watching them cavort around their cabin in the buff, as the camera dilligently tries to avoid catching pubic hair on film.

Fantom Kiler 3 (2003)


Not much more to say about these Polish Fantom Kiler movies (read reviews of parts 1 and 2 for background). But we may as well finish with the third - especially since the gorgeous Eliza Borecka is in this one.  So, here goes.

Fantom Kiler 2 (1999)


I was so surprised to not hate Fantom Kiler 1 (1998) that going in with such low expectations resulted in a thumbs-up.  As I mentioned, it really had that 1970s-80s erotic fumetti vibe; over-the-top sex and violence to a campy degree.  Plus, it actually seemed creatively shot - not like your standard standard straight-to-streaming turd. And lastly, it featured Eastern European foxes - another upgrade from the tatted, overweight strippers you find in comparable US films.  So, let's see if part two jumps the shark or keeps the dream alive.

Aug 13, 2021

Scandalous Photos (1979)


A French film about a couple who blackmail a wealthy businessman with compromising photographs of his daughter and the daughters of his business partners.

East of West (1984)


Original Title: Al este del oeste) It was only a matter of time before Ozores and Esteso teamed up for a Western parody. Supposedly, this is one of Esteso's favorites.

Ninotschka Also Takes Off Her Panties (1973)


(Original Title: Auch Ninotschka zieht ihr Höschen aus) The titular character is a reference to the 1969 Greta Garbo film Ninotschka, but otherwise not a whole lot of overlap between the film.  This is a Bavarian sex comedy - thus lots of Benny Hill level risque humor with lots o' nudity.

Fantom Kiler (1998)


A completely tasteless horror film from Poland that spawned a few sequels.  I think the reason it gets some notoriety is due to two things: (1) an actual talent behind the camera, with some rather artful and inventive shots, and (2) insanely gorgeous Eastern European ladies.  Things get interesting (and problematic) when those two things are combined with gratuitous violence against women.  Without 1 and 2, this just becomes forgotten like so many straight-to-streaming gore-fests featuring fat tattooed stripper victims filmed by talentless hacks on their stolen iPhone. 

Aug 8, 2021

French Quarter (1978)


The same year Pretty Baby was released, another film premiered which also featured a turn of the century New Orleans brothel. This one has the added element of dual stories - one taking place in the present day.  This reincarnation/past-life bullshit was big in the late seventies. 

Horror and Ecstasy (1979)


(Original Title: Terror e Êxtase) A violent Brazilian film about a rich girl who gets with a poor criminal from the favela as an act of rebellion against her adulteress stepmother.  It's a decision she soon regrets.

Justine and Juliette (1975)

Directed by Mac Ahlberg who went on to become a highly successful cinematographer with projects as varied as Re-Animator and The Wonder Years to his credit. Starring the always stunning Marie Forså, it's the story (ultra loosely based on a de Sade novel) of two sisters of polar opposite dispositions who find themselves in various sexual adventures.

Dropouts (1973)

A cheaply made early porno about a butler and maid who try to help their master graduate so they can keep their jobs, and steal his money. Starring Tina Smith and Suzanne Fields.

Wild Hippie Orgy (1967)


Originally released as a double-bill for Psychedelic Sex Kicks (1967), a "documentary" about a bunch of naked unattractive hippies taking drugs and doing stupid hippie things..

Aug 7, 2021

Daughters of Lesbos (1968)


We've watched two of Peter Woodcock's Trilogy of Sleaze [Return of the Secret Society (1968) and Monique, My Love (1969)] and now it's time to wrap it up.  

Night Has a Thousand Desires (1984)


It seems like we've covered a lot of Jesús Franco movies (with 39 so far), but the dude has over 200 director credits, so we have a ways to go, thankfully, until we reach the end.  In this film, Romay is hypnotized into killing.  Yeah, it sounds like a spoiler (it's not revealed until the end) but you definitely know from the beginning what's going on here.

Palácio de Vênus (1980)


Another Ody Fraga film from Brazil in which we follow the goings on in a brothel where things get out of sorts when the whores demand more money and one of their daughters comes to stay.

Motel Confidential (1967)


It seems nothing currently on IMDb about this film is correct.  The date is 1967 not '69, and half the cast is misidentified or not identified at all.  It features the great Helena Clayton (who's also not listed among the IMDb credits) in an ensemble cast - following the amorous adventures of the various customers at the Quickie Motel.

Fandango (1970)


Another John Hayes film - a writer/director I've learned to respect in the world of exploitation filmmaking. This one is a Western about a group of coal miners getting their rocks off at the local saloon brothel when things take a violent turn.

Judy's Little No-No (1969)


A silly caper movie about a stripper who gets caught up with the Cuban mafia over a jewel; a studly beach bum comes to her rescue and madcap adventure ensues. 

Magic Potion (1972)


Three old men imbibe a potion which makes them young and able to have sex again.  They're able to pleasure three young ladies before returning to their elderly selves again. Featuring an entire cast of absolutely anonymous nobodies.

Aug 6, 2021

Blood Sabbath (1972)


A surreal satansploitation film starring Luke from General Hospital and Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS.  Plus a bunch of sexploitation starlets of the time (Terri Johnson, Kathy Hilton) as nude witches.

Return of the Secret Society (1968)


comes this film (which I suspect was actually made at the same time). Peter Woodcock, made a trilogy of trash, three sleazy B&W films packed with full frontal nudity (see Monique, My Love) - all with basically the same cast - and I suspect made at the same time.  We've seen Woodcock's

Monique, My Love (1969)


A woman uses the sexual experiences of her roommate, Monique, as the basis for her novel.  Featuring some of the best nudity ever provided by the one and only Maria Lease.