Feb 28, 2021

Sex Files: Alien Erotica II (2000)


Sequel to Sex Files: Alien Erotica (1998) and written by the one and only Rolfe Kanefsky.  The saga of the arousal triggering space fungus continues.

Moonshine Girls (1974)


A hicksploitation porno about the three daughters of a moonshiner and the authorities that want to arrest them.

Furburgers (Home of the Box Lunch) (1987)


In the tradition of Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (1978), Buford's Beach Bunnies (1993) and Bikini Bistro (1995) the story centers around a restaurant with scantily clad waitresses.

Farmer's Daughters (1986)


(AKA Farmer's Daughters: The Movie) Not to be confused with the fairly well known 1976 film by the same name, this is a very eighties rendition on the hicksploitation genre.... meaning the seedy, grimy sheen of the seventies is long gone in favor of big hair and white pumps.

Feb 27, 2021

The Lucifers (1971)


Satan has come to claim the souls of those who desperately want to get laid. 

Hot Circuit (1972)


From the great Rialto Report article on the film: In the early 1970s, a pioneering adult film with a gimmick made headlines and profits, and was the subject of a high profile prosecution. No, not Deep Throat. We’re referring to a film that was released a full six months before ‘Deep Throat’ – called Hot Circuit. Hot Circuit was an interesting and imaginative effort that avoided many of the tired conventions that would plague later sex films. It wasn’t sleazy and didn’t feature any recognizable porn stars. It had a spirit and spontaneity that suggested it was made by a group of hippies fresh from a weekend at Woodstock. Despite its seeming innocence however, within months of its release, it was being prosecuted in Washington D.C. and its filmmakers faced jail sentences and fines.

The Pimps (1981)


(Original Title: Los chulos) Another Pajares-Esteso production - that means an imaginative plot with lots of naked actresses.  This one has Esteso as a pimp and Pajares as his enemy, a pious ex-seminarian.  Featuring Jenny Llada in one her best roles.

Los energéticos (1979)


A Pajares y Esteso production, one of the many brilliant sex comedies created by this duo, always accompanied by Antonio Ozores and a bevy of naked actresses.

La noche viene movida (1980)


An Argentinian sex comedy featuring your usual "Three's Company" style mix-up and comedy-of-errors.  Featuring many familiar names of the genre including Susana Traverso, Ethel Rojo, Nadiuska, and Tristán.

Deep Sleep (1972)


Directed by Alfred Sole who would do Alice Sweet Alice a few years later.  He shot it in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey using a cast and crew made up of friends and family members.  From articles on the subject: This meant that the local lawyer, banker, policeman, high school teachers, funeral home director, the mayor’s wife, even Alfred’s wife and his mother were part of the film-making group. It seemed like everyone in Paterson knew someone who was involved in the making of ‘Deep Sleep’. And so predictably when it came out it was a smash hit in New Jersey, with long lines of people breaking box office records trying to get into the theaters to see it. It was pulled from theaters on charges that it was obscene, and all the prints were confiscated. It became one of the most notorious prosecutions of an adult film in American history.

Experto en ortología (1991)


It's been a while since we've done a Tristán movie - and I need another fix.  This guy is, in my humble opinion, one of the best comedic actors ever.  However, by 1991 his glory days were behind him, and the golden age of the Jorge Porcel-Alberto Olmedo films distant in the rearview mirror. So, here we are with an ultra-low-budget film that consists of not much more than a parade of women getting undressed for their medical exams.  

Hard times for Dracula (1976)


(Original Title: Tiempos duros para Drácula) A Spanish-Argentinian collaboration about a down-on-his-luck vampire.

Feb 26, 2021

The Six Women of Adam (1982)


(Original Title: As Seis Mulheres de Adão) Six ladies who have felt used by a playboy gather to reminisce and scheme for revenge.

Cute But Ordinary (1981)


(Original Title: Bonitinha Mas Ordinária) A Brazilian film adaptation of a play about a guy who is paid to marry a girl who was raped by five black guys.

The Temptress (1980)


(Original Title: Las tentadoras) Directed by Rafael Portillo, the man that gave us Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964) and The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy (1958). With Las Tentadoras, he delivers a standard fichera movie with your usual troupe of actors.

Feb 25, 2021

The Milkman's Girlfriends (1989)


(Original Title: Las novias del lechero) In the grand tradition of The Amorous Milkman (1975) we meet the silly milkman and his various female customers.

Too Naughty to Say No (1985)


A parochial school girl has a series of bizarre adventures involving a satanic flasher, a necrophiliac undertaker, a sex maniac, etc. Starring Angel and Ginger Lynn.

Feb 24, 2021

Sweet and Naughty (1984)


You can keep your Ingmar Bergman Criterion Collection; I'll take the Nikki Charm Collection instead. This chick was so incredibly "eighties" - she came to fame right in the middle of the decade when the hair and fashions got really loud, and she captured that vibe perfectly.  Of course, things didn't go so well for Charm in the next decade, but the mid to late eighties were all hers, and this is where it started - her first film.

The Thieves (1989)


(Original Title: Los rateros) A Mexican comedy starring the usual gang about three losers who turn to crime and get wrapped up in a drug cartel enterprise by accident.  

Feb 22, 2021

The Loving Ones (1979)

 (Original Title: Las cariñosas)  We've done so many Mexican sex comedies or "ficheras" which feature talent from the same pool of twenty or thirty actors (Zayas, Montenegro, Inclán, Chain, Silva, etc.). I've always been under the impression that La Pulqueria (1981) was the Grand Poobah of them all, but here we are in 1979 with an earlier example. Bellas de noche is officially considered the first, but Las cariñosas is cited as the one that really launched the Mexican sex comedy genre that we know and love which produced an endless number of films throughout the eighties.

Feb 21, 2021



What is this site about? Why would anyone screencap and synopsize thousands of sleazy movies?  It's all right here.  


I watch a movie - typically of a sleazy and obscure variety - post screen captures and provide a "walkthrough" or synopsis of the film, ending with a brief review and star rating. Spoiler alerts apply to every single film, as the summary goes from start to finish. 


I spent a lot of time in the eighties going to video stores looking for any exploitation film I could find.  It was often a scavenger hunt; you'd try several mom-and-pop video stores until you came home with something like Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) or The Kill (1968).  It wasn't an obsession or anything like that; just something I'd do after work living in San Bernardino. 

For several years during college and early years of marriage and having kids, I sort of forgot about these sleazy cult movies.  Then I got the Psychotronic Video Guide by Michael Weldon, and it all came rushing back. Even before the eighties video store, there was the late-night movie, the drive-in, etc. So many films - an uncountable supply - had been released, and seemingly forgotten or at least only appreciated by niche groups. If only we could watch them again...

Then Netflix came along which made many of these long lost films available.  Even something like Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971), which is not exactly an obscure underground film, wasn't going to be at your local Blockbuster (which had, by this time swallowed up most mom and pop video stores).  But you could find it with a couple clicks on Netflix.  Subsequently, you started to see podcasts like Junk Food Dinner spring up which were able to share the trash cinema love - and, of course, there were an endless amount of blogs on cult films.  And, finally, torrents have made anything and everything ever released available.


Now that everything and everything is available, I suddenly find myself like a kid in a candy store. I mean, you could spend the next several years just exploring Brazilian sexploitation films and not reach the bottom of the well. I feel the need to watch as many as I can; it's sort of a bucket list thing.  I spend my day working my ass off, doing what other people want me to do, so in the evening I like to do what I want to do. And for the last few years, that's been watching trashy movies. 

So, I could watch a few thousand of these, keep it to myself and call it a day.  Or, I could do like a lot of folks and have some kind of record of watching them (Letterboxd seems like the current way to do this). However - and this is probably the biggest point of all my blabbering about this - I actually don't care about the reviews. You know the saying - opinions are like assholes, yada yada.  It's my least favorite part of every movie walkthrough on VZ1 - the last bit, the review, feels like a pointless chore.  What I want to preserve isn't my feelings about a film (because who gives a shit) - it's the memory of the film.  The Psychotronic Video Guide didn't waste too much time on Weldon's hot take on a given movie; it was more about who was in it, some neat facts, and just an overall "hey, this movie existed, isn't that amazing?"  Thus, if I'm going to memorialize each film, the best way is with lots of pictures, and a synopsis that gives a good picture of what it was all about.  And so that's where we are.


Yeah, kinda.  I'm generally not going to even look at a film unless it has some degree of T&A. It's largely sexploitation films. Indeed, the nudity and sex is often the focus of many of these walkthroughs.  

So, what's up with that?  If I'm going to preserve the memories of these films, the nude scenes, in my book, are an important part - often the most important part (especially if it's a sexploitation film).  You don't post a pictorial review of Just One of the Guys (1985) and not include that iconic image of Joyce Hyser showing her boobs. That would be criminal.  And by the same token, you don't talk about Wheeler (1975) and not mention a naked Linnea Quigley getting beer poured on her and having to hump a dead guy.  Them's the rules.

Subsequently, we have a pretty good record of who's naked in these films.  We're not Mr. Skin or anything, but like The Psychotronic Video Guide, a lot of effort is put into determining who's who.  Again, if we're preserving the memory of these films, it just makes sense to dutifully include who is in it.


If you've managed to trudge your way through this text so far, you can see that monetizing or even publicizing this site is of zero interest.  I don't go to other similar sites or Facebook groups and try to get people to visit VZ1.  It's truly a labor of love, and I'd do it if no one visited at all. But we do currently get about 5,000 visits per day - which isn't huge. Over a million views overall. 

I'd love to see more comments, as they are often interesting tidbits about the films.  However, I understand this isn't a format like other social media which inspires conversation.  I initially was not keen on going with a blog for that reason - and going instead with Facebook, Tumblr, etc.  But a blog seemed to fit what I'm doing the best. 


To really pull back the curtain - I have a job which requires travel.  So, I'm away from home for most of the work week.  I could sit in the hotel and watch Family Guy reruns or turn on Seduced by the Demon (1978). I choose the latter. I'll often watch several in an evening and schedule them to be published at times throughout the week. 

I actually have a full life, with a family and enjoy camping.  I live right near a mountain with beautiful trails.  But when most Americans settle down to have their brain melted by cable news or reality TV, I click on Bikini Hoe-Down (1997) instead - and I think I'm better for it. 


Nope.  This is a labor of love and all, but I'm sorry, I don't consider this important enough to make it like work. This isn't a scholarly journal, it isn't something I'm providing for work, or anything I'm being paid for, or even anything that would impact anyone's life in any way... so why should I spend time making this process into a chore?

That being said, I do cringe when I go back and read and there are glaring errors - I'll use "their" when I should have used "they're", "who's" when I should have used "whose", etc. But it's still not worth the effort to polish it up.  


Blood Games (1990) gets ten out of ten stars.  Is it really as good as The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather?  Yes. In fact Blood Games is better than those movies... but on a different scale.  Let me put it another way: Michael Jordan gets only 1 out of 10 stars if I'm rating on figure skating. Ratings and reviews are so ridiculously subjective, it doesn't matter much anyway - but at least have an appropriate context to make the ratings make sense. 

Thus, when I'm assigning stars to a VZ1 film, I'm looking at raw entertainment value and level of trashiness. Deductions for anything remotely boring, or missed opportunities for gratuitous nudity. For instance, if your film includes fun and/or trashy items like a scene with a video arcade or a nude satanic ritual, then points are added.  So, for instance, the Mexican film Narcosatanicos diabolicos (1991) is obviously total garbage when viewed against No Country for Old Men when on a broad IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes scale.  However, on a VZ1 scale, it excels thanks to its fun satansploitation elements, plentiful nudity. Plus it has Tun-Tun, big eighties hair, acid washed fashions, explosions, upskirts, bad music, violence... you get the picture. 


This is like walking into a mom-and-pop video store in, say, 1984.  Yeah, there's a copy of Texas Chainsaw and Superfly on the shelf, But we've seen those a million times, and, besides, they really don't fulfill our aforementioned T&A requirements. But what about that tattered box on the bottom shelf titled The Passion Pit (1969)?... What delights might that hold instead? It could be the greatest, sleaziest movie ever made.  Let's give it a shot instead of the well trodden cult films. 

This also is why I spend so much time exploring films from non English speaking countries.  I mean, if you are into trashy films, you are really missing out by limiting yourself to just American and dubbed European films.  Lately, we've been exploring Brazilian films and there have been some real bangers that I'm so thankful that I found.  How unfortunate for a sleaze cinema connoisseur to have never seen an Argentinian Tristán film, or not know Berta Cabré or Zerrin Egeliler


Admittedly, I'm a little late to the game when it comes to recognizing that pornos are worth a look.  Not modern pornos, which seem to not even try anymore to be like a "real movie". In contrast, how can you look at Pro-Ball Cheerleaders (1979) or Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (1978) and say that doesn't fit with the VZ1 repertoire?.. Just because it goes all the way, doesn't negate the other elements which fit right in with exploitation cinema.  In other words, penetration is not an automatic disqualification on VZ1.  

And I'll just add that I considered not looking at films from the 2000s - of any genre. It seems like we should stick to films from maybe the sixties through nineties, right?  But we'd miss out on some worthy films that shouldn't be excluded just because of the number in parentheses after the title.  We'd miss out on Slink (2013) and The Halfway House (2004).  And time flies - Barely Legal (2011) is a decade old - not exactly on the "New Releases" shelf.


I considered it; it makes sense.  But it seems like something I'd have to keep up with and may actually get in trouble for.  So, the cons outweigh the pros at this point. 

And so... I guess now I'd like to invite anyone with a comment, request, idea or anything to post it here. Maybe of the 5K of you who visit per day, we'll get a little feedback over time (as I plan to leave this as the "About VZ1" page for a while). Cheers.

The Whore's Son (1981)


(Original Title: O Filho da Prostituta) A Brazilian action-drama where a rich man's household is taken over by a pretender.  Lots of violence and gratuitous nudity ensues.

Profissão Mulher (1983)


(Translation: Professional Woman) A Brazilian film about women women who work for an advertising agency.  You might be tempted to think this is just a forgettable sex-drama; however, you can see from the movie poster depicting a psycho putting lipstick on a doll, this isn't your ordinary sex romp.

Elite Devassa (1984)


(Translation: Elite Wanton) A pretentious and boring erotic thriller from Brazil.  The only reason anyone watched it then or is watching it now is because of the extensive nude scene from Aldine Muller.  This was after a decade of being one of the sexiest ladies in cinema and right before a long successful career on TV - so an in-between stage were Muller evidently decided the route to go was graphic sex and nudity.  It didn't pan out, but at least made this sorry film notable in that regard.

Feb 20, 2021

Seduced by the Demon (1978)


(Original Title: Seduzidas Pelo Demônio)  One of the best bad movies I've seen in a long time - possibly ever.  That's quite a statement when you see how many bad movies we've covered on this site.  It's a Brazilian satansploitation flick where events surrounding a murder are presented in court. 

The Artisan of Women (1978)


(Original Title: O Artesão de Mulheres) There have been a number of Casanova masseuse movies over the years [Carnal Desires (1999). Totally Exposed (1991), The Sex Substitute (2003)], and this may be the grand poobah.  

Caligula's Daughter (1981)


(Original Title: A Filha de Calígula) The Bob Guccione Caligula movie was released a couple years before this, so probably this Brazilian flick was capitalizing on that.  Whatever the case, it's a pretty cheap-o production but maybe worth a look for its sheer oddness.

Liberated Women (1982)


(Original Title: Mulheres Liberadas) A three part anthology featuring three well-known actresses in Brazilian sex cinema: Ana Maria KreislerRossana Ghessa and Tania Moraes.

Massage for Men (1983)


(Original Title: Massagem for Men) Has there ever been a movie more misrepresented by its title and movie poster than this Brazilian film?  It's about a demented doctor who murders blondes.  It's a dark and troubling movie, with no massages to speak of.

Love, Word Prostitute (1982)


(Original Title: Amor, palavra prostituta)  The director Reichenbach refuses to allow the uncut version to be shown, which of course only makes this more intriguing (given that it's already pretty explicit).  The film is a deep reflection on class, humanity, etc. which you could spend all day discussing.  This is VZ1, so we won't go into all that, and focus instead on the sleazy exploitative elements.

Reverse Sex (1982)


(Original Title: Sexo às Avessas) One of the wildest movies I've seen in a long while.  It's a Brazilian comedy where the gender roles are reversed. It's a world where the women wear the pants in the family and the men stay at home.  The problem is (as I'll discuss more later) instead of being a groundbreaking film, it actually becomes more sexist.  For example, we're supposed to laugh as the men, now "housewives", are weak, gossipy biddies... Is that the way women really are?  We're supposed to laugh as the women, now the breadwinners, are abusive assholes... Is that the way men really are?  It swaps genders and then exaggerates the bad stereotypes. The film is also notable in that Ana Maria Kreisler, a VZ1 Hall of Famer, is fully naked a ton - like the whole film.  So, it's got that going for it.

Feb 19, 2021

The Sex Swindlers (1982)


(Original Title: As Vigaristas do Sexo) Three girls go the big city and wind up linked with a down-on-his-luck casino owner.  They collaborate to attract millionaires and thereby earn a fast ticket to wealth.

The Peephole of Love (1982)


(Original Title: O Olho Mágico do Amor) Not at all the sex film portrayed by the poster.  This is a quirky surreal film.  On the surface, it's about a girl who finds a peephole in her office to a hotel room where a prostitute services a succession of weirdos.  However, there are much deeper meanings below the surface.

The Bacchanal Night (1981)


(Original Title: A Noite dos Bacanais) A Brazilian flick which looks to be just your average sex drama, but things escalate. Featuring biker gang rapes, test tube baby technology, orgies, erotic medical exams, and much more.

Os Rapazes das Calçadas (1981)


The title translates to "The Boys on the Sidewalks" and is about male prostitution.  However, there are plenty of naked ladies in this odd Brazilian flick, erasing any notion this is strictly a gay film. It's a slice of life in the Rio de Janeiro underworld.

Feb 18, 2021

Nymphets of Wild Sex (1983)


(Original Title: Ninfetas do Sexo Selvagem) Absolutely nonsensical Brazilian garbage about two girls stranded on an island.  On the other side of the island there seems to be a completely unrelated Sword & Sandal movie.

The Prisoner of Sex (1978)


(Original Title: O Prisioneiro do Sexo) A Brazilian film about a pervy old man who isn't satisfied with just his young hot wife.  No. He has to have more, and fucks everything up.

Beloved Lover (1978)


(Original Title: Amada Amante) A family from a small town outside São Paulo move to Rio de Janeiro where their world is turned upside down by the city's open and overt sexuality.

The Taste of Sin (1980)


(Original Title: O Gosto do Pecado) A Brazilian film about a businessman who gets tired of his marriage, starts playing the field and falls in love with his secretary.

The Pleasure of Sex (1982)


(Original Title: O Prazer Do Sexo) A Brazilian film about two guys accustomed to the playboy lifestyle learn how to be in a serious relationship.  

Feb 17, 2021

Temptation Woman (1982)


(Original Title: Mulher Tentação) A Brazilian sex comedy about an oversexed family.  The mother has an insatiable sexual appetite, the daughter likes it rough, the house servants are all doing each other, and dad likes to watch it all.

Penal School for Violated Girls (1977)


(Original Title: Escola Penal de Meninas Violentadas) A WIP film from Brazil about a penal school for delinquent and violated girls run by a diabolical nun.

The Empire of Desire (1981)


(Original Title: O Império do Desejo) A surrealist film from Brazil about a beach house that is visited by a diverse group of bizarre characters.  With lots of sex and head-scratching moments for those of us who are too lazy to try and decipher deeper meanings.

Nineteen Women and One Man (1977)


(Original Title: Dezenove Mulheres e Um Homem) A group on a tour bus in Paraguay are held hostage by escaped convicts.

O Sexomaníaco (1976)


A very odd and campy film from Brazil about a sexual maniac known as the "Goat's Beard" of Rio de Janeiro who is stalking a woman.

Sluts (1982)


(Original Title: As Safadas) Despite the lurid title, this Brazilian film is a fairly tame drama anthology with three tales each focusing on a promiscuous woman.

Loved and Violent (1975)


(Original Title: Amadas e Violentadas) One of the ten highest grossing Brazilian films in 1976, it's the story of a guy who just can't stop killing women thanks to a childhood trauma. 

Feb 16, 2021

All in Bed (1983)


(Original Title: Tudo na Cama) A Brazilian sex comedy about a legendary playboy who finally ties the knot.  However, a multitude of his ex-lovers show up to the wedding to ensure this doesn't happen.

A Taste of the Customer (1984)


(Original Title: A Gosto do Freguês) Three stories from Brazil about... well not about much except sex.  Given the title, I thought they'd be linked by a theme - such as, being about sales, retail, etc. Nope.  It's just three sex stories.

One Bed For Seven Brides (1979)


(Original Title: Uma Cama Para Sete Noivas) As in Diary of a Bed (1972) we follow the history of a bed. Two beggars find the bed in a junkyard and spend their wedding night there. The bed tells all the adventures she witnessed since it was installed in a honeymoon suite of a first-class hotel where seven brides used it. Featuring the gorgeous Aldine Muller who was amazing in The Woman Who Invented Love (1979).