Jan 31, 2021

The Blonde Next Door (1982)


We've covered a good number of "aphrodisiac" films on VZ1: Passion Potion (1971), Vice Academy 2 (1990), Night of the Spanish Fly (1976), and Danish Pastries (1973) to name a few. This x-rated entry involves an aphrodisiac made from a woman's feminine ejaculate (!) that Ron Jeremy sells as cologne. This is what you call high concept filmmaking.

Campus Cuties (1985)


Nikki Charm stars in this ultra-eighties x-rated flick about college naughtiness. 

8 to 4 (1981)


We've seen a couple 9 to 5 spoofs so far.  6 to 9: Payback's a Bitch! (2005) was pretty awful; whereas  Horny Working Girl From 5 to 9 (1982) was quite good.  This one, from porn's Golden Age features the top stars of the day and captures the feel of the original - but with lots of screwing.

Armed Servicers (1974)


Three men return from Vietnam and reunite with their ladies; each has a very different experience.

Pro-Ball Cheerleaders (1979)


Before the big game, a football team is ordered to not have sex - a difficult task, considering one of the cheerleaders is out to sabotage the team.

Jan 30, 2021

Liquid A$$ets (1982)


Roberta Findlay film that is a spoof of sorts of Mel Brooks' The Producers

Delicious (1981)


Veronica Hart is a witch who serves as a maid in a wealthy household, practicing her sexual magic on the family.

Wanda Whips Wall Street (1982)

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Punk Rock (1977)


An adult film centering around a punk rock band is a pretty cool idea.  Debbie Harry was originally set to play the punk lead singer, but Blondie's success took off, and Harry was soon disinterested. 

Star Babe (1977)


Ann Perry was a fairly prominent sexploitation star back in the late sixties, early seventies. Many of her films are featured on VZ1.  She then transitioned to writing, directing, producing - and wisely chose to stay in the exploitation genre she knew so well.  This one is an x-rated sci-fi movie with lots borrowed from Star Wars which was fairly fresh in the theaters.

The Winning Stroke (1973)


A John Holmes flick with a bunch of stars from the early days of porno including Cyndee Summers, Antoinette Maynard, and Dalana Bissonnette.

Red Heat (1976)


Ray Dennis Steckler joint about a ginger who kills dudes up and down the Vegas strip/Fremont Street.  The film is so-so, but its main draw is the shots of the strip circa 1976, although it's often listed as 1974.  I'm not exaggerating when I say this may be the best film ever for "marquee watching".  Everyone from Redd Foxx to Mac Davis to Barry Manilow are listed on the glorious vintage Vegas marquees.  Forget the story (it's paper thin anyway) and sit back and enjoy a trip down the Vegas strip in the mid-seventies.

Jan 29, 2021

Submission (1969)


An art house type picture starring the great Jennifer Welles.  The story involves a couple who plan on killing a wealthy lesbian.  The dialog of this film could fit on an index card, but it doesn't need it, as director Allen Savage expertly tells his tale through stylized visuals.

Mundo Depravados (1967)


Before there was Death Spa (1989) or Killer Workout (1987) there was Mundo Depravados, where the ladies of a health spa are being killed one by one.

The Filth Shop (1969)


Lola Lust and Satan observe earthlings as they commit sinful activities. 

Jan 28, 2021

Fire Down Below (1974)

(Not to be confused with Ray Dennis Steckler's film with the same name, the same year - AKA Perverted Passion) A girl pines for her husband who died in Vietnam... and then the film just devolves into endless screwing.

The Sexorcist (1974)


Ray Dennis Steckler [The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? (1964)] film about a hooker who comes under the spell of satan's disciple.

Jan 27, 2021

Four Women in Trouble (1970)


Back in the seventies, there were a ton of nasty urban legends that gen-xers still remember to this day (ex. the Rod Steward jiz story, Led Zep mud shark incident)  One maybe less prominent legend was of the abortionist who performed his operations via having sex with his patients with his massive unit.  I suspect it came from this movie.  In fact, when I heard the legend way back when, it was of this insane concept of a movie, and not under a pretense it really happened. Could there really have been a movie like this? Years later I would find out, yes there could.

Jan 26, 2021

Crash Car Derby Dolls (1973)


What's amazing about these pre-Deep Throat adult movies is that they were so "underground" that, today, we often don't even know the real title to the films.  They were so low budget and below the radar, they didn't have newspaper ads or movie posters.  So, if there's no title card within the film, who knows what it was really called.  Such is this film. "Porn chic" hit mainstream a few months after Deep Throat (late 1972), and ushered in the so-called porn Golden Age where adult films suddenly could get financial backing and promotion.  This film probably came-and-went unnoticed, right before the tidal wave hit.

More Than Friends (1973)


An early seventies bump and grind with not much going on beside the aforementioned bumping and grinding. 

Jan 25, 2021

Hot Channels (1973)


Decades before Virtual Girl (1998) there was Hot Channels. A loser buys a MARK III "Sensulator" which allows him to doink Andrea True and other virtual femmes.  

The All American Hustler (1972)


A week in the life of a prostitute, filmed in a very "artsy" pretentious way.  We watch as hooker Carol cries, services johns (with no nudity!), cries some more, and talks on the phone about nothing.  

The Fugitives (1973)


Three fugitives hide out in the home of two women - Dalana Bissonnette and Cyndee Summers.  Sex soon follows  Sounds like the setup to a porno, but this is strictly softcore stuff.

Jan 24, 2021

Eye Spy! (1971)


A security expert is hired to install cameras in the home of a wealthy man to see if there any sexual shenanigans going on while he's away on business.  Spoiler alert: there are.

The Erotic Artist (1971)


Cleo O'Hara is a reluctant model for an artist whose specialty is drawing people having sex. Once this tiny bit of story is out of the way, the film more-or-less is just a long orgy.

Kim Comes Home (1972)


An early Rene Bond hardcore film.  The plot is so thin that the title itself "Kim Comes Home" seems like a detailed synopsis. 

The Postgraduate Course in Sexual Love (1970)


So many films from the sixties and early seventies cloaked themselves in a "protective" mantle of documentary/educational information to avoid the sticky truth that their main purpose was to show nudity and sex. This one takes it a bit far - meaning that it almost seems like it is a true educational film to be shown in classrooms.... and, thus, boring as all hell.

Aphrodisiac!: The Sexual Secret of Marijuana (1971)


Feels like a seventies high-school educational filmstrip. The purposeful monotone of the narrator informs us of the sexual properties of the drug. "Marijuana... the secret of its sexual power has only been whispered about until now."

Jan 23, 2021

Madam Satan (1970)


A seance group finds themselves transported into a satanic cult. Featuring Barbara Mills, Linda Vroom, Susan Westcott and Pamala Westcott.

Electrosex 1975 (1970)


Three sexy robot love slaves service a couple dopes.  Featuring Pamala Westcott, Linda Vroom and Cheri Rostland.

The Flanders and Alcott Report on Sexual Response (1971)


The crazy goings-on at a sex research center, including a "sex machine" which provides an orgasm so strong, it'll put you in the grave.

The Psychiatrist (1971)


A girl tells her sexual experiences to a psychiatrist and we're invited to each one.  Featuring Sandy Carey.

Rosebud (1972)


A Roberta Findlay film about a girl who struggles with incestuous feelings, and is confronted with dirty hippies and rapists.  All the while, Jamie Gillis looks sad by the fireplace, gently fondling a rose.

Homer The Late Comer (1970)


Chubby middle-aged slob Homer lives at home with his overbearing shrew of a mother and has a job as an editor at a studio that makes porn movies.

Tom Peepers (1973)


A dimwitted voyeur hick watches various couples have sex.  Like Peek Freak (1971), Pussycat Pussycat (1964) and a million other voyeurism films, there is no plot; it's just one window to the next.  

Lady Luck (1971)


A compulsive gambler lets his bad habits ruin his marriage and his finances. Featuring Sunny Boyd.

Angel Number 9 (1974)


It's another body swap movie in the vein of Chuck Vincent's Cleo/Leo (1989) or Insatiable Wives (2000). Written and directed by Roberta Findlay.

San Francisco Ball (1971)


San Francisco Ball was an adult newspaper back in the day; so, I'm pretty sure this was a purposeful reference.  It's a rather brutal and sleazy film about a girl who's kidnapped and raped.  Featuring VZ1 favorite, Cheryl Powell.

Ensenada Hole (1971)


I love how this newspaper ad uses the Faster Pussycat movie poster art.  I also love how it claims to be the first XXX bilingual feature - which amounts to just a few lines spoken in Spanish. The film is about a sex slavery ring, and is the last film of the great Cheryl Powell before she dropped off IMDb.

Jan 22, 2021

Have You Ever Been on a Trip? (1970)


The entire film takes place in one room where a bunch of hippies smoke weed, drink champagne and have sex.  Featuring two sexploitation greats, Jane Tsentas and Cheryl Powell.

Lusty Neighbors (1970)


Starring two exploitation all-stars, Phyllis Stengel and Cheryl Powell; it's the story of a naive young couple who get wrapped-up with a swingers couple.  Suffice it to say, the Sexual Revolution had a few casualties.

Slip Up (1975)


A mad scientist has developed a device which will give every man on earth an unrelievable erection which he plans to use for world domination.  

Jan 21, 2021

Hard Luck Pal (1970)


There are a surprising number of adult films about making adult films. It's a convenient, if not lazy, way of setting up sex scenes. This dud features Casey Larrain and Jane Tsentas, but is otherwise a forgettable zero budget waste of time.

Pit of Perversion (1971)


A couple of corrupt cops mistreat a couple prostitutes.  I think it's fair to say this is Sandy Carey's worst film.

Jan 20, 2021

Your Wife or Mine? (1971)


The Schumakers are out to turn every couple in their suburban neighborhood into swingers.  Featuring Rene Bond.

'Daisy Lay': Ozark Virgin? (1971)


A hicksploitation adult film starring Maria Arnold. Daisy Lay sees all kinds of sex happening in her backwoods town and says, "I bet this whole town is having fun and making love, but me!" So, she takes matters into her own hands.

Mother's Wishes (1973)


A paint-by-numbers early-seventies adult film about a girl who takes her sex education class very seriously.

Jan 19, 2021

Never Enough (1971)


(AKA Hitchhiker's Hold-Up ) A pimp has his women sucker their johns into an out-of-the-way home, where they have their belongings stolen.  One day, they mess with the wrong guy.

Hot Pistols (1972)


Two bank robber brothers seek shelter in a girl's home where she and her sister are terrorized. Starring Rene Bond.

Waltz of the Bat (1972)


An extremely bizarre adult film about two battling superheroes. The Bat is a pervert who makes women his sex slaves and gets fifty bucks each lay (?) and he fights against The Bee.