Aug 16, 2020

Los verduleros 3 (1992)

I can't help it, I'm a sucker for these Mexican flicks featuring Alfonso Zayas and Alberto Rojas.  They are so full of energy and exuberant sleaze.  I suspect it's because I'm so weary of the American jaded lazy irony in every comedy, or aren't-I-just-so-fucking-clever dirty humor, that it's refreshing, therapeutic even, to just see joyfully simple ribald comedy.

 A convict with a terrible punk wig escapes from prison.

Roberto (Alfonso Zayas) and the other cops target practice at the range.

 The gay cop, of course, makes this pattern in the target.

At the grocery store, Robert meets a pretty woman.

 Michelle Mayer is a colleague of Roberto, going undercover as a prostitute for pimp, Luiz (Roberto Palazuelos).

 Luiz is busted.

 Roberto stalks Laura.

 He follows her into a shoe store.

 They have sex in the dressing room. Alfonso Zayas always had the best expressions during the sex scenes; he was also probably the luckiest actor in the history of cinema, fucking an untold number of beautiful Mexican actresses (on screen - but who knows, maybe off as well).

A kid named Adolfo watches his parents in their bedroom.  He's played by the prolific director's son (Adolfo Martínez Solares, Jr.).  

Mommy - Jacaranda Alfaro.  A bit troubling Adolfo likes to watch, but okay.

 Mother has sex with Claudio Báez.

 The parents get in a huge fight when it's discovered Adolfo is watching.  Mother and son are thrown out on the street.

Mother and son must live in cars at a junkyard.  Worse, mother has to wear high-waisted acid washed jeans.

 Adolfo earns money by juggling at the market.

 He isn't enjoying himself one bit.

 Desperate for money, mom gets in with pimp Luiz.

 Don't forget about this guy who's on a killing rampage, intent on revenge against the cops who put him behind bars.

 Ubiquitous gravel-throated César Bono is run over by the criminal.

 Roberto is once again banging Laura.  But she keeps her full identity a mystery.  She won't let him in her house or tell any information about herself.  What's she hiding?

 Oh hell yeah.  Gotta have my Tun-Tun fix.

 The criminal has killed a guy in the photo booth.

 This comedy gets unexpectedly bloody at times.

Roberto is also banging fellow cop  Michelle Mayer.

The chief demonstrates some new law enforcement gadgets.

 This gadget sprays punk rockers when they do graffiti a wall.

 Roberto is back to banging the shit out of Laura.

 Roberto faints when he goes to the chief's house for dinner and finds his wife is.... Laura!

 He confronts Laura in the kitchen, and the chief knocks the hell out of her with the door.


Mother (Jacaranda Alfaro) gets close to Luiz.

César Bono practices hand-to-hand combat.

  I love how all the female cops are required to wear micro-mini skirts.

Claudio Báez shows up and gets into with Luiz and the mother, who is shot and killed.

Roberto is there to hear the mother's last request to take care of Adolfo.

 He takes Adolfo under his wing.

 The showdown between the punk-wigged criminal and the cops.   

The convict is shot, but Tun-Tun finishes him with a bullet to the head while he's down on the ground!


Graduation and awards ceremony.

Roberto, of course, gets special commendations.

With the chief dead, Laura could use a companion, and so she takes in the orphan Adolfo. Everything works out. 

As mentioned at the top, this is like pretty much all of Zayas (and Rojas) films - joyous, exuberant sleaze - the perfect remedy for our current national miasma.  

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