Aug 19, 2020

Los Verduleros II (1987)

Another Solares comedy; this one featuring punk rock murderers, Police Academy style shenanigans, a mad bomber, and Alfonso Zayas constantly peeping on women whilst looking like a rabid sex maniac.  So, yeah, just another Solares comedy.

 Everyone knows the biggest threat to our city streets in 1987 were punk rockers.

Juan Camaney (Luis de Alba) and my man Tun-Tun are cops.

I love Tun-Tun; he's in all these comedies and always has that trademark wig.  He was in a bunch of films in the 1950s, then sort-of dropped of the face of the earth for a couple decades, returning like a goddamn phoenix in the eighties, appearing onscreen throughout the decade into the nineties. His real name is José René Ruiz.

Maribel is played by Maribel Fernández. Fernández was known for having a brash, gruff attitude (in a humorous way); she never got naked and wasn't a sex symbol, but she did provide eye candy on occasion.

Juan and Tun-Tun convince Maribel to join the force.

The recruits.

Roberto (Alfonso Zayas), Maribel and Rocío (Lina Santos) line up for roll call.

 Tun-Tun knows what's up.

We're supposed to laugh as Rocío (Lina Santos) has no idea how to shoot a gun.

Roberto and Tun-Tun sneak up on her... is that a good idea while she's holding a firearm?

Lina Santos is another actress who was in a ton of films but never got naked.  I point this out because in these Mexican comedies, every actress gets naked.  It's just a given.  Santos definitely could sell the sizzle, but always with her clothes on.

 Rambo wears a W.A.S.P. shirt whilst out murdering.

Rocio is the daughter of Lt. Suarez (Alfredo Solares).

The recruits take on the obstacle course.  Everyone watches Rocio scale the wall...

Just wow.

All kinds of Police Academy style mayhem as the bumbling recruits cause problems.

 The punk rockers continue their drug dealing and murder.

 Hey, it's Hugo Stiglitz!  He's hiring Roberto to follow his wife.

His wife is Laura (Yirah Aparicio); a refined rich lady.

 Roberto follows her; she changes into a sexy outfit - becoming "Erica" a prostitute!

 Roberto and Tun-Tun watch and take pictures.

 Rocio turns on some music and dances around wearing a sexy police uniform.

 Once again, Roberto is watching, looking like a fucking psychopath.

 Aaaand the punk are still murdering.

Juan and Maribel get drunk.

 The stumble upon one of the punks' victims.

 Roberto has graduated from just following Laura; now he's fucking her.

 César Bono, who was in about as many of these movies as Tun-Tun, shows up as a mad bomber.

 The recruits practice hand to hand combat. 

 Rocio is assigned to fight Roberto.

 Of course she beats his ass in two seconds.

 Dat ass.

 Maribel and Juan go undercover to infiltrate the punk gang.

 Laura is back.

 She changes into her alter ego, Erica.

 Shit, Roberto is again spying on women.  This should be a drinking game.

 She takes to the street corners.

 She's picked up by a john and they do their business in his car.

She pulls off his mask and finds he's Hugo Stiglitz, her husband!

 He stabs her with a knife, killing her.

 Roberto and Tun-Tun find her.

 The police arrive and find Roberto holding the knife.

 Maribel and Juan somehow blend in with the punk rockers.

They're ultimately found out.  But the punks are eventually captured, and Stiglitz also goes down.

As with all these movies, it ends with dancing and celebration.  One of the punk rockers (Rambo) will return in Los verduleros 3 (1992)

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