May 31, 2020

Story of White Coat: Indecent Acts (1984)

Shinobu is an innocent virginal nurse who faces harsh reality when a patient, whose parents are financial backers of the hospital, has his way with her.  Indeed, no nurse is safe when the perverted maniac, Junior, is at their hospital.

May 30, 2020

Basic Impulse (1992)

(Original Title 情不自禁II霎時衝動) This Hong Kong romantic comedy follows the love life of two ladies and a taxi driver.  One girl deals with the fallout of losing a beauty contest, another can't overcome her bad home life, and the taxi driver is still a virgin, but is in love with a hooker.  Fart jokes and all manner of comic mayhem ensue.

Bakku ga daisuki! (1981)

You have to love Junko Asahina.  We've seen her several films, and she's been amazing in all of them - especially when the role is comedic, as in this film.  In "I Love It from Behind!" she has to collect 100 penis prints before her wedding.  Will she be able to do it in time?

Decameron Proibitissimo (1972)

As in Boccaccio's Decameron, a group of people quarantine in a secluded villa and tell randy stories.

Female Teacher's Awakening (1981)

Junko Asahina was so amazing in the comedic roles we've seen her in [ex. Koichiro Uno's Wet and Riding (1982)] that I was a little surprised to learn she appeared in a lot of serious, downright dark, roles as well.  So, out of curiosity I thought we'd check her out in one of Nikkatsu’s Female Teacher (女教師 Onna kyōshi or Jokyōshi) series.

May 29, 2020

The Ultimate Degenerate (1969)

Michael Findlay is a fascinating character.  He was among the pioneers of adult entertainment, and made some of the best B&W erotica ever made.  He'd developed a 3-D camera he was about to present to financial backers when he tragically died - decapitated by a helicopter blade.  His wife Roberta Findlay also was pioneer in the genre, and many of her films have been covered on VZ1.  This film was the last "roughie" made by Michael Findlay.

Lover Girls (1978)

Original Title: Studentinnen-Report.  Three girls try to have fun in Greece, but daddy's private eye shows up to nix their fun.  Featuring VZ1 favorite Gina Janssen.

Hot Blooded Woman (1965)

Starring Beverly Oliver, a singer at the Colony Club, next door to the infamous Carousel Club owned by Jack Ruby.  Oliver thus became a part of the JFK assassination story, and she since became known as the “Babushka Lady" from tape.  She later toured the country as a born-again christian evangelist, and even released a few bizarre christian albums. I had no idea the “Babushka Lady" had ever been the star of a sexploitation film, so when I found out, this simply had to be seen.

Three Lederhosen in St. Tropez (1980)

Your standard fish-out-of-water story where a bunch of hillbilly Bavarians are set among the sexy French vacationers in St. Tropez. Featuring the great Ursula Buchfellner.

Just for the Hell of It (1968)

For years, movies had been capitalizing on the fears of the public about this growing Boomer generation and their hoodlum ways. What started in the late fifties/early sixties mainly centered on biker gangs, greasers and hoodlums in dungarees. By the late sixties, we had a new brand of hoodlum, the counter-culture hippie.  Of course, by then their "antics" had escalated from busting up diners and bullying the popular kids, to rape and murder.  This film falls somewhere between.  We have the standard hoodlums doing their usual early sixties shtick - vandalism, bullying, etc. (even dumping a baby in a garbage can!), which seems really dated for 1968.  But they also do the rape and murder when the mood strikes them.  Herschel Gordon Lewis delivers a textbook exploitation film right before the counter-culture sea change that would occur less than a year later with Easy Rider.

May 28, 2020

The Bamboo House of Dolls (1973)

We've seen a bunch of Birte Tove films on VZ1, and they've almost all been sex comedies from Denmark.  And here she is, in a Shaw Brothers Women In Prison (WIP) film... I simply just had to check this out.

Kekkô Kamen: Premium (2007)

Yes, it's another Kekko film - that nude superhero who protects abused Japanese schoolgirls. This time we get another round from Director Kosuke Suzuki.

Kekkô Kamen: Royale (2007)

We're skipping Kekko Kamen: Surprise! (2004) because I can't take even one more of Director Takafumi Nagamine's Kekko movies. They're so tame and boring; they seem like TV shows for pre-teen Japanese girls - aside from the nude superhero.  The live action manga was rebooted once again in 2007 with this movie, which upped the sleaze a little. Let's see if Director Kosuke Suzuki can redeem where Nagamine failed.

Kekkô Kamen Returns (2004)

The evil is back and terrorizing the swim team at an all girl school. After turning the Principal into a frog monster they commence with their own brand of twisted training.But Kekko Kamen has also returned to send the MGF packing once again.

May 27, 2020

Kekkô Kamen: The MGF Fights Back (2004)

Once again, good-natured Mayumi finds herself at the mercy of her sadistic, panty-crazed teachers, and only one brave naked soul is capable of confronting her tormentors – Kekko Kamen! Wearing nothing but knee-high red boots and a red leather mask, this nunchaku wielding superhero gives these perverts a dose of their own medicine. This follows Kekkô Kamen New (2004)

Kekkô Kamen New (2004)

We enjoyed the exploits of the naked superhero Kekko in the 1991 manga live-action adaptation.  There were three parts to the 90's series, and was rebooted in 2003.  As always, Mayumi Takahashi is being harassed and tortured and must be saved by Kekko. Instead of Sparta Academy, she's at Mangriffon Announcement Academy, training to be an anchorwoman.

Kekkô Kamen (1991)

Kekko Kamen is a manga series about a student, Mayumi Takahashi, who keeps getting abused by teachers.  She's protected by Kekko Kamen, an almost nude superhero whose signature finishing move involves leaping into the air and landing groin-first on her opponent's face,  How can we not watch this?   The manga was adapted for anime, and then live action.  This is the first of several we're going to look at on VZ1.

Teenage Twins (1976)

Twins, Hope and Prudence, have a telepathic connection, and their stepfather has obtained the fabled Necronomicon.

May 26, 2020

Onna shinnyû-shain: 5-ji kara 9-ji made (1982)

Basically a risque takeoff on 9 to 5; "Horny Working Girl From 5 to 9" stars Junko Asahina who was amazing, both sexy and comedic, in Koichiro Uno's Wet and Riding (1982).

Koichiro Uno's Wet and Swinging (1984)

We covered Koichiro Uno's Wet and Riding (1982), which was amazing, so thought we'd check out another in this massive series of films based on the works of  Kōichirō Uno. This is actually the 21st in that series.  This same director did Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995).

College Dormitory (1984)

A French film about a bunch of students at a girls' school.  There's essentially no plot; just a bunch of girls doing this and that.

May 25, 2020

Dabide no hoshi: Bishôjo-gari (1979)

(AKA Star of David: Beauty Hunting)  This film is offensive in every way imaginable.  It's full of rape and torture, and just oozes sleaze from every frame. Yet, it's also extremely well made... which is a little off-putting.  I'm accustomed to seventies grindhouse sleazefests being grainy and grimy; whereas, this is gorgeous - beautiful to behold, until you realize what you're beholding.

What Schoolgirls Kept Silent (1973)

(Original Title: Was Schulmädchen verschweigen) The film was released under the problematic title Schoolgirls Don't Tell in the US and UK.  It's basically another Schulmädchen-Report, although I don't know if it belongs in the "canon".  It's perhaps a bit more interesting than others as it's not just another anthology of sexual tales - it features a satanic cult.  Christina Lindberg also has a small part, and a VZ1 favorite, Ulrike Butz.

The Lady Punisher (1994)

Two happy lovers are raped, and one is murdered.  The survivor vows revenge.  This Hong Kong action flick features gobs of action and sleaze, a winning combo.

Wicked Games (1994)

The sequel to Tim Ritter's Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness released eight years earlier.  It's an SOV film featuring lots of big eighties hair, a spectacular mullet and one of the greatest kills in the history of slasher movies.

Beauty Evil Rose (1992)

An evil witch in Thailand is kidnapping and brainwashing beautiful women into joining her cult. A man and his girlfriend, searching for her missing sister, join forces with a priest and a local cop to fight the cult.  Quite honestly, one of the craziest films covered on VZ1 thus far... and that's saying something.

May 24, 2020

The Peeping Tom (1997)

A dude with an unhealthy leg fetish takes things to the next level when he starts abducting and killing women whom he stalked and filmed on the street.  A police officer and her sister become entrapped in his sicko world.

For Love and Money (1967)

An Ed Wood, Jr. story about an espionge ring which uses women as bait to blackmail and steal top secret files.

Koichiro Uno's Wet and Riding (1982)

A Japanese sex comedy about a wife whose sex life is in the dumps. Whether it's a condom salesman, her perverted nephew, or her aerobics pal, someone's got to help her get things back on track.

May 23, 2020

Cash on Delivery (1992)

A romantic comedy from Hong Kong - which sort of turns into a disturbing drama in the last quarter.  Starring the mega hottie Veronica Yip.

Angel of Darkness 5 (1997)

The last in the Angel of Darkness series.  Well, there might be more out there, but this is as far as we're going for now. Once again, Seika College is under attack from tentacled sex demons.  Let's check out the final installment.

Angel of Darkness 4 (1996)

Just like the six part Vice Academy series, I feel the need to see this through. It's not nearly as dark and demented as I initially suspected - thinking it was going to be more like hentai porn.  Instead, it's turned out to be rather campy monster movies with a predilection to blatantly steal from other films (Evil Dead, The Exorcist, etc).  Cheesy & Sleazy - that's what we're all about.

May 22, 2020

Angel of Darkness 3: Live Action (1996)

The film picks up right where Part 2 left off - with Minami the lone survivor of a camping outing turned massacre thanks to demon tainted water.

Angel of Darkness 2 (1995)

The first Angel of Darkness film was such a fun ride, I thought we'd keep this going.  As mentioned, it was sick and weird, but not nearly as graphic and sleazy as expected. Hentai has become a crazy phenomenon in the porn world of late, but this doesn't quite reach those levels (although there is definitely a phallic tentacle thing going on) - more akin to The Killer Eye (1999), Baby Blood (1990) or a Cronenberg film than modern tentacle porn.

Angel of Darkness (1995)

If you're exploring the odd and extreme exploitation films of Japan, it's only a matter of time until you reach tentacles  Thankfully this is more in line with a Cronenberg film than what has become "hentai porn", but still a wild, sick journey through Japanese bizarro erotica.   This is the first in a series of films based on the popular anime.

Zero Woman 2 (1995)

The Japanese Zero Woman series began in 1974 and spanned ten movies through 2007. The movies follow Rei, who, works for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department agency called Zero Division where she fights all sorts of criminals. The series likely would have stopped after the first in '74, but thanks to the release of La Femme Nikita in 1990, a complete knockoff of Zero Woman:Red Handcuffs, it was restarted in the nineties. Zero Woman: Final Mission (1995) the first film in the Zero Woman reboot.  This followed soon after.

Love Doll Report: An Adult Toy (1975)

There have been a surprising number of films about making robot love slaves: Programmed for Pleasure (1981),  Robot Love Slaves (1971), How to Make a Doll (1968), and Veronica 2030 (1999) to name a few.  Let's check out this entry from Japan about a robotic doll created for isolated Antarctic scientists which ends up haunting them for years to come.

Take Me (1991)

A woman named Milk becomes a widow, is haunted by his ghost while she tries to form new relationships.  A refreshingly light and funny comedy from Hong Kong.  I say "refreshing" because it seems like every Asian film from decades past that gets attention are the ultra-sadistic films.  This was something I haven't seen much of from this part of the world and has got me wanting to check out more from the "Asian sex comedy" genre.

May 20, 2020

Devil's Sunday (1979)

(Original Title: La Domenica del Diavolo) Damn, who knew there were so many home invasion movies in the late seventies/early eighties?  They all follow the same basic template of having a few blue-collar psychopaths hold a group of ladies hostage in their home until the men are ultimately taken down in violent fashion.  One of the best known examples is House by the Edge of the Park, but we've seen it in Escape from Women's Prison (1978), Last House on the Beach (1978), Violência na Carne (1981), Naked Massacre (1976) and a ton of others. So, let's have a look at one from Italy to add to the list.

Too Much Too Often! (1968)

A Doris Wishman film about a lowlife who abuses women and blackmails the rich.  Featuring Sharon Kent and Jackie Richards.

Where Evil Lies (1995)

A woman in prison (WIP) combined with a stripper-based erotic thriller starring Nikki Fritz... how could this possibly be bad? You'll see.

Affair in the Air (1970)

A cheesy airplane sex romp featuring several sexploitation hall-of-famers: Bambi Allen, Uschi Digard and Sandy Carey.

Exitus interruptus (2006)

Full title: Exitus Interruptus – Der Tod ist erst der Anfang (“death is only the beginning”) I haven't seen any of Andreas Bethmann's films, so figured we could give this a whirl.

Vamps in the City (2010)

It's "Sex and the City" except with vampires.  Get it?  Sounds dreadful, I know.  But this low budget vampire flick has glimmers of goodness.

May 19, 2020

Melissa: The Total Female (1970)

A porno director can't get to first base with his wife, but gets sex on the daily as a job perk.  Things change when Melissa walks into his office.

Beauty School (1993)

Two groups of women are in competition to be the spokeswoman for the Otis P. Otis Bountiful Brazier.  Sylvia Kristel leads a beauty school which will somehow make high class models out of troublesome boarding school girls.

May 18, 2020

The All-American Girl (1973)

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Housekeepers Like To Do It (1975)

(Original Title:  Zimmermädchen machen es gern AKA  Bienenstich im Liebesnest- translation "Bee sting in a love nest" )  A Bavarian sex comedy about the various shenanigans going on at the Liebesnest - Love Nest.

May 17, 2020

Star Struck (2000)

A B-movie director is accused of murder.  He must find the true killer to exonerate himself, and also finish editing his sleazy film. Starring Amber Smith.

Una Chica Llamada Marilyne (1980)

A Spanish-French film about a young girl who's stuck between a vile mother and a wildly promiscuous pop singer friend.