Dec 31, 2019

Guess Who's Sleeping with Us Tonight? (1969)

An German noble family with a beautiful estate in the countryside has had a history of being sex obsessed for five hundred years. The current residents, a woman and two daughters definitely live up to their reputation; however, the third daughter, Alexandra, wants to maintain her virginity.  How will this turn out when she comes home from school, and having to live among her hedonist sisters and matron?

It's a fairly typical plot, but an interesting film in that this was among the first in a tidal wave of Bavarian sex comedies that lasted until the early eighties. So, this doesn't have much in the way of sex and hardcore material, but it is definitely overflowing with beautiful German chicks in and out of their miniskirts. Let's have a look.

Prelude to Love (1995)

Ashlie Rhey and Tamara Landry star in this late-night cable about backstabbing at a modeling agency.

Slaughter Daughter (2012)

A girl is traumatized by a tragic wedding night, and turns into a serial-killer obsessed basket case.

Dec 30, 2019

Sex with the Stars (1980)

A guy has to write about having sex with girls from each sign of the zodiac.  Unfortunately, he's a socially awkward virgin.  Starring a ton of British ladies willing to get nude; written by the great Tudor Gates, the man who wrote Barbarella, Twins of Evil, The Sex Thief, Lust for a Vampire, and Danger: Diabolik.

Demon Queen (1987)

A shot-on-video (SOV) horror movie about a vampire girl, featuring a really nice look inside a video rental store.

Inside Amy (1974)

The title makes it sound like this is a porno, but it's actually really tame.  The story is about a couple who decide to get into the swingers/wife swapping game so popular in the seventies.  Unfortunately, the lifestyle takes its toll on their marriage and bad things happen... really bad things.

The Dicktator (1974)

A population-control measure gone wrong leads to an international sexual campaign in this off-the-wall comedy for adults only.

Dec 29, 2019

Teenage Hitchhikers (1974)

Two girls, Mouse and Bird, get into adventures as they hitchhike through the country. Starring Chris Jordan and Sandra Peabody.

Hollywood High Part II (1981)

The film follows six teens across a few days as they party, do drugs, have sex and get into trouble.  It's like Dazed and Confused, except for the fact that it's in California not Texas.. and that you'll grow to hate all of the main characters.

Bust Out (1973)

A church group runs into a couple escaped convicts in the backwoods.  Featuring Rene Bond, Angela Carnon, Becky Sharpe, Lynn Harris, Candy Samples, and lots of rape.

Dec 28, 2019

Miss Nymphet's Zap-In (1970)

So, this is Herschell Gordon Lewis doing a sexed-up version of "Laugh-In" with corny jokes, random go-go dancing, and nudity. Featuring a ton of familiar faces from early seventies sexploitation cinema.

Dec 27, 2019

Coed Dorm (1971)

The newspaper ad for Coed Dorm (AKA Farouk University) says it's "a really swell movie that's a rare combination of 'Mary Poppins' and 'I Am Curious (Yellow)'!"  And while that's not even close to accurate, I can't think of a better way to describe this bizarre little movie.  It's a college comedy on the surface - but oh so much more, as you'll soon see.

Profanity (1971)

(Original Title: Obszönitäten) German sex comedy about a Bavarian gigolo who's offered to part with his ultra-potent unit for a vast sum of money, so that it can go to an old aristocrat.

The Joys Of Jezebel (1970)

A sexploitation flick in brilliant technicolor, with wildly creative sets and imaginative cinematography. Featuring Luanne Roberts as Jezebel.

Dec 26, 2019

Cousin Jed Rises Again (1972)

This film is so obscure and forgotten it doesn't even have a movie poster or a title screen.  So, I just made the picture above - taken from a shot from this movie.  I figured a picture of Michelob on tap with beer sausage was a fitting image for a film this cheap, greasy and lowbrow.  

Excuse Me, Birds on Duty (1971)

(Original Title: Gestatten, Vögelein im Dienst) A rather rare German comedy about a shy bookseller who discovers his inner sex machine. Featuring lots of oft-naked Bavarian babes.

The Filthiest Show in Town (1973)

A scandalous TV game show is being taken to court on obscenity charges.  Featuring lots of bad jokes, an appearance by Harry Reems (but this is not a porno) and a style which would be common in a few years with Kentucky Fried Movie.

Voices of Desire (1972)

The movie poster does not do this film justice.  It makes it look like your average porno, but actually it's an odd horror/sex hybrid featuring demonic possession and a cult.  It also stars Sandra Peabody best remembered as the ill-fated Mari Collingwood in The Last House on the Left released this same year.  It's amazing it's taken so long to get to this film as it's Chuck Vincent's first full-length feature.

Penelope Pulls It Off (1975)

I'm not sure the story with Anna Bergman, why she didn't become a gigantic sex star.  She's the daughter of famous father Ingmar, she's incredibly beautiful, and she was willing to shed her clothes in every picture she was in.  Yet, she has only a small handful of sexploitation credits - and each of them memorable.

Penelope Pulls It Off was her first film - and, unfortunately, the best I can find is a VHS copy of a copy. I'm not aware that a better, resorted version exists.  The film is British, but instead of utilizing the usual cast of UK actors, the production is largely German and Scandinavian.  Even our girl Gina Janssen shows up as if she's lost her way from a Swedish sex film.  Let's have a look at Bergman's first film, albeit a poor copy. Cheers.

Dec 25, 2019

Intimate Games (1976)

A British sexploitation flick about a class assignment where the students must explore sexual fantasies. Featuring some familiar names including Suzy Mandel, Felicity Devonshire, and Anna Bergman. Written and directed by the great Tudor Gates, the man who wrote Barbarella, Twins of Evil, The Sex Thief, Lust for a Vampire, and Danger: Diabolik.

Night of the Wilding (1990)

The Central Park 5 case happened in the spring of 1989; so, "wilding" was still the media's favorite fear to sell the public by the time this film came out.  It seems like a TV movie, and certainly would fit the mold with a lengthy courtroom battle, a former celeb (Eric Estrada) and a topic "ripped from the headlines".  But this has some graphic content which seems highly out of place; let's have a look.

Dec 24, 2019

The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide (1972)

This is the second Jekyll & Hyde film to star Rene Bond and Jane Tsentas, the other being The Jekyll & Hyde Portfolio from the year before.  Supposedly a group of United Airlines pilots invested in this sleazy take on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic.

Midnight Party (1976)

Another Franco film featuring his wife and regular star, Lina Romay. It's one of his weirder movies - and that's saying something when you're talking about Jesús Franco.

The Young Secretaries (1974)

Young Secretaries is a silly sexploitation flick starring Colleen Brennan and Linda York, by Richard Kanter, director of Wild Riders (1971), Thar She Blows (1968), and Starlet (1969).

The Torturer (2005)

"Saw Meets Fahrenheit 9/11".. what?  I absolutely hate the torture porn movies like Saw and Hostel which were big around this time. But it's by Lamberto Bava, who can make some good stuff; Delirium was great - but that was almost twenty years before this film.  Let's see if he's still got it.

Dec 23, 2019

Lust Sessions (2008)

We're on a bit of a tear with Amy Lindsay films, so let's keep that train rolling with one of her later works.  This would be just eight years before she had that Ted Cruz scandal, and we learned she'd become a conservative christian.

Exposed (2002)

It's a lame brainless story of a war between two fashion designers, and it's super low budget with a horrible script.... but chock full of nudity, including Amy Lindsay.  So, let's have a look.

Dec 22, 2019

Double Identity (1998)

This is the Italian cover - Doppia identità.  This aired on late-night cable as an episode of Sex Files as Double Identity, and on DVD as Confessions of a Call Girl.  Starring Amy Lindsay and Leslie Zemeckis as a journalist and prostitute whose lives cross in unexpected ways.

Secrets of a Chambermaid (2000)

A group of strangers gather to receive their inheritance from the late Felicity Kendall. Lots of sexual tomfoolery follows; featuring Amy Linday and Kira Reed.

Forbidden Sins (1999)

Shannon Tweed and Amy Lindsay star in this Erotic Thriller about the murder of a stripper.  Featuring boring courtroom drama, a predictable plot... and gobs of nudity.  So what are we waiting for?

Fatal Exposure (1989)

Yet another entry into the ridiculously common "killer photographer" genre.  If you're keeping score of how many times we've come across this so far, see below for the tally. While the video box seems to indicate this is an erotic thriller, it more falls under the slasher genre, featuring a descendant of Jack the Ripper who keeps knocking off locals in a small country town.

Midnight Tease (1994)

"Cassandra Leigh" on the box cover is, of course, Lisa Boyle.  She plays a stripper working for a club where the ladies keep getting murdered.  But she's got mental problems of her own - so maybe she's the killer?  In some ways this is your typical stripper movie, but at times it steps outside conventional late-night erotica and delivers some real horror.  Let's check it out.

Dec 21, 2019

The Seduction of Inga (1968)

The sequel to Joseph Sarno's classic Inga, and at least this time Marie Liljedahl is of age - 18 years (and the film is in color).  Also featuring music by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson before they were ABBA.

Forbidden Games (1995)

A psychic cop searches for answers on who killed an old kinky rich guy. An erotic thriller starring Gail Thackray.

Sinful Intrigue (1995)

I love how this cover completely gives away who's the killer.  I also love how these erotic thrillers all have such similar names: Sinful Intrigue, Deviant Obsession, Deadly Charades, Indecent Behavior, Fatal Passion, Evil Obsession, etc.

Dec 20, 2019

Hack-O-Lantern (1988)

I love Jag Mundhra - but he makes good erotic thrillers, not so much horror films, as we saw with the abysmal Open House (1987).  Let's see if he learned from his mistakes and did better the following year with Hack-O-Lantern.

Cellblock Sisters: Banished Behind Bars (1995)

A WIP flick featuring one of the best actresses of 90s sexploitation, Gail Thackray - and also featuring Jenna Bodnar.  If you notice similarities between this and the Tane McClure movie, Caged Hearts (1996), it's because it's by the same director, and feels sometimes like the same damn film.  It's a similarly light and inoffensive Women In Prison film for the whole family to enjoy,

Deadly Diamonds (1991)

Man, Dan Haggerty had quite the fall from grace once he was done milking his success with Grizzly Adams.  He was a really charismatic actor like James Brolin; a shame he couldn't leverage it to greater success than landing in films like Elves and this. Oh well, there's a lot to be said for just having work and paying rent.  So he's got that going for him.  Also, in this film, another leading man who's fallen on hard times - Troy Donahue, who was no stranger to B-movies in the nineties.

The Pamela Principle (1992)

It's a softcore Christmas!  A rare find - Christmas themed late-night erotica.  Don't let the slightly foreboding cover mislead you; this is actually a heartwarming love story... which admittedly can get weird at times, but it's a holiday romance nonetheless. 

Tropical Tease (1994)

Remember Miami Models?  Well, this was made by the same team, and at about the same time.  Miami Models was beyond dumb, and very light on nudity; yet, it's kinda sad that movies like this just don't exist anymore.  It's like a dumbed-down Benny Hill sketch (if you can imagine) made into a movie.  The recipe is very simple - just silly fun with lots o' T&A.  Let's have a look.

Dec 18, 2019

High Noon Ripper (1984)

The director, Yôjirô Takita, went on to critical success with an Oscar for best foreign language film in 2008 (Okuribito), and a mantle full of prestigious awards in Japan.  But in 1984 he was making this sleazy horror film.  Let's check it out.

Dec 17, 2019

Corporate Fantasy (1999)

Tracy Ryan plays a secretary in a workplace of unending sexual harassment that could not exist these days.  Will these office misogynists get what's coming to them?  Press play and find out.

Dec 15, 2019

The Haunting of Morella (1990)

Roger Corman never tires of adapting Edgar Allen Poe stories.  Here he produces and Wynorski directs, featuring some familiar names: Maria Ford, Lana Clarkson, Gail Thackray and Nicole Eggert of Charles in Charge and David McCallum of The Man from UNCLE.

Skinner (1993)

A horror movie about a serial killer who skins his victims starring Sam Raimi's brother, Ricki Lake and Traci Lords... and directed by Heidi Fleiss' boyfriend?.... I'm in.

Teenage Exorcist (1991)

Written by and starring Brinke Stevens; also appearing Hoke Powell, Michael Berryman, Robert Quarry and (gulp) Eddie Deezen.

Bad Girls from Mars (1990)

The lead actresses in a sci-fi B-movie keep getting killed.  Finally they hire a well-known celeb, and things get even more complicated. A campy Fred Olen Ray film starring Brinke Stevens and Edy Williams. 

Dec 14, 2019

Santa Claws (1996)

Debbie Rochon stars in this ultra-low-budget Christmas horror flick with some Night of the Living Dead connections.

Trilogy of Lust 2: Portrait of a Sex Killer (1995)

Well we're closing in on 1,000 movies here at VZ1, and only one of them is an Asian film.  With so many sleazy, crazy movies from Hong Kong, Korea and Japan that seem tailor made for VZ1, that's a deficit we'll definitely need to amend.  And what better film to start with than Hong Kong's Trilogy of Lust 2: Portrait of a Sex Killer from 1995.

Dec 13, 2019

Thor the Conqueror (1983)

Original Title: Thor il conquistatore; a warrior deemed the chosen one comes of age and claims his dominion over the land.

Murder-Set-Pieces (2004)

Why should we watch a movie that seems so proud and delighted with its own shock value?  First, three well-known horror actors play a part: Gunnar Hansen, Cerina Vincent, and Tony Todd.  But mainly it's because we have on our hands yet another killer photographer film!  Yes, this is a well that seems to have no bottom... who knew that there were so damn many?