Aug 31, 2022

A Bay of Blood (1971)


Much less restrained than Bava's earlier work, with just endless amount of violence and even full frontal nudity.  

The Working Girls (1974)


Notable mainly because it features Cassandra Peterson well before she became Elvira Mistress of the Dark. The story follows the ups-and-downs of three girls trying to make it in LA.

The Ski Instructor (1981)


Carmen Russo stars in this silly comedy about a nude model who must pretend to be morally upstanding in order to receive an inheritance. 

The Occasion (1978)


A José Ramón Larraz flick about the usual hippies vs rich squares conflict.  A prudish wealthy couple finds their beach house infested with filthy naked hippies. After an uneasy coexistence, a hippie attacks.

Moonlighting Mistress (1970)


(Original Title: Ich schlafe mit meinem Mörder, AKA Dead Sexy) It's the well-worn story of the boy toy wanting to kill off his sugar mama and collect her fortune - but random events screw up what would have been the perfect plan.

Parts of the Family (2003)


A bank robber takes shelter in an old mansion and takes the maid as hostage.  Unfortunately, there's been some demonic shit going down at this place, and the criminal would have been better off with the police.  There are two very different versions of this film, and to be honest I'm not sure which one I watched - the original or the "refurbished" version.

Mixed Doubles (1986)


(Original title: Doppio misto) Your standard bed swapping tomfoolery; one review said it well: "The whole film is a continuous Vaudevillian game of doors that open and close, of men and women who enter and leave the rooms without ever meeting with their respective spouses." You get the picture.

Cathy Submissive Girl (1977)


(Original Title: Cathy, fille soumise) A girl is lured into prostitution by a violent pimp.  She escapes to a small village where the pimp finally catches up to her.  Featuring Brigitte Lahaie

Mamma's Little Girl (1973)


Antoinette Maynard (aka Lilly Foster) as Liz recounts her adventures in Hollywood to her mother, sugar coating every tawdry encounter.

National Nonsense (1990)

(Original Title: Disparate nacional) A throwaway Spanish comedy about two paparazzi who make a living off of taking compromising photos, which ends up getting them into trouble. 

Good Vibrations (1986)


[From Electric Blue 40, US] A new sex toy is about to be unveiled at a convention, but it's stolen - and it's up to a stock boy and the inventor's daughter to find it. [For a list of all the Electric Blue flicks covered on VZ1 check out the series page.]

Spellbound (2001)


(Original Title: De si jolies sorcières) Three witches run a modeling agency.  The film amounts to not much more than them casting spells to seduce men; essentially no plot to speak of.

Anatomy of Hell (2004)


Pretentious up-its-own-asshole French film which is supposed to be a provocative exploration on sexuality.  Instead, it's just a lot of self-aware dialog and try-hard shocks.  But Amira Casar is fully naked throughout, so it's got that going for it.

Casey the Co-Ed 2 (2006)


We covered the original Casey the Co-Ed (2004) so may as well look at the sequel.  The original was notable in that it was released on the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) game system. It was on the UMD (Universal Media Disc) format, a discontinued optical disc by Sony for use on their PSP handheld platform. Needless to say, the sequel was not on this format - and to make this even less interesting, it might not even be a sequel.  We'll discuss later; let's have a look...

All Babe Network (2013)


A struggling TV station's general manager tries to make big changes by sabotaging its current programming. But when boobs wind up on the air, the ratings soar.

Aug 26, 2022

Red Lips (1995)


A homeless girl agrees to experimental medical treatment in exchange for money.  The treatment makes her crave blood. Problems ensue.

Australia After Dark (1975)


A mondo Ozploitation flick which takes us on a journey that includes nude bathing, nude body painting, nude satanic rituals, we visit the set of a porn film and a massage parlor.

Learning to Love: A Guide to Sex Education (1985)


(Original Title: Impariamo ad amarci: guida all'educazione sessuale) There were a plethora of sleazy films in the seventies posing as sex education documentaries, such as: More About the Language of Love (1970),  The Postgraduate Course in Sexual Love (1970), Refinements in Love (1971), and The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style (1978). But here we are in the mid-eighties with this Italian entry into the genre; a little late to the game. 

A Very Very Sexy Snuff Movie (2012)


A horror anthology in three parts, each dealing with snuff films. 

Eroticise (1983)


Kitten Natividad has some friends over and they do aerobics on her deck in various states of undress. Unlike Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout (1990) which at least tangentially tried to have a "story", this is basically a straight workout video.  If you lived in the eighties, you'll remember the endless amount of aerobics videos - each with its own celeb or gimmick. And what horny eighties teen can forget the early morning aerobics TV shows?  If the Natividad workout video had shown up on the local CBS affiliate sunrise workout slot, many teens would have died from coronary spasms - so it's probably a good thing this was on laser disc.

The First Bullfighter Porno (1986)


(Original Title: El primer torero porno) A Spanish film heavily laden with societal commentary about a bullfighter who wants to be a professor and a feminist stripper.

Bikini Mayhem (2019)


A college student wants to make it as a model, but instead finds herself victimized by a series of baddies.

Aug 21, 2022

The Story of O (1975)


Back in the eighties, anyone providing recommendations for VHS flicks (not behind the curtain of shame) with lots of sex and nudity would almost certainly include The Story of O in their list.  For some reason it became almost the go-to skin flick at the pre-Blockbuster video stores. It's your typical story of submission and dominance; the standout being Corinne Cléry delivering a ridiculously uninhibited performance.

The Devil's Lover (1972)


(Original title: L'amante del demonio) Rosalba Neri and her friends stay at a castle supposedly home to the devil; there, she has a nightmare in which her friends also appear a la Wizard of Oz. 

Legend of the Witches (1970)


Satanism and the occult were in the air in the late sixties, early seventies.  We could write dissertations all day on why this was, but it definitely fizzled with the disco era and the subsequent satanic panic. But during the heyday it was everywhere - from TV to paperbacks to movies to music - the occult was booming.  This documentary was just one of many - notable in its very thorough presentation of several satanic rituals.  On one hand it seems very exploitative, featuring lots of naked women (and men), but on the other, seems to take its subject matter quite serious.

Sex Attack (1979)


[Original Title: El sexo ataca (1ª jornada)] The Spanish version of Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex - but a whole lot weirder.  In fact it's so surreal, I really can't walk through this film as normal - as it's really just flashes of wild imagery - all the while hosted by Tip and Coll.

Summer Vacationers for the Lonely Man (1979)


(Original Title: Estivantes pour homme seul AKA Estivantes en chaleur) Two couples on a hiking trip are stalked and abducted by a horny goatherd.

La Bonzesse (1974)


A philosophy student decides to join a brothel.  When that gets unsatisfying she shaves her head and becomes a monk in Kathmandu.

Gone by Dawn (2016)


Three strippers take revenge when one of them is raped by the club's cokehead manager. 

Gaudi in der Lederhose (1977)


A couple from Berlin stay in the idyllic countryside, where sex abounds - so much so, that the urbanites have to flee the village for some relief. 

Sexual Incantations (2003)


A socially awkward nerd conjures figures from the past via ouija board, then has sex with them.

There Is More Than One Mother (1974)


A rich nutcase with mommy issues has beautiful women throwing themselves at him for his family fortune.

Electric Blue 49 (1995)


Another episode of the British Electric Blue series, episode 49.  

Beverly Hills Wives (1985)


Amber Lynn plays a journalist who's writing an expose on the behind-the-scenes decadence of Beverly Hills.

Aug 16, 2022

Trauma (1975)


Linda Hayden has said that this is the only movie she regrets making - so, naturally we have to check it out.

Torture Me, Kiss Me (1970)


A Nazi officer stationed in a rural French chateau is plagued by that confounded French Resistance. 

The Paramedic (1982)


(Original Title: Il paramedico) An Italian comedy about a working stiff who wins a bunch of money and blows it all on a car - which ends up creating even more trouble in his life.

Aunt Rose (2005)


Three murderous criminals seek shelter from the law by hiding out in a normal suburban family home.  But the home isn't so normal - with a demonic aunt living on the third floor converted attic.

Eve's Secret (2014)


A lame photographer is obsessed with capturing a woman with pale skin (?).  He eventually finds his dream model, but she happens to be a psycho.

Helen Bedd (1973)


Another entry from the prolific and mysterious Sandy Carey - this one's a porn comedy.  Carey is a bedraggled housewife who just wants to get somethings done around the house, but she's continually interrupted by sex researchers, rapist meter readers, cream salesmen, nympho pregnant women, and horny sisters.

Boob Mania 2 (1994)


Just a rare piece of sexploitation ephemera featuring a bunch of British ladies and their assets. 

Aug 10, 2022

Maniac (1980)


The well-known and highly regarded serial killer movie by William Lustig starring Joe Spinell.  

Geteven (1993)


(AKA Champagne and Bullets and Road to Revenge) Sometimes cited as one of the worst movies ever made.  I'd have to agree that you rarely see a film with so many layers of bad: terrible soundtrack, awful acting, insanely stupid dialog, even stupider plot, and on it goes.  But it does have heart (and boobs), so let's have a look.

The Naked Beast (1971)


Director/Writer Emilio Vieyra, who gave us The Curious Dr. Humpp (1967) and Blood of the Virgins, uses a lot of the same cast in his films.  So, Susana Beltrán and Gloria Prat make a return in this Phantom of the Opera mystery thriller.

Pornô! (1981)


Another Ody Fraga film with the dream team assembled: David CardosoPatrícia ScalviMatilde Mastrangi, and Zélia Diniz, It's a three-part anthology - and of course all three stories deal with sex.

Pleasure So Deep (1979)


(Original Title: Ekstasen, Madchen und Millionen, AKA L'ultima pornomoglie) A mobster who runs a counterfeiting operation in the back of his funeral parlor has the unfortunate luck of having a cheating nympho wife and a similarly sexually active daughter. 

Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011).jpg


I hated the original Killer Eye movie [The Killer Eye (1999)] - it had so much potential with the giant rapey eyeball.  But aside from an amazing shower scene from Nanette Bianchi there was nothing to see there.  But let's give Charles Band another shot.

Nathalie Après L'amour (1970)


(AKA Love Under Age) An 18 year old dumps her boyfriend for an older artist playboy.  Things are going well until she gets venereal disease.

MILF (2010)


Not sure if they're still at it, but The Asylum briefly seemed to resurrect the glorious teen sex comedies of the eighties.  Unfortunately, most of them seemed to just be derivative of American Pie and felt factory farmed.  But bravo for trying.  

Schulmädchen-Report 13 (1980)


We've covered the Schulmädchen-Report series 1-12, not to mention the legions of imitators, so it wouldn't be right to not finish the series out with the last one.  This one featuring Sylvia Engelmann and Katja Bienert.