Sep 28, 2020

Skin Striperess (1992)


A Hong Kong flick about a woman who becomes disfigured and is brought back to "normal" by an amusement park owner.  All he had to do to restore her beauty was kill a woman and have a priest summon demonic assistance. Nothing could go wrong with that, right?

The Story of Linda (1981)


A sleazy Franco flick starring Ursula Buchfellner and Raquel Evans, two sexploitation mega-foxes.  The story doesn't have much to do with Linda, so one wonders why they stuck with that title.  The German title rules: Die nackten Superhexen vom Rio Amore -(Naked Super Witches of the Rio Amore), and is much more in line with this incredibly sleazy and perverse ride

Sep 27, 2020

Screwball '94 (1994)

The Hong Kong version of Porky's or Screwballs. It being from Hong Kong, we not only get the standard high-school sex comedy, but also a horny ghost. 

Sep 26, 2020

The Wild and the Naked (1962)


A French nude model falls asleep poolside and dreams about being raped.  Starring Tanya French in her only IMDb credit, providing a ton of nudity - truly daring for 1962. 

Yodeling Under a Dirndl (1973)


(Original Title: Unterm Dirndl wird gejodelt - a Dirndl being the Bavarian traditional women's  dress). Alois Brummer certainly knew how to crank out the German sex comedies, with plenty of skin and paucity of plot. This one may be among his most extreme example of that - where the story is just all over the place, guided more by opportunities for T&A than anything approaching a coherent chain of events.

Sep 25, 2020

Run Swinger Run! (1967)


A Barry Mahon flick starring Gretchen Rudolph as a woman who keeps winding up in bad situations. Possibly the unluckiest person to have ever lived.

Sep 22, 2020

Unemployed Playboy (1984)


(Original Title: Playboy en paro) Andrés Pajares is perhaps the king of eighties (and late seventies) sex comedies in Spain.  In this film, he plays a humble manservant who pretends he's a rich guy in order to get the girl.  

Sep 20, 2020

Drop Out Wife (1972)


A Stephen C. Apostolof film written by Ed Wood, Jr. and starring Angela Carnon, who through course of working on VZ1, I have found to be an incredible B-movie actress.  Also featuring a ton of regulars on the early-seventies sexploitation circuit, Terri Johnson, Jane Tsentas, Lynn Harris and Sandy Dempsey. It's your typical story of an unsatisfied housewife who tries to play the swingers game only to find it tears her life apart.

The Adventures of Busty Brown (1967)


From Barry Mahon (Prostitutes Protective Society, The Beast that Killed Women) comes this story of Busty Brown, a private eye, who goes deep undercover as a stripper/go-go dancer to rescue a kidnapped girl.

The Love Merchant (1966)


Another Sarno flick filled with his usual stock of actors, bringing "class" to the world of exploitation cinema via quality acting and direction. This film is an early example of the "Indecent Proposal" trope.

Female or Male (1991)


(Original Title: Hembra o macho) A Zayas sex comedy (fichera) where he plays a homophobic lawyer who falls for someone who he believes is a transvestite. 

The Swap and How They Make It (1966)


An early Joseph Sarno film - a guy you have to appreciate for always trying to class up the sexploitation landscape with good acting and compelling human dramas.  This film isn't as well known as his Sin in the Suburbs, but still an example of a well acted, well directed film that just dares you to call it "smut".

Sep 19, 2020

The 3 Phases of Eve (1972)


It's been a while since we've done a Sandy Carey film, so let's make haste and remedy that. In this film, she's Eve, a case of "triple personality": the prude, the seductress and the nympho. 

Sabena (1971)


(Original Title: Beichte einer Liebestollen) A girl from the city spreads her wings in the Bavarian countryside working at an inn. 

Mnasidika (1969)

The Findlays attempt avant garde sexploitation, and well... the result is a mixed bag. 

Sep 18, 2020

For Single Swingers Only (1968)


Two roommates take up residence in an apartment building advertised "for single swingers only".  What follows is some of the worst acting and gaudy styles you're ever liable to witness.

The Dirty Girls (1965)


An early Radley Metzger film about Parisian hookers.  Pretty risque for Main St. USA in 1965, but extremely tame by any other vantage point.

Ego Trip (1969)


A super-cheapo skin flick.  Not really worth it, except that it has sexploitation regulars, Kathy Hilton and Linda Vroom, providing much more graphic content than usual. Also featuring the dirtiest feet in the history of cinema.

Sep 15, 2020

Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965)


A Doris Wishman flick about a housewife who gets assaulted and flees to the city where she's repeatedly abused.

Sep 14, 2020

The Bare Hunt (1963)


A private detective is on the case following a murder trail through the world of stag movies.  

The Bizarre Ones (1968)


A hitchhiker is brought to a hippie S&M cabin in the woods.

Adam and 6 Eves (1962)


A fat doofus is lost in the dessert with his donkey, when he comes upon an oasis inhabited by six lovely "Eves". 

Suburbia Confidential (1966)


From Stephen C. Apostolof who directed a number of Marsha Jordan films including The Divorcee (1966), Lady Godiva Rides (1969), and College Girls (1968). Stephen C. Apostolof, whose first film was Ed Wood Jr.'s Orgy of the Dead (1965), and, in fact, Ed Wood actually wrote the novelization of this movie!  I'd love to get a hold of that paperback. Another fun Apostolof joint is Office Love-In (1968)

C'mon Baby Light My Fire (1969)


A religious zealot on a mission to keep marijuana illegal is abducted, tortured and raped.  A particularly grimy and mean spirited grindhouse sleaze-fest from Lou Campa.

Sep 13, 2020

Erotica (1961)


Six short vignettes by Russ Meyer in "eye-splashing color".  In Russ' autobiography, A Clean Breast;  he summarizes each of these vignettes (found in volume 3), which I have reproduced at the start of each section.

Seeds (1968)


A highly dysfunctional family gathers for the holiday and the people get killed off one by one.  If this sounds intriguing, don't be fooled.  This is an incoherent mess.

Sep 12, 2020

Eve and the Handyman (1961)

A Russ Meyer comedy starring his wife, Eve Meyer, as a woman who spies on a bumbling handyman as he performs his jobs around San Francisco.

Once Upon a Knight (1961)

A bumbling insurance agent has born with a curse: whenever he sees a naked woman, he sneezes violently.  In pursuit of a painting of his idyllic female, Sir Seemore may just find a way to break his curse.  This film is the great Bob Cresse's only directing credit.

Another Day, Another Man (1966)

Steve and Ann are a happy couple, until sickness strikes.  Ann has to resort to prostitution while Steve is bedridden.  A Doris Wishman joint, so you know what you're in for.

Nude on the Moon (1961)

Doris Wishman took the nudist genre to the next level, setting this nudist camp on the motherfucking moon.

A Thousand Pleasures (1968)

A bizarre and rather troubling Michael Findlay flick featuring a murderer who stays at the home of a group of kinky violent lesbians.

We All Go Down (1969)

So, apparently director Gerard Damiano completed this film with no nudity, and the producers said, "What the fuck is this?" They made him go back and insert a bunch of nude scenes, thus changing the film entirely - from a "drug tragedy" to disjointed skin flick. 

Love Is a Four Letter Word (1966)

It's a Lee Frost-Bob Cresse venture, so you know it's bound to be a bit odd.  The story involves a college student who becomes obsessed with voyeurism to the point where it destroys his life.

Sep 11, 2020

Unholy Matrimony (1966)

A reporter infiltrates the swinger subculture in order to get the scoop on a blackmail operation.

In Hot Blood (1968)

A poor worker named Rita becomes a model to make extra money; but the new career brings trouble of its own.

Sin in the City (1966)

The students spend a night out on the town, each vowing to not turn down any request - to say yes to everything.

The Love Cult (1966)

A magician gets sick of being poor and decides to start a cult instead.  Things work out great, until they don't.

On Her Bed of Roses (1966)

A girl with daddy issues tells her psychiatrist about her effed up childhood, and how her boyfriend became a sniper serial killer.

Dr. Dildo's Secret (1970)

A mad scientist has a secret laboratory where he creates women to be sex slaves.  An extremely campy (and sleazy) flick featuring appearances by exploitation regulars Ann Perry, Monica Gayle, Nora Wieternik, and Roxanne Brewer.

La Blue Girl Live 3: Lady Ninja (1996)

[The Trilogy: Blue Girl 12 and 3] The final episode in the trilogy: five women of the Miroku Clan make their last stand against the Demon Sex magic of the Shikima!

La Blue Girl Live 2: Birth of the Demon Child (1996)

[The Trilogy: Blue Girl 12 and 3] Recap from Part 1 - The Sex Demon King, Hanzaki, attempted to enter the human world with the help of the evil Shikima Clan. However, before his dark embrace descended on humanity, the lovely ninja of the Miroku Clan. Miko and her older sister Miyu faced him in a fight to the death. The two women managed to defeat the powerful, Hanzaki.

But during the battle, Miyu became pregnant with the Sex Demon King’s child. Now the Shikima prepare for battle once more and this time, their key to victory will be Miyu's evil child.

Sep 7, 2020

La Blue Girl: Revenge of the Sex Demon King (1995)

This was a manga and anime series which spawned video games and three films.  While it definitely falls in that insane genre of films called hentai, it takes a more campy approach and is nowhere near porn. Indeed, it feels more like a fun monster movie - but with horny tentacles making a cameo here and there. [The Trilogy: Blue Girl 12 and 3]

Sep 6, 2020

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985)

I've loved this movie for a very long time; ever since seeing it on VHS way back when.  It may be my first exposure to uncut sleaze other countries were putting out in the eighties, not suitable for even USA Up All Night or Elvira.  I remember being shocked given the benign family-friendly box art.  So, there's a bit of nostalgic affection for a film which may not truly deserve it. But there it is.

Bouncy and Buxom in Upper Bavaria (1984)

(Original Title: Prall und drall in Oberbayern AKA Blood Boy Beasts ... Ready for Anything and Blutjunge Biester... zu allem bereit) A couple dudes travel to Munich to make a film about boobs.  Sounds like a solid idea to me.

Myriam (1982)

If you are expecting anything other than Bea Fiedler having sex and getting naked, you're going to be disappointed, as that is all this movie is.  If seeing Bea Fiedler having sex and getting naked is all you want out of a film, well this is bound to be a favorite.

Autopsy (1975)

Rome is under a historic heatwave with sunspots triggering erratic behavior among its inhabitants.  A medical examiner searches to solve the mystery of a suicide.

Sep 5, 2020

Ehemänner-Report (1971)

There seems to be no end to the number of Schulmädchen-Report films released in the seventies.  This one is special because it features both Sybil Danning and Ingrid Steeger.

Devil Sorcery (1988)

A sorcerer's apprentice betrays his master and goes on to create trouble in another town, possessing a woman.

Day of the Nightmare (1965)

An artist's wife is being stalked by a strange woman in sunglasses straight outta Dressed to Kill. 

Corpse Mania (1981)

A Shaw Brothers giallo about a masked necrophiliac whose killing off prostitutes.  While it's certainly a seedy subject matter, the film isn't nearly as sleazy and gross as you might expect.