Jun 23, 2018

I Like The Girls Who Do (1973)

Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten (1973) - A German sex comedy about a guy who has to have sex with seven women in order to inherit a fortune.

Golden Temple Amazons (1986)

Original title - Les amazones du temple d'or (1986) written and directed by Jesús Franco.

The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1971)

A slasher is on the loose at the Florence Nightingale nursing school.  From Eric Jeffrey Haims, the director of the much worse, but no less bizarre A Clockwork Blue.

The Toy Box (1971)

"A Pandora's Box of Freudian Depravity" - you're not likely to a film much stranger than this.  A sleazy LSD nightmare that I can't imagine seeing on the big screen in '71.  Let's have a look...

Dark Bar (1989)

Italian cinema in the seventies was overflowing with crazy sexy giallos, but the genre waned in the eighties. Let's see what a late eighties giallo looks like... starring Captain Apollo from Battlestar Galactica!

Jun 22, 2018

Hot Summer in the City (1976)

Sometimes you're just in the mood for one of the most offensive films ever made.  Quentin Tarantino has called this film, "The Best Porno Ever" - so, how can we not have a look?

The Hang Up (1969)

A burned out vice detective gets tangled up in a criminal organization and a girl that may be his undoing.

Laura's Toys (1975)

A while back, we looked at the Joe Sarno film, Confessions of an American Housewife (1974) also starring Mary Mendum - and found it to be better than expected.  The Sarno pictures I've seen always have the feel of an adult soap opera - well acted, well photographed, and featuring that same brand of romantic drama, but with nudity.  Let's have a look at a Sarno/Mendum picture from the following year.

Die Watching (1993)

Christopher Atkins plays a dude haunted by childhood trauma which makes him do bad things.  Let's have a look at those bad things...

Satan's Slave (1976)

Movies about devil cults were all over the place in the seventies.  Attribute it to the successes of Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist, or just the growing interest in the occult back then; but for whatever reason, Satansploitation was big.  Satan's Slave is one of the more notable ones in that it features quality actors and was widely commented upon by critics worldwide.  The verdict was very polarizing, with critics either loving or hating it.  Let's have a look at this landmark satanic flick and see which side VZ1 falls on...

Jun 21, 2018

Night Eyes Three (1993)

"The More He Watched... The More He Wanted."
Another installment of the Andrew Stevens/Shannon Tweed franchise.

Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc (1971)

A Danish sex comedy about a prostitute's last day on the job.

Heat of Midnight (1966)

Original Title: Espions à l'affût (1966)

Jun 19, 2018

Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)

This controversial film was shot under the title Sardu: Master of the Screaming Virgins, then it was retitled The Incredible Torture Show for theatrical release.  For video, Troma renamed it Bloodsucking Freaks.

I rented this around 1985-86 and was wholly unprepared for what I saw: a dark, grimy, nihilistic, film about torturing women.  I'm not sure that I ever felt so deflated and depressed after watching a movie.... I had to watch Nigh Court or something to wash away the awful taste this movie left behind.

Thirty years later, I think it's time to pay this film another visit and see if it has anywhere near the same dank impact...

Veronica 2030 (1999)

A robot designed for sex is transported back in time; mishaps, shenanigans and nudity ensue.

Jun 18, 2018

Blood Diner (1987)

"First they greet you.  Then they eat you."

The Swingin' Stewardesses (1971)

AKA Stewardesses Report (1971) and Die Stewardessen (original title)
There were a ton of these type of films back then which featured women of a certain profession in a "sexual anthology" of sorts.  We've covered a number of them on VZ1 including The Stewardesses(1969), The Student Nurses (1970), The Student Teachers (1973) and Candy Stripe Nurses (1974).  

Caged Heat 3000 (1995)

Just over twenty years after Jonathan Demme's landmark Women In Prison (WIP) flick, comes this science fiction spin.  It contains all the tropes (and sleaze) as the original, but it's set in the future.  This demands a look...

The Night of the Spanish Fly (1976)

A batch of hot dogs has been contaminated with a chemical that acts as a love potion, turning anyone who eats them into raging sex fiends.

The Man with the Severed Head (1973)

AKA Crimson | Las ratas no duermen de noche (original title); Paul Naschy is a criminal who gets a new brain from someone even more debased than he is.

Jun 17, 2018

Cold Blooded Beast (1971)

AKA Slaughter Hotel/ La bestia uccide a sangue freddo (original title).  A maniac is on the loose in a mental institution for rich women.  Featuring the always intense Klaus Kinski and the always naked Rosalba Neri.

Sex Play (1984)

Sex Play is a prime example of an adult film that they just don't make anymore.  There's a decent budget, a genuinely funny script, good direction - it just happens to have graphic sex here and there.  We can't comprehend a time when these films were actually films - not just pornos.  It would be just a few years and the internet would change the industry completely.  A well made adult film, with a plot, script, film crew, etc. would quickly become a thing of the past.

But I digress.  Let's have a look at an adult film comedy about a legendary porn star who has an embarrassing secret....

Jun 16, 2018

Little Sisters (1972)

This is a rated X movie by Alex de Renzy, who did close to two hundred adult flicks from the seventies through the nineties.  He may hold the record for the most films with the word "anal" in the title.

Thankfully, this isn't one of his later pornos.  This is from the seventies, when adult films were meant for theatrical release, and often had a real production crew, script, actors, etc.  In other words, a real movie - but with graphic sex.  This film starts as a gentle pastoral story and quickly devolves into a warped fever-dream that I won't soon forget.  Let's have a look...

Murder Weapon (1989)

A couple chicks with checkered pasts hold a pool party, and the dudes get whacked one-by-one.  It stars Linnea Quigley, so you know that means campy fun and gratuitous nudity. Let's have a look.

There's No Sex Like Snow Sex (1974)

There's No Sex Like Snow Sex (1974) original title - Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose
A bus full of snow bunnies stays at a picturesque Bavarian inn; while a couple of local star-crossed lovers try to get together despite the girl's disapproving father.  It's a lighthearted sex comedy that's just naughty enough to be worth a look...

Quake (1992)

After the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, a woman awakens to find herself hostage to a psychopath.  I actually remember when this came out because I really wanted to see it - this wasn't long after Erika Anderson's sizzling performance in Zandalee.

Born of Fire (1987)

A striking film about a Turkish flutist who is summoning the end of the world... but not if an English flutist can stop him first!

Byleth: The Demon of Incest (1972)

Byleth: The Demon of Incest (1972); original title Byleth (Il demone dell'incesto) - an Italian Gothic horror film featuring an aristocrat with incestuous urges and a demon that won't leave him alone.  Let's have a look.

I Spit On Your Corpse (1974)

I Spit On Your Corpse - AKA Girls For Rent, a film by Al Adamson.  Car chases, gun play, boobs, and explosions abound in this grindhouse flick featuring Georgina Spelvin from The Devil in Miss Jones, Rosalind Miles from numerous blaxsploitation flicks, and one of Dean Martin's Golddiggers.  Let's take a look...

Jun 15, 2018

How to Make a Doll (1968)

"The wildest invention since The Pill.  Beautiful, voluptuous robots programmed for one purpose: SEX! SEX! SEX!"   Hershel Gordon Lewis wrote and directed this film about a professor who constructs robots in the image of hot babes in bikinis.  Let's take a look...

The Killer Eye (1999)

It's a movie about a giant rapey eyeball - so, of course, it demands a VZ1 look.

The Beauties and the Beast (1974)

A horny Sasquatch terrorizes girls in various states of undress, starring seventies sexploitation faves Sandy Carey, Uschi Digard and Colleen Brennan.

Jun 12, 2018

Pretty Smart (1987)

The movie poster is a bit deceiving.  It looks like your standard teen movie for girls, but is actually quite a sleazy little hot mess that deserves a look.

Jun 7, 2018

The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1976)

In the vein of the Carry On films, or more exactly, the Confessions films, comes another randy British sex romp.

Jun 2, 2018

The Ramrodder (1969)

A sexploitation flick featuring two members of the Manson Family.  This just has to be checked out.

Lady Stay Dead (1981)

The Australian horror film Lady Stay Dead has a special place in my heart.  I rented it way back in 1986 with low expectations, but ended up loving it.  It stuck with me for years after.   When viewed through a lens from 2018, maybe it's not so hot.  But on that night in '86, watching it on my VCR, it definitely delivered the goods.

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)

Mardi Gras Massacre was on the infamous "Video Nasty" list in the UK.  Let's see if it deserves its bad reputation...

Spaced Out (1979)

A nerd and a few fellow earthlings enter a spaceship with a crew of three sexy aliens.  Madcap sci-fi shenanigans ensue.

Jun 1, 2018

Gore Whore (1994)

I'm not a huge fan of gore... but when the title is Gore Whore, how can I resist?  It's a tale of a zombie street whore who keeps herself "alive" by an unconventional method  that you won't soon forget.