Mädchen auf Stellungssuche - Der Hostessen-Sex-Report (1973)

(AKA The Hostess Sex Report) Despite the title this really isn't a Schulmädchen-Report film. It is the story of a young couple who can't seem to find privacy to screw. The girl's parents are real strict, and send her to stay with another couple while they're away rather than letting her have the place to herself. Turns out, the couple are swingers and things get more debaucherous than if she'd been allowed to stay home alone. There's also a long section which deals with the various job misadventures of another character. Hence the "Mädchen auf Stellungssuche" - "girls looking for jobs" in the original title. The film features Britt Corvin, one of my favorite German sexploitation stars.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ 5/10

REVIEW: Not sure how I feel about a third of the film suddenly being about Nicole's job adventures, but overall a fun film. For fans of Britt Corvin, a must see.


I know it's a bit hard to identify when there's an artistic filter applied; however, the film quality is so poor that the raw image is no better. This movie has several unidentified ladies; probably the one I'd like to ID the most is Katia who has a very memorable appearance. First she's stuck on a guy's dick spinning on a swing - then runs naked through the apartment building.

Also worthy of identifying is the daughter who gets caught by her father in the changing stall, and the woman who Nicole is hired to wash in the shower.


Robby (Kurt Meinicke) and Gaby (Britt Corvin) are looking to buy a car. The car dealers demonstrate having sex in several of the vehicles. They settle on a VW bug and park down a country road. They undress, but have trouble finding room to have sex in such a cramped space. So, Gaby gets on the hood. But the emergency brake is not on, and the car goes rolling down the hill with Gaby on the hood. Gaby gets off the hood, and the couple runs after the vehicle, making quite a scene among hikers. Back in the car, they are still bothered by passer by, and they give up.

Gaby's parents are going away and don't trust her to stay home alone. Her strict father leaves her in the care of the Bergers. Mrs. Evelyn Berger (Hani Borelle) welcomes Gaby into the home. Nicole (Gaby Borck) is a guest; a friend of Evelyne. They play a game where the couples' arms and legs are tied, and the guys have to pull the women's clothes off with their teeth. Evelyn has all her clothes completely removed. Robby arrives and is greeted by Nicole who is completely naked. He comes in at the wrong time - just as Gaby's clothes are removed. Robby leaves in disgust. Evelyn, Nicole and Susanne laugh at Gaby who is a bit too naive and innocent to get it. Evelyn puts on a record. Evelyn puts on a record and Nicole pairs up with a gent. Gaby gets drunker and drunker. She's told to pull a name from the vase. It must be a mistake - Evelyn is paired with a female. But they roll with it. Gaby is sloppy drunk and carried to the bedroom. She immediately passes out. The guys are disappointed. Gaby is out cold.

The next morning Gaby tells Evelyn she has a terrible hangover, and Robby is upset with her. Gaby does some exploration at a sex shop. At the pool, Robby and Gaby try to find some privacy in a changing room stall. Again it appears too cramped and awkward to have sex. Suddenly a guy starts banging on the door. Josef Moosholzer is looking for his daughter. The daughter in the next stall knows she's busted. She goes running around the public pool half naked with her father chasing her.

Back at the Berger's place, Nicole tells some stories of mishaps at her various jobs. At her place of employment, she had to wash this woman. Nicole is disturbed to see guys are watching from the window. The woman doesn't seem to mind - in fact, this seems to be a part of the plan. (Not sure why this movie suddenly turns into a series of stories of Nicole's work misadventures, but there it is.) At her next place of employment, Nicole is asked to wear a dress with the boobs cut out. At the following job, Nicole must get naked for an artist. He paints on her body. When the artist gets too handsy, Nicole runs down the stairs. She's grabbed by an elderly neighbor and pulled into his apartment. The man offers her his bathroom to clean off the paint. But he turns out to be a pervert, taking pictures of her. For Nicole's next job, she works for Katia, a prostitute. You'll remember the dad from the pool. He's Katia's next client. Katia is suspended on a tire swing with the guy's dick underneath. She's then spun around. Katia gets stuck. Nicole has to pour cold water on them to get them unstuck. Katia gets forceful with Nicole who resists. Katia tries to block the door, but Nicole escapes. Katia chases after her naked in the apartment stairwell. Katia's neighbors are horrified at the public indecency.

Nicole's stories are done. Gaby returns to see Evelyn. Evelyn is stark naked and is happy to see her. Gaby reunites with Robby. But one of the girls rushes in, interrupting them. She's running from a guy and hides in a closet. Gaby hides under a sofa. The guy chasing after the runaway girl pulls Gaby from under the sofa. Robby is able to get it all sorted out and takes Gaby back to the bedroom.

Gaby's parents are back. Robby tries his best, but her father is insulting to him. Gaby and her father get in a huge fight. She leaves with Robby. Later, Gaby and Robby go to Lydia's massage parlor. As luck would have it - guess what they find...Gaby's father is getting a "massage". Her father is busted. Gaby and Robby chase after him. Gaby can hold this over him, and so dad has no more room to disapprove of Robby. The couple has finally won. THE END