Robofox (1987)

A nerdy girl is bullied and abused by men. After another abusive evening the poor girl is killed in a car accident. A doctor is conducting some unconventional experiments and puts the girl back together - but this time as a beautiful blonde bombshell - Robofox. But the painful memories are still within this bionic rebuild, and will cause the robo-femme to act out her trauma.


RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6/10

REVIEW: This was a delight. I have to say, I found the opening scene where Darcy is mistreated to be genuinely sad and compelling; Lisa Bright does an amazing job. Followed by: Robofox II: The Collector (1988).

Dr. Johansson (Randy West) warns Dr. Pamela Moses (Krista Lane) about her unethical experiments. "People are not Tinker-Toys. You can't just take them apart and rebuild them to suit your needs." Darcy (Lisa Bright) is a nerdy girl arriving at a bar for a blind date. She's sees that Sam (Tom Byron) is wearing a carnation - which was supposed to be the worn by her blind date. Sam is brutally cruel to Darcy - telling her that her blind date took one look at her, gave the carnation to him and left. Darcy is devastated, but Sam decides to smooth it over. He takes off Darcy's glasses and tells her that she's actually pretty. In the backroom, Sam convinces Darcy to take off her clothes. After sex, Sam tells her, "You're a real nice piece of tail, Darcy. Maybe I'll see you around." Then leaves her high and dry. Darcy is devastated again and orders whiskey neat at the bar to drown her sorrows. Artie (Roger Carr) the bartender rubs salt in her wounds: "Girl, let me tell you - Sam has balled chicks that make playmates look like dog meat. You're not even in the top fifty percent." After further bullying by other guys at the bar, Darcy steps into traffic and is killed.

Dr. Pamela Moses has taken Darcy's body and turned her into Angela (Angela Baron) - note that the term Robofox is never used. She says to the bionic creation: "Possible assault, possible rape. Men never treated you very well. That's all going to change now." An orderly (Billy Dee) is assigned to give Angela a sponge bath. Dr. Moses walks in on the orderly having a bit too much fun at his job. Dr. Moses unexpectedly wants to get down with the orderly. While they're having sex, Angela awakens and she kills the orderly. Dr. Moses shows Dr. Johanssen her creation. Dr. Johanssen performs a medical exam on Angela and finds everything seems to be in order. Dr. Johanssen does warn Dr. Moses that she doesn't know the backstory of the girl that died in the car accident. Her memories may impact the robot creation's behavior.

Dr. Moses indoctrinates Angela with feminist ideology. Angela grows disinterested and wanders into a seedy porn theater where China de Sade (1977) is playing. Angela has sex with the dudes in the theater. Dr. Moses finally finds Angela and whisks her away. Dr. Moses takes Angela to a bar - which so happens to be the same bar where Darcy was abused the day of her death. She remembers Sam from her previous life and drag him to the bathroom. After forcing him to have sex, she kills him. Back in the bar, Dr. Moses has met a girl (Erica Boyer) and they dance. The two ladies get completely naked in front of everyone and start going to town. Meanwhile, Angela has found another of her bullies. After some teasing, she kills him as well. Later, Dr. Moses talks to Dr. Johansson about what a success this experiment has been. They celebrate by having sex. Angela slinks in and sees them having sex. She has been trained by painful memories and Dr. Moses' anti-male lectures - so, what will she do? Will she murder Dr. Johansson? To be continued.