Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975)

Darby Lloyd Rains stars in this lighthearted porno about a girl who is abducted for ransom, but soon drives her kidnappers insane with her insatiable sexual appetite.


RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6/10

REVIEW: It's all played out so humorously that it's easy to forget the pretty problematic plot points (rape, abduction, incest). Leaving that aside, it is a pretty fun, well-made movie.


Darby Lloyd Rains was in a long term relationship with Joe Negroni, one of the members of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers - famous for "Why Do Fools Fall In Love". They lived together for many years. When she found him dead of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1978, Rains left the adult film business and started a new life and business on the west coast.


As mentioned, the film is chock full of problematic material. Thankfully, the film has a silly tone that doesn't allow any of these to be taken too seriously. But here's a few scenes surely to warrant a trigger warning in spite of the playful tenor.

(4) Jackie is passed out on the bed. A bellhop enters the room and sees her spread eagle on the bed and goes for it while she's passed out.
(3) Jackie faints after being attacked, and is molested whilst unconscious by Will in the backseat.
(2) Jackie is still unconscious back at the cabin, and repeatedly assaulted by Will and Fred
(1) Perhaps the worst is the all-too-common trope in the seventies of the rape victim deciding she likes the attackers. Here it's taken to its extreme as Jackie is raped by Fred and Will, then becomes sexually obsessed with them.


Darby Lloyd Rains' yellow micro mini-dress is pretty amazing with those black leather go-go boots. But what sends us over the edge is that amazing coat. Gorgeous.

Fred (Eric Edwards) and Will (Alan Marlow) complain about never getting laid in this small town. Note that the credits have their names reversed. They suddenly notice a hot lady named Jackie Miller (Darby Lloyd Rains) coming out of a store. They decide to abduct Jackie and bring her to a remote cabin owned by Fred's sister. Fred gets kicked in the balls. Jackie faints and Will drags her to the car. Will drives to the house, while Fred plays with the unconscious girl in the backseat. Will is stuck with the job of carrying Jackie inside. Fred goes through her purse and finds that Jackie Miller is actually a rich girl. They could turn this into a lucrative opportunity by holding her ransom. But Mr. Miller isn't interested in paying one red cent for his daughter. Jackie turns out to not be the helpless flower they thought she was...turns out, she has a voracious sexual appetite. She does both Fred and Will over and over again until they're completely spent. She begs for more, but Fred is unable to go another round with this nymphomaniac.

Will calls Mr. Miller and lowers the ransom, but he won't pay a nickel for her. What are they to do? They're stuck with an abducted girl who can't get enough. She makes them breakfast each morning wearing next to nothing. Hank (Levi Richards) is brought in to help, but he too gets dominated by this sex monster. A couple hunters, Mike (Roger Caine) and Buth (Ed Marshall), car has broke down. They also get the treatment. Finally Mr. Miller sends his daughter Lee (Angel Barrett) to provide the ransom money - at a much lower amount than they initially asked for. Jackie is glad to see her sister Lee, and she has a plan. They cut up a newspaper into dollar-bill sized pieces and stuff them into the envelope. They keep the real money for themselves. Jackie and Lee escape to a motel with the money. The sisters have sex. A Bellhop (Daryl Spangler) arrives with room service and can't help but notice Jackie passed out spread eagle on the bed. They have a threesome then kick out the bellboy. It ends with the sisters following Will and Fred, frantically trying to get away.