Very Close Encounters (1987)

[From Electric Blue #46] A beautiful coed turns out to be a visitor from another galaxy. She assists two hapless students in a collegiate science fair, but a conniving competitor has other plans.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 7/10

REVIEW: This was pretty fun, and I have to say - it's better than Zapped! which was full of promise but a total disappointment. If this was a feature length film with a slightly bigger budget this would've done well - certainly a popular rental at the video store.


The girl who who plays Elar the alien is, no exaggeration, one of the top prizes in the world of vintage erotica actress identification (if that's really a thing).  She appeared in several of these mini movies in Electric Blue episodes - generally providing full frontal nudity.  It would stand to reason that the actress' name would receive a credit for at least one of these episodes.  But no.  For now, this remains the holy grail of VZ1 IDs, unless new information has come out recently. 


  1. I’ve been searching for this episode for years! Thank you! Any idea where I can watch?!?

  2. Please post the video.

  3. where can i find the video

  4. where can i find the video


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