A Touch of Sex (1975)

A guy stuck in the fifties must overcome his hangups to be able to enjoy life and embrace the sexual revolution. This film a ton of sexploitation queens from the early seventies: Sandy Carey, Sandy Dempsey, Sunny Boyd, Rene Bond, Jane Tsentas, etc. It was shot in 1972, then shelved. In 1975 they added awful hardcore footage and released it.


RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 7/10

REVIEW: The film has a good sense of humor, there are plenty of naked women and the allegory (albeit ham-fisted) adds another dimension to the story. Americans are stuck in the 1950s mindset; marijuana (the girl Mary Jane) is a gateway to opening the mind to the Sexual Revolution. The figures of Celeste and Margot haunt him at first - are visions to be feared. But ultimately, with a little Mary Jane you can relax and finally let go of sexual hangups.

The addition of hardcore material subtracts from the film significantly. Only Cyndee Summers would provide those intercut scenes in 1975; the others are just gross anatomical close-ups. I suppose things had changed a good deal in the three years since the film was made (1972), and distributors felt the need to include hardcore. Deep Throat came out the same year this was filmed, and by 1975 a film like this had to up its game in the sex department. Unfortunately, it's done so poorly it significantly hurts the film.


Sandy Dempsey (1949-1975) - As the story goes, Sandy retired from the industry and then died shortly thereafter in a boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico.  However, there are those who doubt the story with no definitive proof (at least as of this writing).