An Erotic Werewolf in London (2006)

A werewolf walks into a lesbian bar and (insert joke here). A William Hellfire-Misty Mundae film.


RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ 5/10

REVIEW: It's easy to write these films off; but if you're going to spread the love for the grade-Z horror sleaze of the seventies, then you have to acknowledge these get mighty close to capturing that old trashy flair. Imagine this on grainy 35mm, starring Rene Bond (as Misty) and maybe Sandy Carey as Nurse Carla... it would fit in well at the Deuce or any midnight drive-in.

Ruby Larocca stands in front of a glorious bookshelf of video tapes - mostly recorded copes. At one point they do get close to the collection, but it's still difficult to get a good look on what these tapes are. We do know whose tapes they are - this is the home of director Zachary Snygg.


Misty (Misty Mundae) and Ruby (Ruby Larocca) run a lesbian bar. They have sex on the bar top. A woman from London named Anoushka (Anoushka) walks into the establishment. Misty and Anoushka have sex. Anoushka turns into a werewolf. She bites Misty then leaves. Misty is unconscious and losing blood. Ruby returns and sees her lover, and runs to her aid.

In London, an editor (John Link) tells his reporter, Zoe (Zoe Moonshine), to investigate a supposed werewolf. Zoe meets with Anoushka. Anoushka tells Zoe about her lycanthropy. Anoushka tells her about her neighbor (Linda Murray) who she's obsessed with. Anoushka watches her take a shower. Anoushka brings her neighbor some drinks; but this is all in her fantasy. Back across the pond, Misty finds herself in the hospital in bad shape. The Doctor (Jeff Shields) tells Nurse Nancy (Darian Caine) to attend to Misty, who they think is a victim of a dog bite. Nurse Nancy makes Misty feel better the best way she knows how. Nurse Carla (Julian Wells) takes over the next shift. Nurse Carla also molests the patient. Back in London, Anoushka's neighbor busily plays with herself. Anoushka introduces herself. Anoushka turns into a werewolf and kills her neighbor.

Zoe publishes the story of the werewolf woman. Zoe then flies all the way to the States to warn Ruby. (A phone call might've sufficed.) Misty returns home; Ruby is happy to see her. Misty explains she's not well, and requests she be strapped to the bed so she can't escape. Misty is bound to the bed, and the moon causes her to scream bloody murder. Ruby gets aroused seeing Misty bound to the bed. But then Ruby sees that MIsty is beginning to transform into a werewolf. Misty breaks free of her shackles. Ruby grabs a gun on top of the VHS tapes. Ruby grabs a gun on top of the VHS tapes. She shoots Misty. Misty dies. Ruby cries by the side of her dead lover. THE END