Muerto al hoyo... y el vivo tambien (1990)

(AKA Dead in the Grave... and Alive Too ) A celebrity he-man drops dead at a brothel, and the proprietors must play "Weekend at Bernie's" to avoid trouble. Note that "Muerto al Hoyo" relates to a saying "El muerto al hoyo y el vivo al bollo" - The dead to the hole and the living to the bread; i.e. life goes on for the living.


RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6/10

REVIEW: i don't need to tell you, this is impossibly stupid; however, it was full of energy and a lot of fun. Maribel Fernández brought a lot to this film, and the eye candy among the prostitutes was an embarrassment of riches. I was over the moon for this film when I first saw it. This time around, I'd just have to say it was better than average.


Nina (Maribel Fernández) is the madame of a brothel; La Comadre (Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga') is her flamboyantly gay assistant. The film begins with a romantic boat outing with Nina and her new boyfriend. Naturally, all kinds of mayhem follows - the boat capsizes, the guy gets in a fight, etc. It ends with them flying out of their boat headlong into a cart. Back at the brothel, La Comadre (Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga' is just waking up after a long night.Two prostitutes are passed out in the bed - Lina (Laura Tovar) and Guadalupe (Daisy Sánchez). La Comadre thinks they're dead at first. He revives them with alcohol, but it only makes Lina sick. La Nena (Diana Herrera) is another prostitute. She's fallen for this customer and refuses to take his money. She's fallen for this customer and refuses to take his money. Teresa (Rebeca Silva) is another prostitute. Her passenger can't stop looking at her legs.

After her disastrous boating experience, Nina is back at work. Some wealthy clients arrive, and Jacinto el de Monterrey (Víctor Manuel Castro) has a heart attack. He's attended to by their in-house nurse, Margarita (Gioconda). Jacinto gets an eyeful when she bends over. La Nena (Diana Herrera) tells Teresa she's over the moon for that one client. A celebrity "he-man" Melchor el de Veracruz (Guillermo Rivas) takes Teresa upstairs. After wearing out Teresa, La Lulú (Blanca Nieves) takes her turn. The he-man dies while on top of her., but La Lulú (Blanca Nieves) doesn't realize he's dead, and gets annoyed. Nina (Maribel Fernández) and La Comadre (Pedro Weber 'Chatanuga') find the he-man dead. Rather than raise a scandal, they elect to not call the authorities. Instead, they try to haul him outta there.

Nina tries to distract and entertain the he-man's associates. She's saved by the arrival of Teresa (Rebeca Silva) and La Nena (Diana Herrera). Nina and La Comadre struggle to move and hide the he-man. This is where it becomes Weekend at Bernie's. They're horrified as the he-man rolls down the stairs, alarming the crowd below. But they're able to play it off and get him moved. Nina sets him up at the party with joke glasses. La Nena goes to a room with one of the guys. Margarita (Gioconda) gives Jacinto the brothel's best medical care. In the end, the police bust up the place, and Nina ends up with that guy from the boating incident. THE END