Jun 23, 2020

Linda and Abilene (1969)

Filmed on the notorious Spahn ranch, home to the Manson Family, although no Manson members actually appearing on film as in The Ramrodder (1969). I recall this Herschel Gordon Lewis film was long thought to be lost (at least that what I read in Cinema Sewer years ago).  

 Abilene (Sharon Matt) and Todd (Kip Marsh) are now orphans.

 They continue to work on the farm, but they're depressed and miserable.

 Things change one day when Abilene skinny dips, taking a bath in the nearby creek.

 Todd hides behind a tree and watches his sister bathe, and gets aroused.  

 You may remember Sharon Matt from The Ecstasies of Women (1969) and Infrasexum (1969). She was actually in six films in 1969, then never appeared in another film.

 Abilene is frightened by the sound of a coyote.

 Todd rushes to her side when he hears her scream.

 I think you can see where this is headed.

 The next day, churning butter never felt so good.

 Todd and Abilene spend the next few days just humping like rabbits.

 Todd goes into town and meets a bar floozy named Linda (Bambi Allen).

 Todd decides it's time he screwed someone that's not his sister.

While Todd is away, Abilene is visited by a shady character named Rawhide (Larry Martinelli)

 He tears Abilene's clothes off and rapes her.

 Afterwards, Abilene is traumatized by the incident.

 Todd comes home to find her in this state.  She lets him know she was raped.

She begs him not to go after the rapist, but he does anyway.

 Linda comes over to support Abilene.

 Coulda scene this coming a mile away.

 Todd confronts Rawhide, and they have a showdown. 

Todd is the loser. He's dead, but Abilene seems happy with Linda. THE END

You have to respect that Sharon Matt is a main character and basically spends all her screen time fully nude. Weird that this actress would be so prolific in 1969, but completely off the IMDb map before and after.

It takes its sweet time getting going, with easily twenty minutes of yawn inducing nothingness - then it kicks into gear once Abilene skinny dips.  It was nice to see Bambi Allen (all of Bambi Allen), who HG Lewis used as the host in Miss Nymphet's Zap-In (1970).  All-in-all, not much to see here besides these two ladies naked - which I'm sure is all audiences in 1969 wanted to see anyway.


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