Linda and Abilene (1969)

A Herschel Gordon Lewis film about two siblings who start an incestuous relationship after their parents die. Complications arise when a local floozy and a shady character named Rawhide enter their world.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6/10

REVIEW: I recall this Herschel Gordon Lewis film was long thought to be lost (at least that what I read in Cinema Sewer years ago). Sharon Matt is amazing, and completely uninhibited. The film takes its sweet time getting going, with easily twenty minutes of yawn inducing nothingness - then it kicks into gear once Abilene skinny dips.  

The scene above took place at the Spahn Movie Ranch, the famous headquarters for the Manson family. Director Herschell Gordon Lewis filmed in June 1969 just two months before the Tate-LaBianca murders. As Sharon Matt bathes nude in the stream, Manson's family hovered around. Lewis said they were physically assaulted at one point when they removed a collar from a dog which was disrupting filming. According to Lewis, he and his crew never met Charles Manson himself, but there were dozens of Manson girls roaming around and gawking with curiosity at the crew during the filming.

After decades of watching these old trashy movies, and quite familiar with Bambi Allen's films, I don't think I ever knew she died so young. Reportedly her death was due to health complications brought about by silicone injections.

Sharon Matt plays Abilene and easily spends eighty-percent of her screen time totally naked. Matt has sex with her brother, she skinny dips, has sex with Linda, and is raped by Rawhide. Matt was extremely active in 1969 with seven films to her credit this one year. Unfortunately, Matt never appeared in another film before or after '69.

Abilene (Sharon Matt) and Todd (Kip Marsh) are now orphans. They continue to work on the farm, but they're depressed and miserable. Things change one day when Abilene skinny dips, taking a bath in the nearby creek. Todd hides behind a tree and watches his sister bathe, and gets aroused. Abilene is frightened by the sound of a coyote. Todd rushes to her side when he hears her scream and they have sex. The next day, churning butter never felt so good. Todd and Abilene spend the next few days just humping like rabbits.

Todd goes into town and meets a bar floozy named Linda (Bambi Allen). Todd decides it's time he screwed someone that's not his sister. While Todd is away, Abilene is visited by a shady character named Rawhide (Larry Martinelli). He tears Abilene's clothes off and rapes her. Afterwards, Abilene is traumatized by the incident. Todd comes home to find her in this state. She lets him know she was raped. She begs him not to go after the rapist, but he does anyway. Linda comes over to support Abilene and they have sex. Todd confronts Rawhide, and they have a showdown. Todd is the loser. He's dead, but Abilene seems happy with Linda. THE END


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