Apr 13, 2020

Marsha: The Erotic Housewife (1970)

In The Golden Box (1970) Marsha Jordan and Ann Perry enter a theater playing The Erotic Housewife, a film they are both in.  An unexpected "meta" moment.  Let's join Marsha and Ann and check this film out, shall we?

I enjoy lounge music, I really do.  But this is just unbearable. 

Marsha Bannister (Marsha Jordan) tells her friend Phyllis about the rocky state of her marriage and how it got there...

Their marriage started out strong.  She thinks back to when Greg Bannister (Edward Blessington) carried her across the threshold.

They were so young and happy.

The marriage is consummated. 

Barely finished, their marital bed is stormed by four friends, Natalie & George, Sue & Harry.  Shock soon turns to merriment.  Good times.

In the early days of the marriage, they sure spent a lot of time with Natalie (Luanne Roberts) and her husband George (Roger Gentry).

Dinner and dancing.

While George and Marsha step away, we find that Greg and Natalie have something going.

They have a child - Greg Junior.  Marsha is going nuts stuck at home with a crying baby, while Greg's life is still coasting along smoothly.

Greg is a smooth operator and makes her feel better.

Greg hires Natalie as his secretary.

While Greg cavorts with his redheaded secretary, Marsha is still stuck tending to Greg Jr.

Greg and Natalie enjoy drinks in bed.

A bit of full frontal nudity as Luanne Roberts puts the platter on the nightstand. 

This is the closest we get to FFN with Marsha; and that nightie is pretty damn transparent.  Marsha is upset because Greg doesn't seem interested in having sex with her anymore.

Then, one day, it all makes sense.  She rushes with Greg Jr. to the airport to bring him a forgotten item, and catches him with Natalie.

"I decided he'll regret the day he traded Marsha for that low grade nymphomaniac." And so, Marsha goes to a bar and hooks up with Frank. 

Being the classy guy that he is, Frank invites her into his love machine.

Next, Marsha says "fuck it" and goes to Vegas.  She falls in love with the town.

Shecky Green at the Riviera!

At a casino, Marsha hooks up with Marty, a piano player.

Back at home, Marsha's neighbors, Sue (Ann Perry) and Harry (Marland Proctor), are enjoying some horseplay. Sue yells: "You're crazy!  I never heard of such a thing.  You come home at lunch to rape your own wife in the kitchen?"

Harry strips off her housecoat and puts her on the counter.

Marsha, coming over to borrow an ingredient for Greg Jr.'s birthday cake, sees them... and enters anyway.

Marsha is shocked and horrified when Sue and Harry make the suggestion to invite Greg over for some swinging.

After all this, Phyllis has a plan.  She thinks Greg is actually an A-OK guy; he's just lost his way.  She suggest they try to make him jealous.  So, she holds a backyard barbecue.

Marsha leaves with Harry to go get a missing ingredient for the barbecue. (All a part of Phyllis' plan.) It starts to look like rain, so they take the party indoors.

The blonde Ingred Hansen doesn't have a speaking part, but with that ultra-short micro-miniskirt, she doesn't need to.

Greg starts to get really anxious about Marsha being gone for so long with Harry.  When they finally return, they have a big argument in front of everyone, with Marsha not holding back about Natalie.

Greg asks for forgiveness.  He realizes he was taking her for granted.  He asks if she had any affairs herself while he was being so neglectful.  She just winks at the camera.

I imagine audiences in 1970 would have been pretty bored.  I enjoyed it for a nostalgic look into the suburban life from five decades past, and I'm a fan of Jordan and Perry.  But I suspect it would have been yawn inducing at the drive-in.


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