Country Cuzzins (1970)

Here's another hicksploitation classic from Director Bethel Buckalew, the man that brought us Midnight Plowboy, Southern Comforts, Sassy Sue, The Pigkeeper's Daughter, and Tobacco Roody.

  • Billie Jo Peabody (Rene Bond)
  • Jeeter Peabody (Steven Hodge)
  • Jeff Peabody (Mark Buckalew)
  • Grandma Peabody (Zena Foster)
  • Prudence Peabody (Ellen Stephens),
  • Leroy Peabody (John Tull)
  • Norma Jean (Susan Westcott).
  • Walter Wimpy (George 'Buck' Flower), party guest
  • party guest (Debbie Osbourne)
  • Fester Peabody (Jack Richesin)
RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6/10

REVIEW: Country Cuzzins was par for the course - not a letdown, but not really rising above Buckalew's hicksploitation series either. Lots of good old fashioned nudity amid total stupidity. Just what I expected, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Billie Jo Peabody (Rene Bond) is a spunky country girl. She washes up using a garden hose. Jeeter (Steven Hodge) and Jeff (Mark Buckalew) Peabody catch sight of Billie Jo in the buff. Steven Hodge). They chase her around the farm before pinning her down in the barn. Thankfully, Billie Jo is able to fend her horny brothers off with a pitchfork. Grandma Peabody (Zena Foster) is getting on in years, so she decides to hold a Peabody family reunion. Among the guests is Prudence Peabody (Ellen Stephens), a stuck up rich lady from the big city. Leroy Peabody (John Tull), the family stud, takes a shine to Prudence, who, for whatever reason, finds him charming. Leroy teaches Prudence how to swing from a rope. Billie Jo drinks moonshine with Jeeter and Jeff. This causes her to get drunk and take her clothes off. Billie Jo passes out in the barn. Back at the Peabody reunion, they play a game of 'catch the chicken'. Whoever catches it will win a goat. While the Peabody's chase a chicken around the farm (with Prudence actually winning), Billie Jo swings around drunk and nude in the barn. Leroy pays a visit to Norma Jean (Susan Westcott). Leroy and Norma Jean have sex - with Norma Jean rammed upside down, bent over backwards, etc.

Prudence has invited all these hillbillies to her posh home in the city. She actually has pretty shitty intentions - to basically laugh at her redneck relatives as they contend with "civilized" life in the big city. Ignorant to Prudence's bad intentions, the Peabodys pile into a truck and head out. There's a big party at Prudence's place with a band and of city slicker guests. The Peabody clan is invited to join in. Billie Jo uses the rest room and is fascinated by the toilet. Party guests and the Peabody clan start pairing up. Jeeter goes to the bedroom with a ginger (Debbie Osbourne). They move quick in the city. The ginger takes her clothes off and is ready to have sex with Jeeter. But Jeeter runs off and the girl follows behind - walking naked through the living room. Jeeter hides in the bathroom and won't come out - much to her dismay. But Leroy comes to her rescue... and they have sex.Meanwhile, Billie Jo is getting hit on by a lecherous guest named Walter Wimpy (George 'Buck' Flower). He gets his women by saying he's an agent or record producer who can make the girls famous. But first he must perform a medical inspection to see if she's fit enough to be a rock star. They have sex, and Wimpy dies in the process.Prudence confesses her bad intentions to the Peabody family patriarch, Fester (Jack Richesin). She realizes now that she was happiest when she was free on the farm; the city life sucks. Fester says she can come visit anytime. THE END


  1. This was the first of Buckalew's hick-flicks, so it's not surprising that he has the formula honed by the later ones. There seems to be too many characters that aren't properly introduced. It does get confusing at times trying to figure out who's doin' who.


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