Midnite Plowboy (1971)

Directed by Bethel Buckalew, the man that brought us the sleazy hicksploitation classics: Southern Comforts, Sassy Sue, The Pigkeeper's Daughter, and Tobacco Roody.

  • Junior (John Tull)
  • The madam (Nan Cee)
  • Bernice (Debbie Osborne), prostitute
  • Sally (Cristy Anna), prostitute
  • Herb (Jack Richesin), brothel owner
  • swinger wife (Terri Johnson)
  • boat girl (Pamela Princess)
RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6/10

REVIEW: I can't help it. I find Buckalew's sleazy hicksploitation movies a lot of fun. They don't require you to use a single solitary brain cell, but their full of giddy energy and naked girls. I'll take that any day over the oh-so-edgy and pretentious film this picture takes its name from.


Cristy Anna provides one helluva view as the van doors are opened and she is facing the camera with legs open. A mystery why this cute and clearly uninhibited actress has no other credits - unless perhaps she went by another name in other films. Still, she leaves quite an impression.


Nan Cee is a beautiful woman and she bares all in her scene with the gross Herb. Another mystery as to her identity and backstory.


Pamela Princess plays the boat girl in this film. She's interesting because she also has very small roles in two other Buckalew Hicksploitation films. In Southern Comforts she has a brief appearance as a square dance singer. In Country Cuzzins she plays a very bit part as one of the Peabody clan. In neither of the two roles does she provide any nudity. I wonder what her backstory is.


As with pretty much every Buckalew hicksploitation flick, it begins with both an original song, and handmade title credits. Junior (John Tull) is a country boy who wants to go to Hollywood (much like another film with a similar sounding title, but much less pretentious and soul shattering). He meets a husband and wife (Terri Johnson), who are happy to give him a lift. The couple are swingers. The wife wants to do Junior in the backseat while the husband drives. The wife strips down for Junior, who's horrified and declines. The husband puts a gun to his head and makes him have sex with his wife. Junior arrives in Hollywood. It's a far cry from his humble country home. We get some nice shots of 1971 Hollywood.

Junior looks for a place to stay and winds up at a whorehouse. The madam (Nan Cee) is happy to let him stay. Junior is introduced to one of the whores, Bernice (Debbie Osborne). Next, he meets Sally (Cristy Anna) who shows him her boobs. Junior is impressed. Junior meets the whole "staff". He's completely inexperienced, but the girls don't mind. He has sex with all five of them. Madam speaks with the owner of this establishment, Herb (Jack Richesin). He has a plan to bring more money to this brothel - by implementing a delivery service. Yes, whores will be delivered to the customer's doorstep, and they can have sex in the back of the van. Genius. Madame and Herb have sex.

The whore delivery van rolls up. Isn't she beautiful? Herb hires Junior as its driver. Junior brings the van to their first customer.Sally is in the back. As Junior drives the van around, Sally and the gentlemen get busy in the back. After several days of whore delivery, Junior takes Bernice out to the woods. He tells her she's too good to be a whore, and that he loves her... then they have sex. Junior and Bernice return to find Madame and Herb depressed. A pimp has threatened them for infringing on his territory. With their van service closed, and their walk-in service dried up, what are the to do? Junior has an idea. He's met a pretty girl (Pamela Princess) by the docks and pays her a visit. Junior has sex with her, and she promises she'll do anything for him. Apparently she's a moll for a local mobster, and this is their yacht. Junior brings back the good news. They're moving on from the van service... and now providing yacht service. Hooray! THE END