Video Zeta Lists


If there's one thing I enjoy doing it's making a list for no goddamn reason at all. With going on five thousand films under our belt, there's plenty of material to pull from.  From cataloguing tropes to ranking nude scenes by year, we've got plenty of material to pull from; so, let's have a look at some Video Zeta Lists


Aside from the fact that the very nature of this list is totally subjective and a matter of personal preference, I did try to at least try to think on how to approach this list and judge the films.  As with Mr. Skin [see Mr. Skin's list - VZ1 List #12], you do have to consider who is actually getting naked; however, unlike Mr. Skin it's not weighted quite so much on celebrity.

A second point of assessment is how memorable and outstanding the scene is.  So, right off the bat, a lot of sex scenes get discounted because they're generally all the same. So, for example, a Ginger Lynn sex scene is, well, pretty ho-hum  par-for-the-course... but Ginger Lynn getting a prison delousing  - now that's cinema magic! 

Another example of this point is where an unexpected nude scene comes out of nowhere.  The standard illustrations of this are Just One of the Guys, The Woman in Red, and Doc Hollywood  - and the fact that you don't need me to tell which scenes we're talking about is all the evidence you need that the unexpected element is perhaps the most powerful in making a nude scene memorable. Now here are the lists! 







More to come... stay tuned.


  1. I'd love to see a list of films with simply the most amount of on screen runtime nudity.

    1. Agreed and many such lists are coming your way. Just stick with VZ1; it takes some time to rewatch and revisit these films - but definitely in the works!

    2. Exciting! You’ve probably already thought of this, but variations of such a concept could be “most on screen casual nudity”, “best jungle woman nudity”, “best fantasy film nudity”, “best action/adventure films”, “best films overall”. Much appreciated; most of us wouldn’t know countless of these films without you.