Playboy Late Night


I remember the Playboy channel way back in the early eighties when it was scrambled, but a little fine tuning of the dial could get it somewhat visible.  The channel featured movies but a lot of original programming - including magazine shows.  We've looked at a number of Electric Blue episodes, but there was another - Playboy Late Night. 

In 1989, they cancelled the channel and opted for a pay-per-view service which meant $4.95 per night in the US. So, from 8PM to 6AM you got whatever was playing that evening for under five bucks. "Playboy Late Night" was born, and began as a strictly European offering. The series lasted a decade, ending (as far as I can tell) in 1999. There's honestly not a lot of information on this magazine show, but episodes are floating around the internets including the VEF

Why bother covering these tame magazine shows? For one, it's an excellent slice of nostalgia. While many of the pieces are pretty boring, there are many gems to be found if you're willing to wade through - including a number of VZ1 regulars (such as Julie Strain, Tane McClure, Jenna Bodnar and Monique Parent) who are just getting their start.  The episodes often contained a comedy sketch (which often were quite good), animated bits, and a news segment. 

So, check out the episode rundowns. Note that each post is generally a combination of two episodes.  Also, they are not necessarily in order - i.e. the date displayed at the end of each episode only includes the year, and no IMDb or official chronology is out there that I can find.


Playboy Late Night (1989)
Playboy Late Night (1989) #2
Playboy Late Night (1989) #3
Playboy Late Night (1989) #4
Playboy Late Night (1989) #5

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