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Yeah, that's right.  We're covering these strange and depraved Japanese flicks - Japanese Adult Video (JAV).  These studios each produced thousands of the most ridiculous and outlandish sexploitation flicks ever, and we're going to slog through them.  With each new title comes another weirdo idea.  We're cataloging the videos here.

These studios utilize the JAV Code for titles. Since they put out so many videos, it just makes sense to use an alphanumeric code rather than come up with a unique title each time.  And these codes make it much easier to look up.

The system utilizes a 3-4 letter studio/series identifier, followed by a 3-digit sequential number (Example: RCTD-121 = Rocket Studios #121)

Uncensored videos use the 6-digit release date followed by a sequential number and an abbreviation of the studio name (Example: 071313_626-1pon)

We've only just started, so check back as we add to our list.  We've started with Rocket Studios primarily, but will branch out.  Stay tuned!

DASD-937 - Time Stop
An anchorwoman is terrorized by the time pervert

MVSD-357 - Time Stop
Revenge against a stuck up college girl

RCTD-028 - Time Stop
The Watch That Stops Time - Part 5

RCTD-121 - X-ray Specs
Glasses can see through bikinis at the beach

RCTD-124  - Boob enlarger
A device increases bra size to an insane degree

RCTD-130 - Vibrator challenge
Girls in an office with a vibrator insertion must beat the clock

RCTD-152 - Time Stop
The Watch That Stops Time - Part 11  

RCTD-187 - Hypno Virus
A computer virus turns women into thrusting zombies

RCTD-202 - Time Stop
The Watch That Stops Time - Part 12

RCTD-218 - Bodyjack
Two kids inhabit the bodies of girls via a body jack pill.

RCTD-301 - Sex Change
A nerd turns into a cosplaying chick - but then sprouts a unit

RCTD-313 - Time Stop
The Watch That Stops Time - Part 16 

RCTD-344 - Anchorwoman 
A TV anchorwoman does naughty things on camera

RCTD-350 - Human Basilisk
A guy turns his mean boss to stone

RCTD-351 - Body Swap
A nerd swaps bodies with a school slut

RCTD-357 - Body swap
A guy turns into his sister

RCTD-368 - Time Stop
The Watch That Stops Time - Part 20 

RCTD-376 - Anchorwoman
A TV anchorwoman does naughty things on camera - Same as RCTD-344

RCTD-455 - Android 
A futuristic world with android sex slaves

The population is infected again with that crazy haigure virus

RCTD-475 - Time Rewind
A loser rewinds time to rape a nurse and doctor repeatedly

Caribbeancom-123118_825 - Time Stop
A secretary is terrorized by the time stop pervert

 Last updated 11/6/23

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