Emmanuelle Movies


Original Emmanuelle Series (France)

French Made-for-TV

Laura Gemser - Black Emanuelle (Italy)

The Italian answer to the wildly popular French francise. We get the same free love activity and exotic locales, but with Laura Gemser instead of Sylvia Krystal - and with the initial films directed by Joe D'Amato. Some of these Gemser movies aren't considered part of the "Black Emanuelle" canon, but who's to say?  

Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976)
Sister Emanuelle (1977)

Miscellaneous Emmanuelle 
With the success of the first Emmanuelle movie in 1974, there would be no end to the sequels and imitators for years to come. You could easily hitch your wagon to that money-maker by simply including the name Emmanuelle in the title.  

USA Emmanuelle 1990s-2000s

Emmanuelle in Space 

Emmanuelle 2000  
Takes up more-or-less where Emmanuelle 7 (1993) left off - with the virtual device.  Holly Sampson is this Emmanuelle, who uses the device (in the shape of a heart shaped pendant) to connect with people having sex via a VR type system.

Emmanuelle Private Collection 
Natasja Vermeer plays this Emmanuelle, and there doesn't seem to much rhyme or reason to this series; no central conceit or overarching story. 

Sex Talk (2003)

Emmanuelle Through Time  

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