Oct 6, 2023

Video Zeta Inventory - Sex Ed Films


They're not fooling anyone. The "education" aspect is just a sneaky method to get away with showing sexual content by cloaking themselves in the protective mantle of being an education film. They may seem like legit, well-intentioned documentaries, but we know better.  They are all wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, but some are just better at disguising it than others.

So, here's a running list of these sex education films:



This one from Germany takes a more serious (less exploitative) approach; notable for featuring Karin Schubert.

A skin flick disguised as a documentary about "the psychology of wife swapping" 

William Rotsler dishes up a pseudo documentary on the decadence of the counterculture  


A faux documentary where "hidden cameras" are used to capture decadence around Los Angeles


Inspired by the best selling book The Sensuous Woman 

The Family Studies Institute pretends to give guidance on sex, but it's just a collection of tenuously linked vignettes 

 Allen Funt's first foray into Candid, Candid, Candid Camera

Supposedly the first British example 

Based on a 1967 book by the same name 

A French documentary about prostitution. 


A pseudo documentary comedy written (in part) by Buck Henry.  

Ed Wood, Jr.'s follow up to the awful faux documentary The Postgraduate Course in Sexual Education

A pseudo documentary about the sex trade 


A documentary about the sexual revolution 


A Swedish "documentary" wherein sex therapists recount various letters.


A professor invites five students over to his house to his house for a special class on sex education


A British faux documentary about the history of prostitution 


A mondo Ozploitation flick 


Masquerades as a British Public Information film 

This documentary chronicles the promotion and pageantry of the Miss Nude America contest  


An odd mixture of montages comprises this documentary about sex in Italy.  


This Australian faux sex-education film takes each letter of the alphabet to demonstrate the subject

1980s - PRESENT

A pseudo documentary from Italy on supposedly bizarre sexual practices. 
German faux documentary about the telephone sex industry
This is an hour long "instructional" tape on how to do sexting online 

From "The Better Sex Video" series

From the "Sexuality Reports" series by Juli Ashton 

Updated 10/27/23

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