Oct 3, 2023

Video Zeta Inventory - Nudist Films


Nudist pictures hold a special place in the history of sexploitation cinema, so deserve some attention on VZ1.  While they often figure into movies as an excuse for gratuitous nudity, on this page we're looking at films whose primary purpose is around nudism. They really fall into two categories: (1) The early nudist films of the 1960s which used nudism as a loophole to evade criminal prosecution, and (2) The  'naked and free' lifestyle presented in a travelogue or documentary format

Erotica (1961)

Maslin Beach (1997)


Charlie Simonds nudist films released on VHS in the UK.

Like It Is (1968)

Nudism is featured but not necessarily the focus of the film

Viva (2007)

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