Oct 21, 2023

Playboy's Erotic Fantasies II (1992)

Follows Playboy's Erotic Fantasies (1992); a collection of stylish (and dialog free) vignettes. [See the VZ1 Series Page for additional videos in the Erotic Fantasies series]

"Ghost Writer"

A writer (Samantha Dorman) arrives at a bed and breakfast

She is shown to her room where she'll hopefully find inspiration to write

The writer fantasizes about a man in a painting 

She has sex with the man who appears out of the painting.  When the bed and breakfast owner checks on the writer, she finds she is gone.  An old photograph on the mantle indicates she has gone back in time to be with her ghost lover.

"Desert Foxes"

A pilot crashes in the desert

He is rescued by Erin O'Bryan and Griffin Drew

They have sex on the crash site

He says goodbye to his rescuers who turn out to be just a mirage.

"Love Sick"

After a skiing accident a guy is stuck with a homely nurse

The nurse turns into hottie Morgan Fox and they have sex

"One on One"

Lori Jo Hendrix joins a guy for a game of basketball one on one.

They go to the locker room

Lori Jo Hendrix takes off all her clothes and jumps his bones

"Dance with Me"

Tiffany Sloan is a ballerina

She fantasizes about her ballet instructor


A guy looks through an old yearbook

He remembers a girl named Sherry Becker (Mary Varela)

He thinks back - he was a nerd, and she was hot

Sherry took him to a secluded spot, but all he could think to do was his homework

Sherry shows him how it's done

The guy wakes up from his memories by his wife - who we can see is actually Sherry. THE END

 Vanilla VHS -  bland, soft, and unoriginal.  But still an enjoyable treat. 


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