Jun 18, 2023

Video Zeta List - Top Nude Scenes 1984


Going through Mr. Skin's list from twenty years ago (VZ1 List #12) inspired me to make a similar list; however, there's just too many to really do it justice.  I mean, we've covered well over 4K films at this point.  So, maybe looking at it year by year might be the best way to tackle this.  So, let's pick a random year and give it go.  This round it's 1984!

First a few quick words about how these are ranked.  Aside from the fact that the very nature of this list is totally subjective and a matter of personal preference, I did try to at least try to think on how to approach this list and judge the films.  As with Mr. Skin, you do have to consider who is actually getting naked; however, unlike Mr. Skin it's not weighted quite so much on celebrity.

A second point of assessment is how memorable and outstanding the scene is.  So, right off the bat, a lot of sex scenes get discounted because they're generally all the same. So, for example, a Ginger Lynn sex scene is, well, pretty ho-hum  par-for-the-course... but Ginger Lynn getting a prison delousing  - now that's cinema magic! 

Another example of this point is where an unexpected nude scene comes out of nowhere.  The standard illustrations of this are Just One of the Guys, The Woman in Red, and Doc Hollywood  - and the fact that you don't need me to tell which scenes we're talking about is all the evidence you need that the unexpected element is perhaps the most powerful in making a nude scene memorable. Now on with the list! 

Rats: Night of Terror -
Moune Duvivier attacked by rats

Educating Julie - Gail Ward plays tennis
Essentially a documentary on nudism; Ward gets a class assignment to learn about the lifestyle and let's just say she gets into the project.

Josefine Mutzenbacher - As She Really Was: Part 3 -  Margit Ojetz strips for the Russians
At the end of the routine she asks, "Did it please you, your excellency?" The answer is a resounding yes.

Silent Madness - Daisy White changes her shirt

Matinee Idol - Angel auditions

Lola's Secret - Donatella Damiani gets clean
Lots of great nude scenes from Damiani in this one; so it's hard to choose.  The scene where the housekeeper bathes under the eye of the young rich kid is a keeper.

Hanna D - The Girl from Vondel Park - Ann-Gisel Glass train flash
Glass provides a train passenger a view that he'll never forget; the camera close-up is (chef's kiss).

Bouncy and Buxom in Upper Bavaria - Marianne Wäckerle street exposure

Wäckerle provides more revealing scenes later, but this flash amid a busy German street is a winner.

Murder-Rock: Dancing Death - Angela Lemerman chloroformed

Year of the Jellyfish - Caroline Cellier holds her own
Cellier plays Valérie Kaprisky's mom, and manages to hold her own which is saying something.  The whole film is basically at a topless beach, so take your pick which scene is best.

Loose Times at Ridley High - Andrea Adams plays the woodwind
The music teacher imagining Adams out of her school clothes during music lessons

Hot Flashes - Nicole Blanc delivers the news

Bouncy and Buxom in Upper Bavaria - Eleonore Melzer works out
Sure, she's barely nude, but dear god this workout scene is insane, and not sure how they kept celluloid from melting.

Emanuelo -  Rebeca Silva waits for her man

Intimate Private Contact - Marilyn Jess in the office space
Jess just kinda comes into the office like this without much warning or explanation.  Not that we need it or really care, but still.

S.O.S. Sex-Shop - Matilde Mastrangi on drugs

Christina - Jewel Shepard shower attack

Crossed Legs - Julissa out of nowhere
This is a completely family-friendly PG affair... minus one scene toward the end where Julissa just out of nowhere drops full frontal nudity.

Women in Fury (1984) -
Suzane Carvalho attacked by inmates
Carvalho will always hold a special place on VZ1 after Massacre in Dinosaur Valley. She actually quit acting in 1989 to become a race car driver.

The Sinister Doctor Orloff - Rocío Freixas on the slab
I've grown to appreciate Rocío Freixas' earlier works in Spanish sex comedies primarily. So, her being completely nude just laying on a slab for basically the duration of this film is something special indeed.

Violated - Daisy White and her little brother

This one gets high marks for just being so wildly odd and inappropriate.  Elizabeth Kaitan is naked in this film too, but she's too busy being violated to make the list.

Too Scared to Scream - Victoria Bass killed in shower

Victoria Bass' first role before going on to a ton of TV appearances including The A-Team, MacGyver, Simon & Simon, Who's the Boss?, Knight Rider, etc.

Pedro Navaja - Sasha Montenegro knife throwing accident
Montenegro has a more revealing scene in this movie, but this will always go down as a gratuitous nudity classic.  A knife is thrown at her, clips the flower pinned to her dress, and subsequently causes her boob to be exposed. Incredible.

Disconnected - Frances Raines on the phone

Raines is the grand niece of legendary actor Claude Rains, so that's got to count for something. Plus we have to endure a long wait through this awful movie before actually getting her.

Jailhouse Girls - Ginger Lynn deloused 

The Judge's Wife - Norma Duval through binoculars

The Chick's Ability - Alvamar Taddei pimp pounded
As mentioned, sex scenes aren't generally on the list because they often are pretty similar and don't stand out.  Not so this scene where Taddei is absolutely destroyed by her pimp.

The Surrogate - Shannon Tweed in the tub

Night Has a Thousand Desires - Lina Romay carpet trauma
Romay gets abused on the pretty rug, then writhes in pain like only Romay can do.

We Laugh at the Border Patrol - Rebeca Silva takes a shower
Love Silva, and this shower scene is really long and, well, let's just say it has a lot going for it.

The Day of the Masons - Angélica Chain living room bucket bath

 Movie House Massacre - Joanna Foxx movie theater flash
What makes this scene so good is the backstory (read it on the linked review).  The actress posted her comments in the IMDb chat (Man, I miss the IMDb message boards) and I found it hilarious.

The Other End of the Line (1984) - Carmen Lenz locked out 
Lenz leaves the bath, goes out the wrong door and finds she's stuck in the hotel hallway.  But this is only the beginning of her problems.

Taking Off With Kitten Natividad - Michelle Bauer air turbulence
Included in an Electric Blue episode, Bauer takes a spill when the plane gets rocky 

We Laugh at the Border Patrol - Isela Vega sunbathes
What makes this scene so good isn't just the fact that Isela Vega is sunbathing naked on a diving board- it's the way the camera pans across the swimming pool framed by her open legs. Has to be seen to be believed.

Unemployed Playboy - Alejandra Grepi passes out in the shower

La Pulquería 3 - Sasha Montenegro drops her towel

Black Money - Martine Audó plot twist
Surprise - Audó isn't dead after all, but Audó provides an even better surprise via full frontal nudity.

We Laugh at the Border Patrol - María Cardinal has a public bath
Cardinal thinks she's bathing behind a curtain and doesn't know she's got an audience. This one holds a special place in my heart.  I love Maria Cardinal, the scene is hilarious, the camera zooms in on her bush gratuitously.. a lot to love about this scene.

The Warrior and the Sorceress - María Socas constant exposure 
This is not so much a scene as the entire movie. As David Carradine says in his autobiography that the director "was obsessed by the body of the actress who played the priestess" and just always made sure her boobs were out. 

RSVP  - Lynda Wiesmeier emerging from the pool

Shadows Run Black -
Barbara Peckinpaugh killed in shower
A brutal scene but a classic, and gets unexpectedly graphic (anatomically speaking) as she's killed.

Blind Date - Marina Sirtis psycho surgeon victim
Here's an example where celeb status allows you to cut in line.

Lady Libertine - Jennifer Inch reveals she's a girl
Dressed as a peasant boy, Inch drops her clothes and pulls a Joyce Hyser

Blame It On Rio - Michelle Johnson takes a selfie
This is the one film on this list not reviewed on VZ1, but I just couldn't live with myself if this wasn't included.  No telling how many young lads' lives were changed by watching this on HBO back in the day.

Year of the Jellyfish - Valérie Kaprisky goes full psycho
Kaprisky is basically in some state of undress throughout this film, but the scene where she tosses a guy overboard to his death is particularly memorable

East of West - Adriana Vega dress rip
This tops the Pedro Navaja scene earlier in this list, because this is the gift that keeps on giving. Vegas dress is ripped over and over, providing an amazing running gag. 

Oh! Rebuceteio - Eleni Bandettini pounded on stage

The whole movie culminates in this scene; Bandettini's character is struggling with appearing onstage naked with her religious mother.  In fact, Bandettini became religious in real life and disavowed this film.

The Princess and the Call Girl - Carol Levy saves the film
A truly awful movie that's basically rated PG from start to finish... minus a landmark ten seconds as Levy out of fucking nowhere gets completely nude. 

Love Scenes  - Tiffany Bolling gets out of the pool
Bolling was in a ton of 70s TV I watched as a kid, from Electra Woman & Dyna-Girl to Charlie's Angels; incomprehensible for me to see her totally naked.

RSVP (1984) -  Allene Simmons in a panic

This scene ranks high because it just goes on forever and is a bit nostalgic. It was over thirty years ago when I first saw it on VHS and this scene stuck with me. I hadn't seen a full frontal nude scene that went on this long before. Truly a memorable scene.

¡¡¡A Tope!!! - Carole James gets hosed
Where to begin.  To start, James gets completely nude out of nowhere, the house catches fire, firemen come, James gets hosed; one of the best nude scenes of all time.

Devil Fish - Cinzia de Ponti over-the-top murder

The very definition of unexpected sleaze.  This film is basically a PG rated Jaws knockoff... then suddenly we have this scene where Cinzia de Ponti has her clothes ripped off, is strangled to death and then carried around nude.  Way over the top and unexpected for a film like this.

Elite Devassa - Aldine Muller table spin
After a decade of being one of the sexiest ladies in cinema and right before a long successful career on TV, Muller does this scene where she gets naked, lays on a table and is spun around.  She then stands on the spinning table and the camera zooms in.  Fucking amazing.


  1. I would add gorgeous and buxom Serena Grandi in Lady of the Night, after her dress becomes transparent in the rain.

    1. A great scene; a great movie - reviewed on this site about six years ago (!); however, I believe that was 1986 not 1984.