Mar 26, 2023

Hey! There's Naked Bodies on My TV! (1979)


TV shows from the seventies are spoofed.  Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter and Barney Miller are given the naughty treatment.

Karina, Object of Pleasure (1982)


(Original Title: Karina, Objeto do Prazer) A young woman is successively mistreated and objectified by her father, then her husband, then an obsessed criminal, until she finally is helped by a female lawyer.

Greetings from Lederhosen 4: The Dirty Wedding (1978)


(Original Title: Liebesgrüße aus der Lederhose 4: Die versaute Hochzeitsnacht) Follows Greetings from Lederhose 3 (1977) and precedes Greetings from Lederhose 5 (1978). In this episode, Sepp finds himself out of work when the railway goes broke.  With the help of some Bavarian babes he draws business back aboard the train.

When the Girls Blow the Maneuvers (1975)


(Original Title: Wenn Mädchen zum Manöver blasen) The Prussian Army is stationed in a small town where they enjoy the girls at the local boarding school.  Comedy ensues when a macho top officer is an exact lookalike for the timid boarding school manager.

Resurrection of Eve (1973)


A rather cerebral and artistic golden age porn flick starring Marilyn Chambers as the much abused titular character who goes through several life changes, or quite literal resurrections.

A Very Special Woman (1979)


Karin Schubert is a heroine addict who is pursued by her husband for throwing his drugs into the ocean. 

Forbidden Phantasms (1983)


(AKA Infidèle par devant, punie par derrière, Phantasmes interdits, and Evelyne) A hot naval archaeologist is terrorized by her deranged husband.

In the Violence of Sex (1978)


(Original Title: Na Violência do Sexo) Newlyweds are brutalized by home invaders on their wedding night.  This violent act cascades into further violent acts of revenge.

Raising Hell (1987)


A magic supply shop is going out of business, but it may be saved from revenue generated from another business going on in the back room.

The Raw Ones (1965)


The first feature-length American nudist documentary to show full frontal nudity. 

3 in a Towel (1969)


Romeo Bruno is a San Francisco superstud, banging young ladies on land and on sea.

Suburban Satanists (1983)


A married couple gets lured into a satanic cult.  Starring John Holmes and Shaun Michelle.

Airport 69 (1984)


(AKA Swedish Erotica 54) In the tradition of Flying Sex (1980), Up Up and Away (1984), Affair in the Air (1970), Party Plane (1991) and Bikini Airwaves (2003), the primary segment of this Swedish Erotica flick involves sexual antics at 30,000 feet.  The third section is set at a drive-in. 

Bar Flies (1990)


The goings on at a seedy dive bar populated by prostitutes - and an undercover vice cop with amnesia.

Penthouse Letters: Volume 1 (1993)


Just as the title promises - a series of Penthouse letters are read and played out on screen.  

The Last Bath (1975)


An ultra-psychedelic artsy adult film from Seattle by Karl Krogstad. A photographer haunted by visions of his own death is taken to a country cabin by two nurses.

Ramäge: Mobility Cathexis (1972)


An experimental psychedelic adult film.  Not really sure what it's about, but it looks trippy and cool.

Mar 24, 2023

VZ1 List #7 - Aphrodisiacs


Films featuring aphrodisiacs (in no particular order).  Note that this does not include "triggered arousal" plot devices such as erotic amulets and mad scientist love-rays. For our purposes, the aphrodisiac has to be eaten or inhaled. 

The Switch or How to Alter Your Ego (1974)


Joseph W. Sarno takes on the Jekyll and Hyde story with his usual troupe, including Mary Mendum in the lead role.

In Hell (1976)


(Original Title: Gloria Mundi) The story isn't of interest to me - just a woman who has to finish her revolutionary husband's torture porn movie.  It's filmed brilliantly, true, but what stands out is Olga Karlatos who spends nearly ever scene naked and enduring some type of torture. Olga Karlatos was actually Arthur Rankin Jr.'s wife. They were married from 1983 until his death in 2014. She also played Prince's mother in Purple Rain (1984).  So it is interesting that this actress puts herself out there so much for this film; quite a spectacle. 

Valentina, Girl in Heat (1981)


(Original Title: Valentina, ragazza in calore) Moana Pozzi is a girl who can't say no.  Well, actually she says no to every single guy in this movie, but then eventually goes with it.  A jogger sees her having sex with her boyfriend and becomes obsessed - unhappy with his own homely wife.  

Teenage Games (1976)


(Original Title: Schulmadchen Porno) Featuring the greats Gina Janssen and Britt Corvin as well as other familiar faces. An interviewer talks to women on the street about their past sexual adventures - so you could say this passes for a Schulmädchen-Report film; however it actually is a combo of four loops. 

Mar 19, 2023

VZ1 List #6 - Mad Scientists (1970s)

A list of the top mad scientist films from the 1970s.  

Portrait of a Shameless Woman (1982)


(Original Title: Retrato Falado de uma Mulher Sem Pudor) A supermodel is murdered in the bath.  A detective interviews the various men in her life, and we get flashbacks for each one. Featuring Monique Lafond, a popular actress in a number of nude scenes. 

Sex Wish (1976)


There were a number of exploitation films following the Death Wish (1974) formula: a Normal Joe finds his family raped and murdered then goes on a methodical mission of revenge.  Examples include The Night of the Executioner (1992), The Executioner (1975), and Fatal Hours (1987). 

Ski Bunny Report (1973)


(Original Title: Skihaserl-Report) There is no end to the German Schulmädchen-Report films.  This one involves a sociologist studying sexual habits at an Alpine skit resort.

Ultra Flesh (1980)


Ultra Flesh is sent to Earth by the Intergalactic Council to counter the effects of ruthless South American dictator Sugarman who has rendered the world’s male population impotent.

Sex and the Lonely Woman (1972)


The relationship of this film with the Barbara Mills film The Perfect Arrangement (1971) is more than a little confusing. Sex and the Lonely Woman actually came out after The Perfect Arrangement (which was sometimes confusingly titled Sex and the Lonely Woman Part 2) - but this is actually a sequel to that film.  In the end it doesn't even really matter that much because they have almost nothing to do with each other.  This film was made in Uruguay by a Canadian crew... so I'm even more confused how they're connected (other than a similar story).  Anyway, let's move past that and take a look...

Shoppe of Temptations (1979)


An incense burner called "Nefertiti's Eye" resides at a curio shop. Its smoke serves as a powerful aphrodisiac for anyone taking a single whiff.

Brief Affair (1982)


The goings on at a Fame style dance academy during the course of a single day.

Youthful Sexual Madness (1974)


In March 1974, this film was seized by authorities in St. Paul, MN as evidence in an obscenity case. The theater owner was eventually found not guilty after a university professor testified that the film was similar to educational films shown in his Human Sexuality program. [This has been reposted as the original post was removed.]

Diamond Baby (1984)


(Original title: La Chatte aux tresors) A diamond thief takes the loot all for himself, inspiring the wrath of the crime boss.  The thief, on the run, gets assistance from a parade of beautiful women.

Cave Women (1979)


(AKA Once Upon Annette) Written, directed and starring Annette Haven as an anthropologist time traveler studying Cro Magnon people.

The Knights of the Rump (1975)


(Original Title: Les chevaliers de la croupe) A group of rich friends try to make their own porno.  The experience awakens a horniness heretofore dormant.

Born to Run (1986)


(AKA Born to Run: the Careena Collins Story) Supposedly an autobiographical story of Careena Collins.

Cosmic Clinic (1992)


Moana Pozzi and Angelica Bella are sex therapists who run a clinic.  No points for guessing that their treatment for all there patients is sex.

Mar 16, 2023

I Porno Zombie (1978)


(Original Title: La fille à la fourrure AKA Fornicating Aliens and Le délire des sens) Extraterrestrials from the planet Eros transform the dead into horny zombies.

Cadillac Named Desire (1978)


A bumbling nebish is ignored and mistreated at work, and fantasizes about his secretary.  But even in his fantasies he ends up the loser.

Fatal Hours (1987)


(Original Title: Horas Fatais) Coffin Joe (José Mojica Marins) stars in this Brazilian Death Wish flick.

Satan's Lust (1971)


George Buck Flower runs a satanic cult; Judy Angel is in search of her lost sister who may have been a victim.

Lovestruck: Changing Bedmates (1993)


(Original Title: Une jeune fille si charmante) A young girl fleeing from a tragic incident in Nice takes employment in the posh home of an architect.  There she becomes the center of manipulative sex games.

Sorority Sweethearts (1983)


Two sorority sisters strategize to get their virgin friend laid.

Madame Claude 2 (1981)


A madame for a high class call-girl business sends her whores around the world to serve the rich and powerful - and collect blackmail.

Mar 12, 2023

Talk Dirty to Me 9 (1992)


Well, this is where the TDTM series ends for us, although I know there is at least one more.  It's taken us from golden age quality drama (TDTM1-2), to kitschy mermaid porn (!) (TDTM 3-4), to hospital caper (TDTM5), to radio host erotica (TDTM6-9). 

Talk Dirty to Me 8 (1991)


As mentioned, it's interesting that this series began as a straight-ahead golden age porn drama (TDTM1-2), then randomly went full camp with a mermaid story (TDTM3-4), a hospital romp (TDTM5), and now has settled into the sex talk radio format (TDTM6-8).

Talk Dirty to Me 7 (1989)


Dr. Carol Lewis was first featured in TDTM5 as Jack's psychiatrist.  In this episode she continues her role as radio sex-talk host, continuing from TDTM6.  This series has been interesting to watch as it went from classic golden age porn drama, to campy mermaid kitsch to sultry radio host sexcapades. 

Talk Dirty to Me 6 (1988)


I guess this is the first in the series to not star John Leslie as Jack.  In this episode, Tracey Adams is a sultry sex talk radio host.  We meet the various callers to her show.

Talk Dirty to Me 5 (1987)


The Talk Dirty to Me series is interesting in that you can really see the transformation of adult film across its run.  Beginning in the golden age, with superbly executed production onward to kitschy mid eighties silliness, and so on.  In this film, Jack has gotten amnesia and is attended to by Florence Nightingale.  His shrink has her own sex life reinvigorated thanks to their sessions, and there is an Of Mice and Men dynamic going on at the bar.  It seems like they've left the mermaid thing behind thankfully in this episode.

Talk Dirty to Me 4 (1986)


What a disaster Talk Dirty to Me 3 (1985) was - with all of Traci Lords' scenes replaced, it was a total mess.  Let's see if this mermaid porn adventure can recover from that last failure.

Talk Dirty to Me 3 (1984)


A mermaid porn film presumably inspired by Spash which came out this same year.  The first two films in this series are well respected golden age pornos; quite odd that they'd take turn towards mermaids.  Also, when it was discovered that Traci Lords was underage, the film was recut and renamed as "The New Talk Dirty to Me 3".  The problem is, Lords' scenes were replaced using Lisa De Leeuw - who was much older.  Even worse, the new scenes are on videotape and completely don't match the rest of the film.  A total disaster.