Aug 21, 2022

There Is More Than One Mother (1974)


A rich nutcase with mommy issues has beautiful women throwing themselves at him for his family fortune.

Super hot Countess Elisabetta di Tarcento (Senta Berger)

And her fucked-up son Marcello (Lino Capolicchio)

Who is currently watching her through his zoom lens getting a massage

Marcello returns to his girlfriend...

Renée (Isabelle Marchall

Because of his mommy fixation, Marcello is unable to have a normal sexual relationship

Instead he just wants to suck on Renée's tit.

Mother walks in and interrupts

Actually pretty hilarious - Marcello playing the flute to his mother's piano

Renée is actually in cahoots with Elia (Lionel Stander) the groundskeeper.  Except he's not really the groundskeeper, and intends to get a piece of the family fortune.

Elisabetta puts Marcello to bed

Nothing abnormal about this whatsoever

Renée goes off to bed

She goes to Elia's room and strips

But just as she's about to pull down her panties they're interrupted

Goffredo (Vittorio Caprioli) is courting Elisabetta - also after that money.

Okay - pause.  This is where this becomes a different movie.  The character of Elisabetta is completely gone - we find later that she supposedly died (!) A theory is that Senta Berger said fuck this awful movie and didn't finish it.  Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me as not only does the tone and storyline change, but having Elisabetta die doesn't at all fit with the first half - not to mention there is no scenes with her actually dying. 

Halfway through we meet our central character Alessandra Pizzullo (Sonia Petrovna)

I told you the film changed.  This is Marcello.

Anyway, they hit it off and Alessandra is invited to stay at Marcello's vast estate.

Alessandra can't believe how ritzy this place is

She checks the place out naked; full frontal from Sonia Petrovna

Alessandra takes photographs of herself in the photography studio

Elisabetta's funeral

Marcello puts on his mother's wig and cries

Alessandra starts wearing her hair just like mom used to. What could she be up to?

Marcello can't help but be infatuated with Alessandra since she adopted the likeness of his mother.

They're married; so now Alessandra gets that money.

This doesn't sit well with Elia who attacks her.

Elia is dispensed with - and we see Alessandra naked behind the fountian.

It's time to consummate the marriage. 

As they have sex, the painting of his mother falls off the wall. THE END

Aside from a great nude scene from Sonia Petrovna, nothing to see here.  The story is awful to begin with, but then it's completely reset halfway through and just shits the bed. Marcello is a wholly unlikable character and the first half is completely one-note; the second half just seems confused. 


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