Aug 31, 2022

The Ski Instructor (1981)


Carmen Russo stars in this silly comedy about a nude model who must pretend to be morally upstanding in order to receive an inheritance. 

Celia Berni (Carmen Russo) models for erotic magazines

Celia's life changes when her roommate Carla (Cinzia de Ponti) reads a letter announcing that she's receiving a huge inheritance.  But there's one condition: she has to demonstrate a saintly moral character.

At Carla's suggestion, Celia takes a job as ski instructor - much more respectable than nude modeling.  She arrives at the Alpine lodge.

Celia is immediately turning heads at the lodge.

Vittorio Zarfati is impressed

Things take a turn for the worse when a freelance journalist Franco (Andy Luotto) recognizes Celia from her previous career as nude model.

Franco is a total asshole.  He says he'll spill the beans on Celia unless she has sex with him.  Little does she know, Franco has set up a hidden camera.

Celia goes through with the blackmail and undresses for Franco.

Celia realizes what he's up to.  She slaps the shit out of him and leaves.

Things get even worse when Franco's photographs are stolen.  So, although Franco has now seen the error of his ways and fallen in love with Celia, there's a lawyer out there with the damning evidence that could cost her the inheritance.  So, Carla arrives and has a plan...

She seduces Walter A, Thompson (Renzo Ozzano), the schmuck with the stolen photographs.

Walter gets a little aggressive and tears her dress and jumps on her.

Carla leads Walter to the sauna

Franco snaps pictures of Walter in this compromising position.

So, Walter coughs up the negatives and Franco burns them.

So things work out in the end, with Celia getting the inheritance. But wait - there's a completely irrelevant side story...

It involves Sheikh Emir Hussein (Daniele Vargas) and a pair of bumbling kidnappers

The sheikh is at the lodge with his harem when he notices a woman dancing..

Stella (Sonia Otero)

Stella leads Hussein to the indoor pool where she strips completely naked

The punchline is Hussein's harem becomes "liberated" and goes buckwild thanks to Stella's example.

So, anyway Celia uses the inheritance to purchase the lodge and turns it into a sort-of Playboy club.

Celia and Franco are now an item.

No need to maintain a "respectable" image anymore. Celia performs an erotic dance. THE END

Not the best.  A fair amount of nudity, but otherwise a paint-by-numbers plot with nothing much interesting going on.  Not particularly funny, with a story we've seen a million times before.


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