Aug 16, 2022

The Paramedic (1982)


(Original Title: Il paramedico) An Italian comedy about a working stiff who wins a bunch of money and blows it all on a car - which ends up creating even more trouble in his life.

The rest of the medical staff is on strike; Mario Miglio (Enrico Montesano) is the only paramedic at the hospital - and things are a bit stressful. 

At home things aren't much better for Mario.

He has a hot wife Nina (Edwige Fenech) but all she ever wants to do is lay around and watch TV - often calling in to the shows.

Mario tries to coax her into having some fun but it's no use.

Back to work - Mario falls into one mishap after another.

Back at home he tries to get Nina to fool around, but she's not interested.

Nina watches an aerobics show on TV

This is more than Mario can take - again, Nina isn't interested.

Mario dreams about being a sheikh with a harem

In the dream, Nina as a sexy nun is brought before him.

This would be the perfect opportunity for a nude scene from Edwige Fenech but no dice.  Fenech provides no nudity in this film.

Mario's ship has finally come in.  He's won a big pile of money.

Mario stupidly blows it all on a Fiat Argenta

Mario helps a woman named Vittoria (Daniela Poggi) with her car trouble.

Vittoria presumes Mario is rich since he's driving the Argenta.

She introduces Mario to Augusto Pinna (Rossano Brazzi) her wealthy banker husband

Nina calls the hospital check on Mario, but he's not there.

Instead Mario is at a posh party with Vittoria

Mario wakes up the next morning with his head on Vittoria's bum.

A great nude scene from Daniela Poggi

There's a terrorist attack attributed to an organization called DIGOS

Mario finds his Argenta has been stolen.  Little does he know, it's been stolen by the DIGOS terrorists.

Mario searches for his precious car at the junkyard, meeting 'Palletta' (Franco Diogene) and son.  This is honestly the main appeal of this movie - all the familiar faces in the supporting cast doing the legwork in the comedy department.

When Mario goes to the police commissioner (Enzo Robutti) looking for his car - the police naturally assume he's an Agent of DIGOS (given that his car was used as a getaway car at the terrorist incident).

Nina's boring TV centered life suddenly changes when she's the center of attention as the wife of a suspected terrorist.

She's interviewed by the police commissioner as well as the press.

Mario gets a lawyer (Enzo Cannavale)

Augusto and Vittoria learn of Mario's predicament.

Thankfully another gratuitous Daniela Poggi nude scene is included.

Anyway, fast forward and it all works out for Mario.  Not only does he get his precious car back, but Nina is finally ready to put out. THE END

As mentioned, the main appeal of this movie is all the familiar faces in the supporting cast doing the comedic legwork.  A pity Fenech keeps her clothes on in this movie; I suppose Daniela Poggi makes up for it somewhat.  Overall, the definition of "not bad".  


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  1. dammn watching an edwige fenech or lahaie flick not getting enough of their plots is very frustating to me and on the other hand they have starred in a huge amount of them but only a handful of these films had used these goddesses to the full potential