Aug 31, 2022

The Occasion (1978)


A José Ramón Larraz flick about the usual hippies vs rich squares conflict.  A prudish wealthy couple finds their beach house infested with filthy naked hippies. After an uneasy coexistence, a hippie attacks.

Ana (Teresa Gimpera) and Pablo (Javier Escrivá) are a rich couple headed to their beachfront property.

They're disturbed to find their residence has been broken into and trashed.

Worse still, there's demonic graffiti in the bathroom.

The couple notices their new neighbors...

A gang of dirty naked hippies

Ana cleans up the house and finds drugs.  Could this mean the hippies are the ones responsible for the break-in?

Ana feels uncomfortable getting dressed around the satanic painting on the bathroom door.

Ana shows Pablo the drugs she found.

Pablo pays the farm next door a visit.

There, a naked hippie tends to the animals.

Pablo and Ana go to the beach

They are horrified to find it infested with frolicking hippies.

Ana bumps into a studly hippie (Ángel Alcázar) - they'll meet again later.

Down at the hippie farm

The girls drink water offered by the farmer, Andres (Roberto Camardiel)

Hilarious - nothing phallic about this whatsoever.

Vicky tends to the campfire vittles.  Note that all these hippies are american.

A local boy watches Ana change below deck on their yacht.

We start to understand that Ana is getting horny watching these hippies.  And it's indicated that she actually wants to be watched in this scene.

Pablo brings the drugs found by Ana to the local police official  (Félix Dafauce)

While milking a cow, the farmer watches Vicky sitting by him...

Vicky has put milk on her thigh and lets the dog lick it up.

Andres can take it no longer and rapes Vicky.

The hippies strike back.

They surround Andres

They have Vicky strip naked 

Yeah, this'll teach Andres a lesson.

Now she rapes him.  (Somehow I don't think Andres minds.)

Andres prematurely ejaculates (!)

The police, alerted by Pablo, descend on the farm and evict the hippies.

Pablo and Ana can finally relax now that the hippies are gone.

Not so fast.  The hippie Ana ran into earlier has them at gunpoint.

The hippie taunts them for a while before taking Ana back to the bedroom.

He gives Ana some liquid courage

They have sex - actually multiple times.

Pablo has to watch as the hippie pounds his wife by the coffee table.

Pablo escapes - but Ana and the hippie keep going.  In fact, it seems she's liking it now, as he rubs her with a rose.

Pablo returns with the police and Ana is saved... but did she want to be saved?

The way she sniffs this rose tells us she's missing that dirty hippie - and Pablo knows it. THE END

The "hippies vs. old wealthy squares" trope was everywhere throughout the early seventies and late sixties (1978 seems a tad late to the game).  One gets the impression from these films that they weren't so much a manifestation of the younger set wishing violence upon the older richer folks, but rather the older generation's fear of hippies (as with bikers a few years earlier). A hippie-phobia if you will that was capitalized by exploitation films. The Manson murders and Altamont certainly helped solidify the societal panic. This film definitely hits those notes, but ultimately isn't sleazy and exploitative enough to make much of an impression.


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