Aug 21, 2022

Summer Vacationers for the Lonely Man (1979)


(Original Title: Estivantes pour homme seul AKA Estivantes en chaleur) Two couples on a hiking trip are stalked and abducted by a horny goatherd.

Two couples hike through the Alps

They don't realize they're being watched by "The Man" (Gabriel Pontello) a creepy mute goatherd.

Just wow.  Karine (Danièle Azzalini) slips and gets wedged between the hill and the tree.. and this gets her off.

Her boyfriend Roland (Alain Azoulay) is down with it.

Sylvie (Carole Stresse) is a little less "adventurous" as Karine, but she still takes the opportunity to have six with André (Daniel Trabet)

With that out of the way, they hike onward

They camp for the night. Sylvie gets up and walks off into the woods alone - and bottomless.

She masturbates with a glass bottle

The feral man watches her.

He grabs Sylvie and wants her to continue to use the bottle

Then he rapes her.  Or is it rape?  We'll see later that this may not be the case.

André, Roland and Karine wake up... where's Sylvie?

Oh well, they hike on without her.  They assume Sylvie couldn't hang with their sexual appetites and went back home.

Now Karine goes off alone - and, like Sylvie, she's also bottomless.

She doesn't know she's being followed.

Karine relaxes by a stream

The goatherd is watching

The mountain man attacks!

Roland clearly has no idea how to dress for a hike.  Anyway, they hear Karine scream.

The goatherd has taken both Sylvie and Karine back to his stable where he bangs the living shit out of the two girls.

Karine and Sylvie's worlds are rocked. André and Roland are nothing compared to this guy.

Roland busts in with a rifle.

Sylvie and Karine are surprised to see him - and don't want any harm to come to the goatherd.

In fact, Sylvie loves him... and wants to stay with the goatherd.

Roland, André and Karine are like... um, okay.  You sure?

She's sure. THE END

Man, that was wild.  A fun film though.  Note that Brigitte Lahaie is listed in the credits, but it's just from a flashback the guys have - a paste-in from another movie.  

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