Aug 31, 2022

Spellbound (2001)


(Original Title: De si jolies sorcières) Three witches run a modeling agency.  The film amounts to not much more than them casting spells to seduce men; essentially no plot to speak of.

Aurore (Sandra Richefort) is a witch, currently having sex with a random dude.

Her witch roommate Jeanne (Isabelle Le Nouvel) comes home and snaps her fingers, freezing in time Aurore's male partner.

With her partner frozen, Aurore climbs off.

The third witch is Lilas (Ingrid Rouif)

Lilas works at Agence Arcane (a modeling agency) with Aurore and Jeanne.  She is presently meeting with Patrick (Edwin Krüger).

Lilas snaps her fingers, making Patrick drop all his stuff.

This was just a cheap trick to get Patrick to look under the desk.

The three witches do this a lot: some kind of telepathic trick to control people from far away.

Philippe (Cerone) is taking pictures of Ingrid (Shania)

The witches' telepathy causes Ingrid to take all her clothes off.

The spell also has Ingrid seducing Philippe.

When Ingrid snaps out of it, she slaps Philippe.

Jeanne and Aurore use their telepathy to check on Lilas.

Lilas is seducing Patrick at the moment.

Jeanne puts one of Agence Arcane's models, Marion (Salomé Cox), under a spell.

Jeanne then freezes Marion and leaves.

Aurore tells the girls about how she recently went to work on Philippe.

Lilas relates her story

Lilas was in the midst of seducing some guy...

But then Patrick unexpectedly walked in.

So she had to freeze him and wash away the memory.

Jeanne tells her story next

She also gets tapped by Philippe the photographer

Aurore puts Ingrid under a spell and forces her to call Philippe

Then they have sex - with Ingrid fully under Aurore's spell.

Aurore makes Ingrid disappear.

The three witches are ready for some Agence Arcane auditions.

The first girl to audition for a modeling job.

The witches snap their fingers and the applicant suddenly is stark naked.

The girl is somehow unaware she's nude.

The next audition

Claire (Nicky) is the next applicant - and the three witches freak out...

Because Claire is the girl the witches have been having mysterious visions about.

Claire models for Philippe

Once again the witches use their telepathic powers to get the model naked and horny.

Lilas is still busily seducing Patrick.

Aurore casts a spell which puts a pane of glass between her and some dude.

Aurore then moves seductively behind the glass.

In the end, the girls have a comeuppance as Philippe exposes them as witches and jaunts off with Claire. THE END

The nonstop nudity was brilliant, but there was just nothing here in terms of a story or just anything that felt the slightest bit coherent.  



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