Aug 26, 2022

Red Lips (1995)


A homeless girl agrees to experimental medical treatment in exchange for money.  The treatment makes her crave blood. Problems ensue.

Caroline (Ghetty Chasun) is homeless and in desperate need of cash. Unfortunately the doctor (Mandy Leigh) tells her there's a limit on how many times she's allowed to give blood.

The doctor offers her the opportunity to take part in an experimental drug treatment.  Caroline needs the money so she agrees.

Caroline immediately starts feeling weird.

Writer/Director Donald Farmer offers to help.

Caroline finds that drinks taste bad now.

Caroline returns to the doctor to report the negative side effects.

Caroline runs into a couple wannabe actresses in the hallway.

Nicole (Natalie C. White) tells Robin (Julianna Masterson) she's going to wait around for the movie producer to arrive and hopefully get on his casting couch.

Nicole finds the director Irwin J. Stone (Bill Randolph) and offers to go to his hotel room.

Nicole gets naked, but then finds this isn't the famous movie producer after all.
MURRAY: "Irwin? My name's Murray."
NICOLE: "I don't believe this.  I almost fucked a carpet salesman."
MURRAY: "Salesman of the Year."

Caroline listens at the door, thirsting for blood.  Nicole leaves and Caroline kills Murray.

Caroline finds another girl and has sex with her before biting her as well.

The girl (Janine A. Cawley) is on top

Note that this scene actually occurs at the start of the film.  But it makes no sense there - other than to start the film off with a bang. It definitely piques your interest.

Caroline returns to the doctor and kills her.

Two prostitutes are hanging out in the hotel lobby. The hooker in white is the late great Lorissa McComas.

The ladies bump into Caroline who is passed out in the hall.  They assume she's drunk and bring her back to their room.

Lorissa McComas is laid down on the table

Caroline goes for the jugular

Lorissa struggles and manages to break free and run screaming

Her friend seems oblivious to the threat

Caroline then moves on to the friend

Kitten Natividad makes an appearance and does a long nude scene.  I found it a bit sad.  Natividad was arguably the hottest woman on the planet at one time; now here she is decades later and doesn't look too good. 

Kitten Natividad's character breaks up with Lisa (Michelle Bauer)

At this point Bauer has been in more films than any other actress on VZ1 - 46 films.  More than Uschi Digard and Rene Bond. 

Caroline stumbles into Lisa, holding back vomit.

Caroline needs sustenance fast, so she kills a girl (Sheri Ranson) in a diner bathroom.

Caroline and Lisa are instantly attracted to each other.

I love that Ghetty Chasun wears an L7 t-shirt for most of the rest of the movie.

Caroline and Lisa meet a girl who offers them a place to stay.

Gina (Jasmine Pona

Gina lets her new friends stay in her bedroom; she offers to sleep on the couch.

Caroline gets butt naked.

After Lisa falls asleep, Caroline gets up and goes into the living room to suck Gina's blood.

Lisa finds Caroline murdering Gina.

Lisa chops up Gina's body for disposal. 

Caroline wakes up in the morning and looks for Lisa.

She finds her in the shower.

Lisa pledges her love for Caroline and offers to do anything to help and protect her.

On a quest for more blood, Caroline gets a random dude from a bar.

He makes for easy prey.

Lisa knows of the perfect victim for Caroline...

Caroline gets in the bath.

Nick joins her.

Then she kills Nick.

But Tony (Danny Fendley) is waiting for them at the apartment.

Tony is Gina's pimp and wants to know where his top hoe is at.

Caroline and Lisa plead for mercy saying they don't know where she is.

Caroline bites the pimp, but his gun goes off and kills Lisa.

Caroline is heartbroken. THE END

I caught several typos in the end credits. Hey I'm not judging - my reviews are chock full of errors.  Just found it amusing.

All songs by Murry - which I have to believe is somehow linked to the carpet salesman Murray. Hm.

Ghetty Chasun was quite good in this role, and the film itself was everything you'd want in a horror SOV.  Exceptionally sleazy, and with Michelle Bauer no less.  Followed by Red Lips II (1996)



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