Aug 31, 2022

National Nonsense (1990)

(Original Title: Disparate nacional) A throwaway Spanish comedy about two paparazzi who make a living off of taking compromising photos, which ends up getting them into trouble. 

A celebrity couple announce their marriage to the paparazzi

Zorita (Marta Valverde)


Emilio (Óscar Ladoire) realizes what he's seeing

His colleague Manolo Molero (Antonio Ozores) sees the same thing.

Back at Manolo's house they review the photographs. Emilio has reservations about publishing the pictures given the context - a marriage announcement.

Hilariously Emilio stands in front of the slide, with Zorita's crotch displayed right on his shirt.  When Emilio scratches his chest... well, you get the joke.

But Emilio and Manolo do some good too.  For example they capture a corrupt mayor (Emiliano Redondo) in action.

Manolo's daughter Susana (Fabiola Toledo)

Manolo is currently estranged from his wife

Emilio and Manolo capture another scandalous event at a disco.  Perhaps the film's biggest downfall is the various scandals the two wind up capturing on film. It gets a bit repetitive.

The two Alfredos (Alfonso Lussón and Manolo Codeso)

The Alfredo's are outraged by Zorita's beaver shot plastered all over the tabloid.

Manolo tells Susana to get dressed - they're flying to Austria for more photos of Zorita. 

Fabiola Toledo provides some full frontal nudity

Emilio wanders in

Susana has a thing for him.

The photographers bust in to the Austrian hotel, expecting to catch Zorita...

But it's just two random guys. 

The next twenty minutes is just a series of wacky hi-jinx and unfunny tomfoolery as they Mr. Magoo into getting compromising photos. 

Emilio and Susana have sex.

Brigitte (Beatriz Rossat)

She's currently modeling for Manolo.

Manolo is combing her pubic hair when Susana walks in.

Brigitte gets dressed and converses with Susana, which leads to some devastating news for Manolo...

Manolo didn't know Susana was getting doinked by his best friend and coworker. 

Brigitte makes him feel better about it; not to mention the aforementioned estrangement from his wife.

África Pratt plays the wife

José Luis López Vázquez plays the gangster who has Emilio and Manolo's asses kicked.  The humor here is that the gangster is effeminate. (ugh)

Susana comes to Emilio's aid; Manolo is also helped - by his wife.  This incident helps reunite the couple.

The ladies visit the boys in the hospital.

The boys and their publisher Renedo (Antonio Resines).  Some things will never change. THE END 

A couple exceptional nude scenes, but otherwise an objectively pointless film.  Gone is the mojo of the destape flicks from just a decade earlier. I'll always love Ozores in anything he's in; yeah, he can be a hack, but a loveable hack.  

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