Aug 31, 2022

Mamma's Little Girl (1973)


Antoinette Maynard (aka Lilly Foster) as Liz recounts her adventures in Hollywood to her mother, sugar coating every tawdry encounter.

Liz (Antoinette Maynard) writes home to mother, giving her updates on her move to Hollywood.

The central "joke" to the film is that everything Liz tells her mother is true - but it conveniently leaves out the sexual nature of her activities - that she's earning a living as a prostitute.

She does lie a little - saying "nothing much ever really happens" here in Hollywood. Meanwhile we see her being led around by a leash and banged.

Liz updates mom on her part-time job at the car wash where "there really isn't much for me to do."

She has sex with her boss (Bill Master) 

Liz writes to mum: "I'm not seeing so much of Tommy anymore.  You remember - he's the one that liked banana splits so much."

We see Tommy (Thad Watson) break out the whipped cream, banana and cherries for a banana split - all prepared on Liz's crotch.

Dear mom: "I did go out the other day with a fella I met at church."

Another happy customer (Charles Orlando

Liz disrobes and they have sex on the counter

Liz writes to her mother about how she likes to relax and watch TV - leaving out that she likes to masturbate to Cold War newscasts.

Belita (Penny King) comes over

We find that Belita likes it rough

The final scene has Liz putting a letter to her mom in the mail:  "Well, mom, that's about all from California. Nothing much ever seems to happen here. I don't think you'd like living in Hollywood at all... All my love, your little girl Liz."

I have a soft spot for Antoinette Maynard/ Lilly Foster.  I think it's all those beloved B-movies she was in including The Kill (1968).  The film has one joke that rides from start to finish.  But, hey, the Beverly Hillbillies rode one joke for like nine seasons, so we can do it for one porno.


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