Aug 21, 2022

Gone by Dawn (2016)


Three strippers take revenge when one of them is raped by the club's cokehead manager. 

The three main characters (L-R) Alana Styles (Katelyn Pearce), Roxy Meyers (Saleste Mele) and
Crystal Corman (Hannah Fierman)

The owner of the strip club holds a huddle with all the strippers

Roxy Meyers (Saleste Mele) - the cocky strong willed stripper who refuses to let men touch her in the "champagne room".

Crystal Corman (Hannah Fierman), the bitch who will let men do whatever they want as long as she gets paid.

Alana Styles (Katelyn Pearce) the new girl who doesn't quite know how to behave and just wants to be accepted.

Stag (Jayson Therrien) the asshole boss who treats the strippers like shit

Crystal goes to work

Shelby (Brenna-Lynn Jonasson) gets stuck with Belly Button Bob (S-Raj Kumar)

He has a belly button fetish and just has her stroke her belly button.

Crystal has lined up several customers

She takes one in the champagne room and offers him the "High Roller Package" - which basically means she's have sex for an extra fee which she'll pocket herself.

Roxy takes her customer to a private room.

But when he keeps getting too handsy she slaps him and runs off.

Will (Chris Krueger) the bouncer tells Crystal about the incident and has Crystal go to Roxy's angry customer to make it right.

Roxy is berated by Stag for her indiscretion with the customer. Also present is Vince (Michael Benjamin Welsh) the nephew of a mobster.  The mob boss uses the club as a money laundering operation.

Stag tells Alana he wants her to meet in his office for a little party.

Crystal says she didn't know about this party and wants to go with Alana.

But before she can reach the office, Will calls to Crystal.

She has to be onstage in five minutes, so Alana will have to go in alone. Not good.

Alana finds herself in an uncomfortable position with Vince and Stag.

Alana is told to entertain Vince

Vince gets grabby and Alana tries to escape

That's when things get bad for Alana.

Meanwhile, Crystal is dancing onstage and unaware of what's going on.

Stag punches Alana and knocks her out.

She's carried unconscious and set down on a free weight seat.

Then things get even darker - both Vince and Stag rape Alana.

After her set, Crystal returns and finds Alana a battered mess.

They call Sheriff Buckman (Reamonn Joshee) but he's unhelpful - even to the point of blaming Alana for the rape, saying she made some bad choices.

Roxy, Crystal and Alana decide how they're going to handle this.

Crystal returns to work as if nothing happened.

Roxy makes a cocaine concoction to use on Stag.

When Stag snorts the coke off Roxy's boob, it knocks him out.

When Stag wakes up, his dick is tied to the free weight.  If he lets go of the bar, it will rip his dick off.

Shit escalates further when Sheriff Buckman arrives and is killed by Crystal.

Then Vince is killed - which leads to a revelation.

Crystal runs to Vince's side - and it's revealed that this wall all their plan.  She and Vince had planned the whole thing to get the money - Stag would be killed and it would be pinned on Alana.

Crystal is kicked in the face and knocked out.

So, now what to do? 

They're able to get the money from Stag's safe.

Roxy and Alana have Crystal killed - and it will all be blamed on her, while they take off with the money. THE END

This seems like it should be a lot better than it actually was - and the whole shebang would have taken up fifteen minutes in a Tarantino movie.  It feels sorta drug out - with the main incident (the rape) not even taking place until halfway through the movie. 


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