Aug 21, 2022

Gaudi in der Lederhose (1977)


A couple from Berlin stay in the idyllic countryside, where sex abounds - so much so, that the urbanites have to flee the village for some relief. 

Household servant Karl (Sepp Gneissl) says goodbye to Luise (Renate Ruhland).  He's off to pick up her uncle at the train station far away.

Karl leaves the pastoral splendor and waves goodbye to the village idiot, Wasti (Dietz Werner Steck).

Off to the smoggy shithole of a city

Uncle Fritz (Karl Schwarzmayer) and his girlfriend Trudchen (Christa Abel) wait for Karl  

Karl arrives and escorts them to the countryside.

But first, a pit stop at a strip bar.  It's the seventies, after all.

The stripper (Gerlinde Weininger) does her thing

Karl, Trudchen and Fritz enjoy nature's majesty as they wait for the wagon to arrive

Fritz fondles Trudchen's boob, and so does Karl, absentmindedly. 

Trudchen is horrified at Karl's behavior.  She runs away and Fritz porks her in the field.

The wagon arrives and they're on their way.

Wasti the village idiot follows

Luise is in bed with the maid Anne (Ginny Noack) when they hear the wagon pull up.

Luise greets her uncle.

Fritz is immediately getting grabby with Anne.

But Anne is surprisingly good with it.

Fritz bangs the maid right there.

Luise gets aroused by the horseplay and fondles herself

She masturbates with a bread roll.. then serves it to the guests.

Karl takes time to maturbate as well. It seems this whole village is full of sex maniacs. 

The other maid, Emmi (Emma Seidl), sneaks out... have sex with Franz (Frithjof Klausen) - who is actually Luise's husband!

In the other room, Fritz is getting it on with Trudchen and Anne.

While her husband bangs Emmi, Luise is having sex with Karl. Goddamn this is insane.

Emmi goes to the river and masturbates

Fritz is having the time of his life with Trudchen and Anne

Karl joins in and is followed by Luise

Emmi is watching through the doorway and falls in.

She takes her clothes off and joins in.

Did I mention the running gag of Wasti slipping on manure?

The next day, they say their prayers before the meal.

But it becomes immediately apparent that they're ready for more sex.

Trudchen can't handle anymore and runs away.

Trudchen seeks relief far from the farmhouse; Fritz follows after her.

Suddenly Wasti rolls up and pulls his dick out.  Trudchen screams - she can't handle any more of this.  She runs far away with Fritz following behind. THE END

Wow.  That was fucking weird.  I'm down with these lederhosen films, but this one felt like a fever dream.  None of the women aside from Ginny Noack were attractive; just a total hot mess of a Bavarian sex comedy.

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  1. The fever-dream qualities of this film are exactly what make it so great. The women are not conventionally movie-star (or even porn star) gorgeous but are attractive in a down-to-earth way. But I've always liked the crazy proportions of Christa Abel. Btw, I believe there's a scene at the beginning of the film with Karl and a girl at an adult bookstore -- maybe your copy is missing it?